FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Balancing Acidic Skin + Recommended Products

Happy Friday, ladies! Here's a quick post on acidic skin and the perfect products to use with it. Question is from Shecky:

Hi Ms. Martha,

I've been into skin care recently and I've read all about balancing the pH of the skin. I discovered I am acidic, thus I have low pH. What skin care products do you recommend? Thank you!

Hi Shecky!

Thanks for the question. Your question reminded me of the classic question of SAs in all makeup counters I've been to:

"Ma'm, acidic ka ba?"

I'd say no, of course; because I know that my skin is not acidic. But how do you really know if yours is? What the heck does acidic skin mean? Before I answer your question, it's important for everyone to know what this term means.

Our skin has a natural acid mantle that protects it from bacteria and it is vital to having a balanced skin pH; skin pH is between 4.5-5.5; if you're in between, you have balanced skin; 4.5 is cool, but anything below that can be considered acidic; 5.5 is cool also, but anything above can be considered alkaline. 

How do you know which number on the scale you're on? For it to be accurate, you need pH strips to determine your actual skin pH and to know if you're acidic (haven't heard anyone saying that their skin is alkaline and SAs don't ask about this skin type also so maybe it's a rare condition so let's stick to acidic). But since pH strips are not common among Filipinas and I'm not actually sure where you can get it, one good way to know if your skin is acidic if your makeup oxidizes aka turns a shade darker.

In truth, makeup will actually turn a bit darker on the facial skin when it sets because as I said, our skin has a natural acid mantle. But if your foundation turns significantly dark, then maybe you do have acidic skin.

Anyway! Now that you know what acidic skin really means and if you think yours is acidic, here are some products and tips to keep in mind:

1. Look for balancing skin care products

- Usually, these products are labeled as balancing facial products. If not, look for the pH of the product. If pH level is not indicated, make sure they have a moisturizing/hydrating formula, and come in gel/light cream form.

Facial Wash:

2. Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash
3. Zenutrients Argan Facial Wash

2. Avoid harsh products

- Harsh products that peel and have acid component or other harsh products can make your acidic skin even more acidic. Stick to products that balance and hydrate the skin. For skin treatments, opt for gentle alternatives.


1. Zenutrients Jojoba Face Scrub

3. Watch what you eat

- Your skin is a mirror of you health. If you want more balanced skin, have a balanced diet and eat lots of green leafy veggies and drink lots of water; vegetables have high water content plus other minerals and vitamins that help balance the skin.

Hope this helps! Have a great weekend, guys!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Very informative. Ganon pala un, sa tingin ko hindi naman ako acidic. Thanks Ms M for this post.

  2. As always Ms. Martha, not only Shecky was being informed about your fan mail friday Q & A. Me too, I don't know if I'm acidic or not I haven't noticed it. It was really informative for us. Thank u!

  3. Learned something new today: that I do not have an acidic skin, based on the tips Miss Martha has provided! ^0^

  4. Thanks for the tip, Ms M. Using Celeteque and Cure Aqua Natural Gel.

  5. I also have acidic skin and this helps a lot! I thought for years that there is nothing I can do about it and need to stick with it for the rest of my life. It is always a strugglr to choose the right foundation and powder since it should be a 2 or 3 shades darker than my skin tone but sometimes, some brands dont darken too much on my skin after applying. The struggle is real! Thanks for these tips. Now I will always look for the appropriate ph for my skincare and use gentle stuffs.

  6. Is it true that most acidic people have oily skin?
    Most information that i read or hear says that the way to tell if you are acidic is when your foundation turns darker. And since most foundation that i tried turns a shade darker on me, i assumed that i am acidic too so i get a shade lighter than my skintone. I'm currently using the Human Heart Nature Balancing toner and i'm planning to pair it with the balancing facial wash.

  7. Oh my I never knew anything about this before, I only know, oily, dry and combination skin type. Oh my what's the difference with the acidic and alkaline one?

  8. thank you for the information, Ms Martha! I agree that avoiding harsh products really gives love on our skin. Btw, im curious about one of your recommended products, Zenutrients Jojoba Face Scrub. I am hoping there would be a review on this product. Thanks!


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