BEAUTY BATTLES: Best Translucent Setting Powder

As someone who deathly loves translucent powder, I think I've already tried almost all the best that brands have to offer. I've scoured beauty shelves for the best, legit translucent powders and have come down to a couple of favorites, but these two are the ones that I always reach out for: Catrice Nude Illusion Translucent Powder and Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder. I love both with all my heart, but as with all products, there's always one that's superior than the other. Now which is the best translucent powder among the two?

Catrice Nude Illusion Translucent Powder (P599.00) contains fine, micro powder particles for a velvety, mat effect and lasting finish. Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder (P1,400.00) is a special mattifying powder made to mimic the texture and quality of Asian Rice; it promises to control shine and oil especially in long shooting hours.


Both come in acrylic jars. Kryolan comes with an easy peel- off sticker that easily reveals a few holes on the sifter, helping you control the amount of powder you take. Catrice only comes with one whole sticker that I had to peel off and cut into half and stick on the other half of the sifter. It's a trivial aspect of the products, but I think Kryolan is more newbie- friendly on this part.

Catrice is definitely more travel- friendly than Kryolan



Catrice is more affordable, but a little unfair to compare with Kryolan because of the difference in the volume of the products. Obviously, Kryolan is more expensive because it has more, but if we up the volume of Catrice to 30g for fairness, the size of Kryolan Anti-Shine, Catrice will come out more expensive at P1,797.00 whereas Kryolan is only P1,400.00.



Both have a velvety smooth finish and mattifies skin instantly, and both are unscented. Catrice has a low dusting formula compared to Kryolan so it's perfect for those with sensitive noses.



Left: Kryolan
Right: Catrice

Kryolan has a blurring effect to the skin, but tends to leave a hint of white cast if not blended properly due to its Asian Rice Powder- like properties. Catrice on the other hand is translucent through and through, but may tend to highlight patchy areas due to its texture. Both can control oil up to 5 hours.



Catrice is available in major department stores while Kryolan is available in select locations only: one in Tomas Morato, Quezon City and Il Promenade Greenhills.



Kryolan Anti-Shine is a wonderful product; it's a PRO makeup brand I hold close to my heart, but drugstore brands have upped their game big time like Catrice. Both are really good, but sometimes, what makes you love a product more is its affordability and how accessible it is to you.

The winner of this Beauty Battles is...


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hihi thumbs up on how you compare both of these wonderful products in all aspect. :) If I will be ask to choose from these two, I'll also pick catrice because I'm the type of girl who wants to buy make up in the most possible convenient way. I don't want any hassle when buying, burara ko pa naman day. Hehe. But if Kryolan will have an online shop, I'll prefer it more! They both do have a nice finish on your face, and it made your skin looks glowing. Poreless and flawless. Have you already tried coty airspun? It seems popular in the YT world. BTW, my favorite trick using translucent powder, after you apply one coat of mascara, sprinkle some powder then top it with another coat of mascara. It will make your lashes look more plump! :)

  2. Please do the essence loose translucent!!!

  3. This 2 products has great qualities on each its own. Kryolan w/c I think is a high end brand would really suits makeup artists who has clients that are meticulous with the products that is put on their face. While the Catrice it can be a makeup artist friend also and any other makeup enthusiast. As for me, both of them are quite pricey for a person who seldoms wear makeup and go out..kaya sa Nichido na lang ako! Hahaha! Pinaka mura. Charot! 😊 Thanks Ms. Martha for reviewing a side by side comparison of a high end and a drugstore brand.

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  5. Wow, thanks for reviewing this Ms. Martha. Going to try the Catrice powder. Will do anything to remove shine in this oily face of mine.

  6. Agree with you Ms M, more affordability and more accessibility of the products, talagang babalik balikan mo at maiinlove ka.

  7. Given the budget, I'd also go for Catrice. In my case however, I rarely use a setting powder. In my life, I've only purchased such product once from Nichido! And it's super cheap at less than 200 a pop! ^-^

  8. When do we put this translucent powder? Is this a replacememt for foundation or something to put on before foundation and everything else? I still have to learn a lot. Little by little.

  9. I love that the competition of these 2 products was fair. I'll keep Catrice on my mind when I need some transluscent powder. I still need to finish the shiseido powder I am currently using. :)

  10. I haven't tried any of them. As for my opinion Kryolan is an high end product that is great for makeup artist that handles high end clients as well. But on ordinary or simple cases, Catrice would be great for an everyday makeup look. Both performs well and almost similar results but the price range is way more different, thats when the consumer will decide wich one to buy.

  11. Ang cool nman nitong powder nito. Sa una mukhang ordinary powder lang pero kapag naiapply mo na xa my glowing effect pla sya. Yun nga lang i cant afford it .i think it is so expensive hahah


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