Maybelline Hyper Ink Liquid Liner Black Review + Price +Swatch

Here's a review on Maybelline Hyper Ink Liquid Liner Black.

PRICE: P199.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


We're seeing the resurgence of the good ol' dip eyeliner and Maybelline's one of those who's bringing back the trend with Hyper Ink Liquid Liner; this time, it's thicker and more pigmented.


An ink liner with an intensely pigmented formula and 12- hour wear.

According to Maybelline, the applicator is cushion, which helps give you better control. I find that to be somewhat true because it's very responsive to hand movements, plus I like that it's not as stiff and scratchy as felt tip applicators. However, there are times when I find it a bit too wiggly and I get uneven lines; might not be a good choice if you have "pasmado" (shaky) hands.

Yeah, baby! Now that's what I call PIGMENTATION. The formula is VERY pigmented and a light touch is all you need to get great definition. It does dry up pretty quickly in about one minute, but be sure you allow it to dry because it is initially too wet and may smudge like crazy on your lids.


The pointy tip gives your look an instant flick. Finish is patent and when it has finally settled, it won't budge. It's pretty long- wearing and I don't remember it smudging ever even without an eye primer. Removal is pretty easy as it dislodges pretty quickly with makeup remover.

Maybelline Hyper Ink Liquid Liner is a pretty good, budget- friendly eyeliner. Best for you if you like bold eyeliner looks and overall, it's a great everyday, affordable eyeliner!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Waaahhh! I've been dying for days to get a hold of this Hyper Ink. It's OS at the 2 branches of Watsons near us. I hope I'll be able to score this one as a back up. Plus, it's on sale for P149 till the end of February.

  2. What I like about Maybelline liquid eyeliner is that it is easy to remove and does not leave black stain on my lids.

  3. I think this eyeliner is perfect for a busy girl like me. The tip looks easy to glide because its thin and sharp! Also, its long handle is just enough to provide stability when applying this eyeliner. Good thing di naman ako pasmado! I just hope that they will release a matte one for this because I'm not really a fan of shiny eyeliner. Hehe. Tho the pigmentation is really super good, blackest black ika nga, I'll still try this one since its cheap and its from one of my favorite drugstore brand, maybelline! :) Do they also have other color for this Ms. M? Found on their FB page that they are on sale till the end of Feb for only 149! Yay!

  4. Thanks you so much for this maybeline hyper ink review its a big help and i cant wait to buy my own

  5. Oh this is it sa wakas may review n din ng hyperink na to. Super pigmented talaga xa. At napaka affordable ng prize. Yun nga lang everytime na punta km s store out of stock sya. Gustong gusto ko yung pagka thin at pointy tip nya. Ang saya lang iguhit sa mata.

  6. If it'll be just me I want a sturdy tip coz I tried a hundred times to put on liner on eye line but I just can't huhuhu. It's so wiggly and I can't make a straight line when in fact I see how other do it so easy. Hahahaha. Is there a liner with a study tip?

  7. Wow. This is affordable and pigmented. Kaso pasmado ako. Huhuhu

  8. I really wish I could apply liquid liner properly or any eye liner. I guess practice is the key? Is there any hack for doing a perfect cat eye?


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