FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Under Eye Skin Care Routine

Hey guys! Happy Friday! That's all I want to wish you all today. I also uploaded an Eyebrow Stamp video review on Facebook and it's a hit! Be sure to check it out. :D

Question for today is from Ericka Nitro and she asks:

Hi Ms. Martha,
I have noticed that you also have dark circles under your eye and that is also my problem. Can you show me your routine how to hide it and what drugstore concealer do you recommend for me? Thank you so much. I love reading your blog btw.

 Hi Ericka!

Thanks for writing! I have a simple routine, but I make sure to stick with it and it has helped my dark circles and eye bags a lot. To get your expected result, what's important is being religious with your routine rather than having a lot of steps in it. Now here's my simple routine in keeping my dark circles and under eye bags at a minimum.

1. I use eye cream

- And religiously at that! More than the benefits, I treasure the moisture that I get from eye creams the most because it keeps my under eyes moisturized and protected; I do believe that well- hydrated skin is one of the best skin care secrets of the universe!

My favorite eye creams:

2. I treat my under eyes with a little TLC every week

- I use eye patches, run an ice over them for 3- 5 minutes, or give them a good massage; these are some of the little extras that I give my under eyes because eye creams are sometimes not enough in keeping the skin on it protected; these extras help my under eyes recover better from stress.

3. I drink lots of water

- Hydration from within is one of the best dark circle fighters!

This is my only routine for my under eyes; been doing it for years now and looks like it's paying off!

As for your other question, here are my favorite drugstore/affordable concealers:

Hope you like this!

What are your under eye skin care routines? Your favorite eye creams and concealer? Share! :D

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I so love this segment talaga Ms. M!! :) Actually, when you reviewed the olay eye cream a while ago, I was really execited to buy it as soon as possible. You know how much I am very conscious on my eyebags that's why I'll do anything just to lessen the darkness and puffiness nitooo. Been using it for almost a week na, haven't see much improvement on the lightening effect but the puffiness, omygash, it's gone na agad! :) Super like ko siya. 1 layer na lang eyebags ko, dati kasi 2 layers sia. So effective talaga yung olay, hoping for more improvement in my continuous use of this product. :) And of course, concealer really helps! Haven't tried the patch tho, but saw it sa mga online shops na Korean, they sell it between 50-100 pesos, a must try pala sia. Will try it soon! Yay!

  2. I have one of the worst under eye ever. Dark and wrinkled. As much as possible I get enougj sleep amd try to sleep early to lessen my dk undereyes. Try hard not to scratch my eyes. And if I woke up amd it's kinda puffy I'll just put on my undereye a cold spoon press it just to minimize or remove the puffiness. My current eye cream I'm tryin out right now is Avon's Anew eye cream. Hope it will bring great results. Lucky are those who don't have dark undereyes.

  3. I use under eye patches from Leaders!!! Hihihi. But would love yo try that gold one, you introduced that in your previous blog before :)

  4. Yes! Eye cream, definitely! I've been using eye cream since I was 16 and it really paid off. I've seen girls younger than me who have crow's feet around their eyes when they smile!

  5. I have the same concern ms martha..I will try your recommendation..hope it works for me...

  6. Hi Miss Martha, I use Nekkid eye brightening serum for my under eyes. Works great also to lighten acne scars and an overall moisturizer. One week of use pa lang, napansin ko na yung changes sa under eye and acne scars ko. Aside from that, I love essence eye shadow base as a concealer too para sa mga moments na parang natulog ako ng 10 hours kahit hindi naman! LOL

  7. I have panda eyes since high school and it got worse when I went to college because of sleepless nights. My ultimate saver would be the Garnier eye cream??? The one with the roller ball in its tip. It helps massage my undereye with a cooling effect. If I lack sleep, I massage my eyes with warm hands to help circulate the blood in that area. I think it helps in reducing puffiness and making it look less tired. My favorite eye cream is the one from Shiseido Ibuki line. It is a good brightening eye cream that also serves as an eye primer! Sometimes, I don't use concealer anymore when using this but if I need to, I go for Maubelline Age Rewind Concealer, the best drugstore concealer I have used. It really works and last all day. Another that I can recommend is the Clio Kill Cover Concealer, a super high coverage that works really well in hiding your under eyecircles without emphasizing the lines. It goes smoothly and looks flawless after setting with powder. I prefer this than other highend brands.

  8. Hndi man ako pinalad magkaron ng medyo dark under eye. Pero problem k is my eyebag ahha. Same lang din ba ang pag cure ng eyebag? Hindi kasi m mahilig mag concealer eh. Maybe i should try this routine ms. Martha. Thanks

  9. Thank you Ms M sayo talaga ako natuto mag eye cream! Hehe

  10. I dont have dark under eyes but I have eyebags and fine lines. I used Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Eye Serum and it lessen my fine lines and eye bags. Hindi ko pa natry mag eye patch, matry nga to minsan. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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