Vionic: Australian Orthotic Footwear Now in Manila!

I read about Barefoot walking and exercising one time; it's a concept that does not sound like a neat (pun intended) idea for a majority of the shoe- wearing population, but there are some health benefits to it and this is why there are some people who are joining the trend. While I don't mind walking bare foot on the beach, I don't think I can do so in the city. For the beach, I have my bare feet, for the city, I have Vionic.

According to the Nature Vs. Civilization theory, the reason why humans are born with soft soles and rounded heels is because it perfectly matches the natural landscape of the earth- sand, rocks, earth - the grounds which we are originally meant to walk on; this is NATURE. 

But due to industrialization and improvements in technology, pathways have become flatter and harder - cement, pavements, marbles, stone; unnatural elements that do not complement the natural shape of the foot at all. The grounds which we walk on have changed, but the shape and configuration of our feet remain the same. This is CIVILIZATION.

And then shoes were invented. Shoes were primarily invented to provide protection, but almost always are never really directed to respecting the natural shape and configuration of the feet.

Most theories argued that hard surfaces and bad footwear are behind various foot problems such as tired feet, calluses, corns, bunions, knee pain, ball or foot pain, lower back pain, shin splints, and heel pain among others.

This is where the story of Vionic begins.

Vionic, an Australian Orthotic footwear brand, is now in the Philippines.

Vionic was founded by Philip Vasyli, a renowned podiatrist and pioneer in the field of lower- limb biomechanics, in 1979. Vasyli was enabled to establish the brand after creating a standard orthotic profile out of his patients' cases, paving the way for the innovation of a supportive footwear range that is made for the busiest lifestyles, guaranteeing comfort, support, and alignment.

FYI, Vionic is developed by a team of podiatrists, physical therapists, fitness trainers, and surgeons; it is a brand accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and is a trusted footwear brand with Orthotic technology since 1979.

What makes Vionic a special kind of footwear? It features a special Biomechanical footbed that supports the feet thoroughly and properly, which in turn helps encourage proper alignment and good posture. 

The natural curves on the foot bed complement the natural curves of the sole.

Ball of cushioning on the footbed provides extra support and maximum comfort.

Vionic Philippines offers a range of footwear for men and women and footwear accessories such as their exclusive Biomechanical footbed insert. Here's a classic wedge that's great for office wear or for meetings.

Comfy flipflops that are dressy and laid-back at the same time.

 Walking sandals that are great for mum and granny!

Vionic also has sports footwear such as this ladies' rubber shoes.

For guys, check out their neat selection of semi- formal to formal shoes such as these dapper brogues.

It's just perfect timing that Vionic has finally opened in the Philippines; lately, I'm becoming more and more conscious with my lifestyle choices from the pillows I sleep on at night up to my choice of footwear because I've come to realize that I can do all the necessary steps to being healthy like exercising and eating right, but if I always overlook minute external aggressors such as hard, neck- breaking pillows and stiff, painful footwear and allow them to keep on hurting my body, I can never be fully healthy.

So I took home a pair of ankle length boots from Vionic. I've always wanted to buy a pair of boots, but my wide, size 9 feet can't seem to find the perfect one that fits in any brand until Vionic came along. The minute I slipped a foot into a boot, it instantly fit like a glove: my feet were properly housed inside; nothing constricted or tight; my feet felt really supported; it felt really comfortable; the biggest surprise was when I stood up, I felt like I was standing on a straight line and it felt good! Maybe that's what proper alignment feels like!

Vionic is located at Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Visit VIONIC PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! This brand seems amazing. Is it like dr. kong footwear? I do have a not so blessed feet, I am "pike" honestly. Hindi pantay yung paa ko pag naglalakad, that's why walang nagtatagal saking shoes :( My feet looks like the photo above, pero mas slant pa. Hehe. And sometimes, its aching when I walked, kasi nga mas napepwersa yung sides ng feet ko. Good thing meron palang ganitong brand that sells shoes to support the alignment of the feet. May I ask how much do their shoes costs? :) I hope they are budget friendly too and not really expensive. But if that's the case, I'm still willing to buy because I paid for comfort and style at the same time. Ang ganda ng mga designs nila, really trendy no. :) I hope they will open branch in south. But for now, I'll try to visit BGC and visit this store! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. Wow ..thank you ms martha..i need this kind of shoes,,,been suffering from shin splints since last year..i do run a lot so i have to undergo therapy..and i only use stability shoes from some trusted brand like asics and adidas..your new found shoe store makes my heart jump hahhahah..i will try vionic for sure..

  3. I really should try this I have inborn bunions which I inherit from my grandma and I'm glad that they don't have to sacrifice FASHION lol!

  4. Wow! I haven't heard or read this kind of footwear ever. This is really something, it's for everybody but most especially who are having difficulties in their feet or footwear selections. As I read this blog, all I can think of is my bro-in-law, who probably needs this the most because of the figure shown up (before and after). Similar to his way of standing and waering something on his feet.

  5. This is indeed a beauty for both body and sole.

  6. Im hoping na may pang kids, because my 9 yr old daughter is flat footed. Parang similar ung Vionic sa Dr. Kong. Thanks sa review Ms M at sana hindi gaanong expensive.

  7. Sadyang may ga itong shoes pala na pwedeng marelax at fit tlaga para sa pangangailang ng paa. No ngalay at mukhang comfy suutin.eto na ang sagot sa walang paltos na paa..tbis will help also for the proper posture while using it. Such a nice review.

  8. This is so cool and your introduction for this blog is really informative, I really love reading your blog, I learn a lot every time I read it. But I love the boots please put more pictures of boots. hihihih

  9. This is the first time I heard about Vionic. Great review! I learned a lot today ;)
    Not really sure if I can afford such, but I think it is worth the price.

  10. Ate martha bagay sayo yung boots na suot mo. Para kang rockstar 😻 yung mga designs na pang men meron yung brother ko pero di ko alam kung among brand pero yan kasi style noon pa ngmga black shoes na sinusuot din ng father ko. And good thing malapit lang kami sa bgc area par makita personally ang product nila


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