BEAUTY BATTLES: Best 24-Hr. Wear Foundation (Kat Von D Lock It Foundation VS. Estēe Lauder Double Wear Foundation)

As I got older, I've developed a love for 24- hr. wear foundations; before, I used to think that they're bad for the skin and won't allow it to breathe, but it's only true if the foundations you get have thick, clogging consistency; for a moment, I've forgotten that makeup technology has made lightweight long- wearing foundations completely possible already.

Anyhow, I love them now because I can get so busy everyday that I forget to retouch my makeup; 24-hr. foundations keep me from looking like an oil mine!

Here are two of my prized 24- hr. foundations: Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup (my shade is Tawny) and Kat Von D Lock It Foundation (my shade is Medium 53). Which one holds the 24- hr. record? Find out in this Beauty Battles blog post!


Both have gorgeous packaging; Double Wear is a stunning classic and Lock It is an artist's dream foundation (just look at that artistic packaging!). Lock It is more convenient though as it comes with a pump while Double Wear doesn't have any - you pour the foundation straight out of the jar, which makes it prone to spilling.

WINNER: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation


Both are above P1,000.00; Lock It is at P1,600.00+ when converted and Double wear is more expensive by nearly 800 pesos and. Lock It, however, is not available here, and it may come out almost as expensive (or more) as Double Wear when you finally pay seller commission, shipping, and tax duties, not unless you know someone who can buy it for you abroad. I pre- ordered my first Lock It and ended up paying P2,600.00 to the seller.

WINNER: Estēe Lauder Double Wear Foundation


Both are very well- known among foundation lovers; I have friends who swear by Double Wear for its ability to look impeccable in photos that's why it's a favorite in weddings while Lock It is praised by a lot of international beauty bloggers I follow for its amazing, cover- all coverage and lasting power.

When it comes to shades, Kat Von D has better options. Double Wear's seem to be lacking in between shades and you may need two shades to come up with something that fits.

When it comes to blend-ability, Lock It's light cream texture makes it easier to spread.

When it comes to coverage, Double Wear is actually medium to full while Lock It is full.

WINNER: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation


When it comes to staying power, both are great: they stay put and don't fade, crease, cake, and oxidize during wear no matter the weather. I can also go on the entire day without retouching my makeup with these two!


I use both on rotation almost everyday because as I said, I'm quite busy nowadays: they help me get by the day by keeping my makeup intact. When it comes to overall quality, I'd choose Lock It because it excels in all departments, but since the ground I set for comparison is more on staying power, I'd say both are equally good.

The winner of this edition's beauty battles is...


Let me know which makeups you'd like me to compare next!

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  1. Please compare Laneige and The Body Shop. Thanks Ms M.

  2. I do love both as well coz it's longer lasting and I love those kinds kasi I'm so lazy to retouch ahahahhaha

  3. The only thing that i'm hoping for right now is a cooperative wallet. I would love love love to try them both! Great post, Ms. Martha! Have you done primer face-off before?

  4. I think both foundations are great in their own right and both deliver great results. Considering their price they should be. Anyways, I would never going to own one of those foundations beacause I can't afford one. But I know and read some of your great recommendations on foundations that are not that pricey but give great coverage. I should go for that. Hehe!

  5. I will attend my cousin's wedding in december and though I still have months to prepare, I am struggling with what foundation to wear. This gave me an idea of what foundation to put on my list. I hope you can also do battle of the most long wearing blushes? :)

  6. I love both these foundations! Awesome!


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