BEAUTY BULLETIN: A Cause, A Sale, and A Laser Academy

Just some quick announcements that include a partnership between MakeUpPlus and Nikkie Tutorials, a mega sale from Digital Walker, and the newest frontier in laser fat reduction.

MakeUpPlus, a beauty app that allows you to experiment virtually with makeup, has partnered with Youtube Star, Nikkie Tutorials to create makeup filters for a cause. A staunch advocate of women empowerment through makeup, Nikkie calls to end makeup shaming through MakeUpPlus and #SHEUnites, a campaign that supports Peacemakers Network, a UN initiative that supports critical work done by women by providing digital platforms for them to share their stories while raising funds to aid workshops and trainings that foster supportive networks of women around the world.

Nikkie created three looks for MakeUpPlus; every time you use her filters and share it on your social media accounts, MakeUpPlus will donate to the #SHEUnites campaign and pledge can reach $100,000.

For more information on #SHEUnites, please visit MAKEUP PLUS on Facebook.

Drop by Digital Walker and take advantage of Endless Summer Sale; the hottest brands, gadgets, and accessories are at a whopping 70% off sale from Mar. 15- Apr.15, 2017. Visit DIGITAL WALKER on Facebook for more information about this promo.

Spectrumed, the leading provider of laser equipment in the Philippines, unveils two things: Laser Academy and Accent Prime.

Laser Academy is a learning program by Spectrumed that equips doctors, nurses, and clinic staff with the right know- how on laser trends and techniques using high end laser equipment to help them provide quality services to their clients.

One of these high end laser equipment is Accent Prime, the newest frontier in laser fat reduction. It features a larger plate for the laser gun that lets it cover more area in one go for a session that lasts for only 20 minutes.

Visit SPECTRUMED'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more details about Accent Prime and Laser Academy.

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Will go to Digital Walker this weekend. Thanks for this post Ms. M

  2. It such a great thing that famous Youtuber Nikki Tutorials is doing something beautiful aside from teaching us about makeup stuff and how to be beautiful, she has made a great thing on partnering with MakeupPlus. Doing something that will help alot of people thru tnis program

  3. I've seen that #SheUnites all over instagram the past few weeks and I thought it's just some new filters of makeup plus but woah I never thought this one simple filter could be something big as this. This is really cool! :)

  4. I like Nikki. She makes great makeup tutorials. I am curious about this new technology that Laser Academy offers.


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