Zen Zest Home: Transforming Your Space One Scent at a Time

For about a year now, Zen Zest has been my go- to for home fragrance because it's affordable and the scents are great and chic; as you may know, I am a lover of fragrance not only for the body, but for the abode as well; Zen Zest allows me to enjoy a good- smelling home without hurting my wallet and to transform my space anytime I want to with scents!

Last week, a fitting launch for Zen Zest's home fragrance has happened; as a firm believer in the power of scents, Zen Zest wants everyone to know that the perfect home fragrance is just as important as the perfect perfume: it soothes, uplifts, or puts you in a happy state of mind, paving the way for positivity, productivity, and inspiration.

Take a look at Zen Zest's chic home fragrance collection.

 First from Zen Zest's home collection are the electric and air purifiers/humidifiers:

This sleek humidifier/purifier inspires a feeling of zen in your home: perfect for small spaces, it has built- in soft colored lights that change from time to time, adding a touch of color to your space; it produces a mist as well that helps purify and perfume the air. Just add water and fragrance oil to the device, turn it on, and begin to relax.

Zen Zest also has the classic air purifier for bigger spaces.

Zen Zest's purifiers/humidifiers are of course best paired with Zen Zest fragrance oils; choose from Grapefruit, Ginger and Blossom (energizes and helps get rid of mental fatigue), and Green Tea and Verbena (helps improve the mood and calms the mind).

For the budget- conscious, try Zen Zest Home Sprays; these are my favorites as well and they perfume my space in an instant, perfect when I don't have time or I am too tired to set up the humidifiers. Forest Bamboo, Citronella, and Eucalyptus are my favorites.

Zen Zest purifiers/humidifiers are at P1,500, fragrance oils at P500 for 100ml, and home sprays at P300.00.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's very timely that this new scents was launch because my cousin gave me a humidifier. This would be a great way to start using it by Zen Zest scents. I would love to try the Green Tea and Verbena.

  2. I am addicted to room fragrances too! I have a small humidifier in my room which I turn on everytime I do my 10-step skin care routine or after a long tiring day. I currently have vanilla and bamboo scents. I want to try zen zest's too specially their home sprays. :)

  3. I am using the eucalyptus home spray in our office and it was so refreshing! My boss loves this scent so much because I think that it has calming properties to remove our stress away. Hehe. And it was affordable too no? :) Will definitely invest on the humidifier para mas long lasting ang amoy nito. The spray last atleast an hour eh, which is good na for a homespray. I'm excited to got to mall again to buy other scents naman for our home. Hihi. <3

  4. Matry nga tong home spray, effective ba ung Citronella pantaboy ng mga lamok? Thanks sa review Ms M.

  5. This is also what I dream about when I'll have a home. I am so in love with this. I love the scent as it makes me feel so relax and peaceful.

  6. Ok to pwede na din magamit sa air revitalizer ko much better kasi magstay ang bango nya sa loob ng bahay. Yung scent nya nakakacalm ng mind and feeling fresh lang palagi. I should try this different scent


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