FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How to make lipstick stay in the inner part of your lip

Happy Friday! It's February already. How are your goals and resolutions coming along? :D I hope you had a great start!

Our FMF for today is about a common lipstick problem that women are dealing with on a daily basis, especially those who love dark lipsticks. Ladies and gents, the BUTTHOLE. Yes, it's a term for fading lipstick on the center of the lips, giving the impression of that part of the body. What a term! LOL! Thanks Kim for the question!

Hi Ms. Martha,
Long time silent reader here. I need your help! I love dark lipsticks, but I can't get the color to stay on my inner lip for a long time, even with a matte lipstick; so after 4 hours of talking, the color on the inner lip fades (gets swallowed) and I get what the Internet seems to call "Butthole Mouth"...I hope you get what I mean! It just looks weird and destroys the dark lip look! Is there any way to keep the color on the inner lip on for a longer time?

Hi Kim!

Thanks for the question! I get a lot of butthole moments too and even if I've tried a lot of techniques, you will still inevitably experience it when wearing any form and shade of lipstick (it's just that it's more prominent with dark lipsticks) - it's one thing we have to accept because the inner lip is really a moist part. 

But there are things to minimize the Bhole effect and here they are:


When you don't exfoliate, color clings onto the very first part of your lip and this is most likely the loose, dry skin. Since they're loose, they will come off eventually along with your lipstick so exfoliate at least twice a week or when patches appear.


A lot of us line the outer portion of the lips, but forget to line the inner corner. Line the dry corner of your lips to help lipstick stay longer.


Foundations and concealers provide a stronger base for lipstick, thereby enabling it to last longer.


After applying lipstick, put tissue on top then lightly apply loose setting powder on top of the tissue. This is a good ol' technique in keeping lipstick intact longer.

Let me know how these tricks work for you!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank for that wonderful tips to minimize butthole..I need to try it..💋❤

  2. I didn't know there was a term for that! Hahaha! When I choose to use dark colors, I use matte lipsticks. Any other formula will fade more quickly. I also blot with tissue so the inner lips are dry; otherwise, the color won't stick. If you eat or drink with dark lipstick, you really have no choice but to retouch afterwards!

  3. Ang astig pwede palang mag concealer muna or foundation sa lips as a base before putting a lipstick. good advice. I will try it later too.

  4. I usually experience this problem and I never knew it was called that way. Anyways, step 2 is new to me, while no. 3, I've been seeing it on some makeup tutorials. So that is why they putting foundation on it, they also say to neautralize the color (if that is right to my memory). Thank you for this tips. It would be very helpful to many.

  5. Thanks sa tips Ms M. Pede palang maglagay ng foundation or concealer sa lips.

  6. Thank you for answering my question Martha! Will definitely try these tricks out when I go out tonight, can't wait!

  7. In my case I usually apply lipliner all over my lips and I'm fine :D

  8. Haha! I laughed for that term! Butthole indeed because it looks like butt hole naman talaga! Haha! Anyways, I am suffering from that dillema too, Lalo na pag oily foods, or when I'm using liquid lippies, talagang nagfefade siya even if you used the most beautiful or expensive lippies evah, I think kulang ako sa exfoliation. I think pwede ko pag sabay sabayin all of these tricks, will surely have that artista effect lip! I'll share my experience after I use these tricks. Hihi. Thanks for sharing, it really helps for us Ms.M! Specially, mag vvday na. Your make up should stay up for hours! Hihi

  9. This is also one of my dilemma and your tips are always helpful!

  10. This is my first time to hear about butthole lips and I too am guilty! Like the sender, I also like wearing dark lipsticks and since I drink water too often, mabilis din mag-fade ang lipstick sakin. I tried applying powder/ concealer on my lips prior applying lipstick and it did prolong the staying power of the lipsticks that I use. And yes, exfoliation is a must! ^-^

  11. This is my problem too! Thank you for sharing your techniques Ms. Martha! I will do everything listed in this article! ;)

  12. Haha! Didn’t know there’s term “butthole mouth”. But I get this problem too esp if I wear dark lipsticks. Thanks for the tips, Martha! (Sorry, I am backtracking your posts! I rekindled my love for make-ups recently :p)


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