For Every Potter Head: Harry Potter- inspired Makeup Brushes. Review and price

Here's a review on Harry Potter- inspired makeup brushes.

PRICE: P550.00/set
FROM: Cosmoholik on Facebook
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available on Cosmoholik IG


Storybook Cosmetics rose to fame last year with their Harry Potter- inspired makeup brushes; it blew the minds of not only the Potter heads, but also all makeup fans because no one thought makeup brushes could get any cooler!

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, Storybook Cosmetics was forced to take down the Harry Potter brush line, from the name to the product, which are based on the wands of Hermione, Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Ron, and Harry.

These inspired brushes are still in production though and locally, you can get it from Cosmoholik; they're on Instagram. PS, these are NOT officially called Harry Potter makeup brushes.

Let's check out these brushes now!

This inspired brush set is comprised of five eye makeup brushes. Handles are made from alloy; yes, they're metal, but they don't feel too heavy at all! I actually like the slight weight on the handles because the brushes feel steadier. 

L-R: Crease shading brush, tapered blending brush, angled eyeliner/brow brush, pencil point brush, flat shader/packing brush

Brushes are made from synthetic strands and have thinner strands at the tip for a soft focus effect. These brushes have passed the tugging test!

I'm very happy with these brushes and I can't believe they're so affordable! I hope Storybook Cosmetics or any other brand would come up with whimsical complexion brushes next!


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  1. Wow. So magical. While doing your make up you can be a magician at the same time. As all the final result is like magic as well. You can turn into anything you wanted to be. hihihi

  2. Those makeup brushes are really cool and nice. First I saw Unicorn brushes and now HP inspired brushes! What would be next? It wouldbe niceto have those in any makeup junkee collections.

  3. Wow. Harry Potter inspired eye makeup brushes. I like to have one at affordable price for a set na. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  4. the "shut up and take my money" meme has never been more appropriate. OH MY GOD I AM SO GETTING THESE


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