Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream and CC Powder Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream and CC Powder.

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Looking for the perfect summer face base duo without hurting your wallet? Here's one from Avon called Skin Goodness CC Cream and CC Powder; they're fresh and light on the skin, plus has some long- term color correcting benefits too!


CC Powder Ingredients

I haven't seen a lot of information on Avon CC Powder yet so assume it's a fairly new product or an Asia- exclusive Avon product? Maybe if there's anyone here who knows, kindly inform us. :)

CC Powder is basically their Skin Goodness CC Cream in powder form; same benefits, same oil- controlling, long- wearing promise, and same long- term, skin tone correcting effect; it promises to improve the look of skin discolorations in as little as 4 weeks with the help of White Tea, Green Tea, Vitamins A, C, and E, and Licorice extracts. Contains SPF 30 and comes in the shades Fair and Light.

CC Cream ingredients

Same benefits as the CC Powder, but has higher SPF at SPF 50 PA+++. Comes in the shades Nude and Light.

 Products come in sleek, black packaging; classy!

For the CC Cream, I got the shade in light; it is light for me. Consistency is a light gel cream; very lightweight and nice on the skin. It has a faint floral scent.


Bare skin

 One layer of the CC Cream

Coverage is light and can even out the complexion generally, but can't really conceal discolorations; nice to use under foundation if your skin is looking particularly dull and you want a brightening effect or you want the foundation to appear truer.

With CC Powder

The powder has a fine, soft texture and semi- matte, glowing finish; it has light to medium coverage and to my delight, Light looks fairly nice on my skin!

Both surprisingly held up well on my skin; my T-Zone started to oil up after the third hour and I like the fresh look both products gave me; it's a look that all Filipinas love so if you want to look fresh, glowing, and youthful this summer, try this duo!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have that CC Cream too, it has light coverage that's okay for a not so busy day wearing makeup. I top it off with an Avon Oil-Control pressed powder. Great for everyday if you do want just a minimal makeup. BUt I do oil up about 2-3 hrs. after.

  2. I really don't know anything about this product. I know Avon has tons of products but haven't heard about this one. I think I'll still stick to my touch in sol cc and bb cream collection for cover up for my face.

  3. Haven't looked at an Avon catalogue for months now! What I always order from them are mascaras and their oil control pressed powder. Avon cosmetics works for me and they're very affordable too. Sadly, the Avon lady I order from no longer lives in our place.

  4. My mom is an avon lady. She gives me new products and I have these in stocks :D I love their oil control powder but the cc powder is what I prefer recently because of its lightweight feel and thr coverage is just okay to help me look fresh all day. This reminds me of the cc products from cathy doll too.

  5. You look fresh with those Ms M. How much po? Thanks for this post Ms M.

  6. Haven't used Avon products for years now. But this was the first makeup brand that i have ever used when i was still a student.
    I used to love their powders and lipsticks and if i'll be ordering now, i'll try both the CC cream and the cc powder.

  7. New products from avon and its good they're following the trend..


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