#LifeGoals and #BrowGoals Workshop with Benefit and BDJ Highlights!

Last week, I had another chance to share my Billion Dollar brow technique to some of my most avid followers on Facebook, Instagram, and my blog.

But this time, I thought of trying out something different by partnering it with a life goals workshop just because brows, or beauty in general, is a goal too that we all try to achieve everyday. How are they both connected? Well, we all have life goals and a good amount of confidence is needed to achieve them; having a pair of neatly- groomed brows is a great start. When you have a good pair of arches, you feel good about yourself, therefore you're more confident to achieve your goals! And #LifeGoals and #BrowGoals Workshop was born!

Check out the highlights of this amazing event!

Come 1pm, almost everyone was in at the workshop. I didn't get to say it guys, but thank you for respecting the time of the workshop and for setting example that we can beat Filipino time! :D

BDJ gave out planners namely the classic Bella planner, YOLO blank journal, and a Get Things Done to- do list for the Ikigai workshop.

Darlyn Ty, one of the founders of BDJ headed the #LifeGoals portion of the workshop; she talked about Ikigai, a Japanese system of finding one's purpose, which in turn will help one not only achieve, but determine one's important goals as well.

In a nutshell, Ikigai means "a reason for being"; it's a process of search for self that may be quick or lengthy for some. Ikigai is what makes people get up in the morning.

The diagram in the photo is the essence of Ikigai. To break it down:

1. That which you love + That which the world needs= Your Mission
2. That which you love + That which you are good at= Your Passion
3. That which the world needs + That which you can be paid for= Your vocation
4. That which you are good at + That which you can be paid for= Your profession

Ikigai should exist in between your mission, passion, vocation, and profession; your Ikigai should connect the four.

Using the diagram, try to find out what your Ikigai is; be patient as finding your purpose and reason for being will surely take time, but I'm sure, when you have finally found it, it's worth it. :)

Next part of the workshop, #BrowGoals headed by yours truly! In here, I spilled once again my 5 secrets to achieving great brows. Want to know them? Then be sure to keep an eye on my next workshop. :)

Kaity, who also happens to be one of my readers, was my model for the day. Kaity has thin, sparse brows. I used my latest favorite Benefit brow products namely Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Brow Tones to give her the appearance of dense brows and thick strands.

Left- groomed brows
Right- bare brows

Kaity has soft features, milky skin, and baby face; one thing you have to know is you're born with a certain pair of brows because nature knows what kind of brows are best for you (unless you have tampered with it in any way!), thus I believe that Kaity's brow shape and volume suit her facial features and skin well. 

However, bare brows alone can look unkempt and additional definition can lift and highlight the face more so brow grooming and makeup are needed. In here, I only followed the natural shape of her brows for definition and added hair- like strokes to increase volume while maintaining the pretty innocence of her face.

Benefit Philippines' resident National Brow Artist, Celina, did a quick talk about Benefit's brow services: she shared Benefit's system in grooming brows and how it has made them one of the best brow bars worldwide. I can attest to this because Benefit's been grooming my brows for the last 2 years; I keep on coming back to them! What better way to find out than to drop by a Benefit Brow Bar and try out their services!

Celina also shared 'things that your brow artist wants you to know'; one thing I remembered was the Tadpole Brow look: edge of the brow is thick and circular in shape and the rest of the brow is thin. I immediately recalled seeing some people who are still sporting this look! Eek! It's a big brow no-no guys!

Of course you'll learn more brow tips and tricks when you drop by a Benefit Brow Bar!

And that's a wrap! Thank you so much to all those who participated in the workshop! I hope you learned a lot; this is also one of my most memorable workshops because I learned something in return too. You guys are awesome! Much love and thanks to Darlyn of BDJ and Tasha, Kriska, Donna, and Celina of Benefit for making this happen!

See you in the next ones!

Please visit BENEFIT PHILIPPINES and BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER on Facebook for more information about these brands.

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  1. I can help myself from grinning that we can beat "Filipino Time"

  2. The event looks so much fun! :) I didn't know about the Ikigai thingy before, but will surely find my mission and passion thru these formulas. Hopefully, I will find mine too and make my life worth in every single journey I will face :)) And also, how come that I didn't know that you'll be hosting this event :( Sana nakapunta ako, and also, I am really conscious on my brows too! I have an uneven sparse brows, and it's kinda hard for me to achieve the #browgoals :( Benefit is known to be one of the best brands when it comes to brows and mascaras eh, what's your favorite product from them Ms. M? :) Will surely follow your advice on achieving the brows that will suit my features. Yay! When will be the next event?:) Hopefully, I can meet you soon and be one of your models too! Hehe I really admire your passion in make up kasi ;)

  3. Congratulations Ms. Martha for the success of your workshop. Thank you for sharing the essence of Ikagi and breaking it down to us ur readers. #browgoals are also a sure hit because many says kilay is life.

  4. I wanted to join this workshop but the slots were already filled when I first read it in Facebook! Sana next workshop maka-join na rin ako.
    BTW, I tried to find my Ikigai but until now, I can't answer the four questions. I am in my late 20's and it sucks na until now, di ko man lang alam what my passion is. T_T

  5. namiss ko ito will wait for your next workshop ms m!

  6. it's lovely to meet you Ms. M ♥♥♥

  7. I promised myself that one day i'll be able to attend your workshop and learn your Billion Dollar brow technique.
    What's even great about your recent workshop is that the attendees learned not just the aesthetics but valuable life lessons as well.

  8. I have those bdj planner and ilove writting some of my plans this year. About brows how i wish i could also attend that special event. Yan tlaga ang struggle ko everytime i do my make up sa kilay talaga ako nagtatagal hindi ko alam kung my mga technique ba talaga na dapat gawin para lang maging maganda yung brows ko ehhehe. Sabi nga nila ang kilay is not a twin it is a sister kya ok lng kung hndi pantay. Pero mas masaya sana kung isa ako sa pinalad na maturuan mo ng tamangbpag lalagay sa brows. Hoping na my another session kpa Ms. Martha.

  9. Sana next time makasama na ako at matuto na akong magkilay.

  10. Oh my! They are all so lucky to be able to attend your workshop. Will definitely watch out for the next workshop. Hihihi. thank you for sharing Ms. Martha but so kainggit :)

  11. I am very lucky to be included in this workshop! I am also happy to meet you in person. I really learned a lot plus so many freebies! I can't wait to use my free eyebrow and upper lip waxing from benefit. I hope I could also join your future workshops. :)


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