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Here's a review on Celeteque Sun Care.

PRICE: Matte Moisturizer- P299.00; Face and Body Sun Defense Spray- P449.00; Skin Relief After Sun Cooling Gel- P290.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


If you're looking for a new sun care product/line to accompany you in your upcoming summer adventures, then consider Celeteque's sun care line; it's affordable, good, dermatologically- tested, and covers all your sun protection needs.


Celeteque's sun care range features three key products: face sunscreen, body sunscreen, and an after sun cooling gel; pretty much everything you need to keep yourself protected before and after basking in and enjoying the sun.

Matte Moisturizer ingredients

Face and Body Sun Defense Spray ingredients

After Sun Cooling Gel ingredients


Top to bottom: Matte Moisturizer, Cooling Gel, Face and Body Spray

I've used Matte Moisturizer before and I liked the convenience of having a moisturizer and sunscreen in one; I have reviewed it a long time ago and it's HERE. I'm not so sure, but I think it has been reformulated? It feels a bit thicker now, perhaps Celeteque has made it a bit more moisturizing; it still finishes off matte, but tends to leave a slight white cast. In all honesty, I like the previous formula better because it didn't leave any white cast at all. With this one, make sure that you use a moderate amount and blend it onto your skin properly to get rid of the white cast.

After Sun Cooling Gel is amazeballs! I love the light, cooling, fresh scent and it effectively soothes overexposed skin without the stinging sensation.

Face and Body Sun Defense Spray is a fairly new product (at least to me) and it provides instant, invisible protection. The fragrance is a bit sunblock-y, but it's faint and goes away. This sunscreen format is what I like using nowadays because it can be reapplied easily; really handy especially in the city!

Celeteque Sun Care is a complete sun care line that's good for both indoors and outdoors, the city and the beach, plus the products are also non-comedogenic, perfect for this skin- clogging weather! I highly recommend the spray and after sun cooling gel.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I want the spray one as it so easy to use and doesn't leave a white cast- (the one thing that I don't like about most of the sunblocks, to me it's like a paint. hahahha)

  2. I'm a fan of Celeteque. I like how effective their products are and their affordability! I'm excited for that after sun cooling gel!

  3. I think I'll go get the body spray because I just got two face sunscreen products from Sampleroom last week. I have a question, Miss M. Is it still necessary to use a soothing gel after sun exposure even if you did not get sunburn? Or can I just stick with a body sunblock? Thank you! ^-^


  4. Very timely as Summer is already starting. Have tried the Hydration Facial moisturizer (water based) and the Sun Care Matte moisturizer from Celeteque line and what I like for both of this products are they are lightweight, effective and mild to the skin. I havent tried the Face and body defend spray and Skin Relief after sun gel because of its price. Probably if I have extra budget will also love to experience these products firsthand.

  5. Celeteque is kinda pricey but it delivers great results. For sure it will give a 100% protection for our skin. this is a must have especially summer is just around the corner.

  6. Looking at the cooling gel's consistency, it looks refreshing on skin. Plus your review that it doesnt sting the skin. Love, love love to try that one! I have read youe review before about the matte moisturizer and loved it before. It is kind of sad that it is not the same formula anymore.

  7. Never tried any Celeteque products before. I wanna try their spray and cooling gel. Saktong sakto, sobrang init na ngayon.


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