New shades of Pink Sugar Sugar Tint and Lips Don't Lie Lipsticks. Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on the new shades of Pink Sugar Sugar Tint and Lips Don't Lie Lipsticks.

PRICE: Lips Don't Lie- P399.00; Sugar Tint- P349.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all SM department stores and Watsons


Pink Sugar just dropped some new shades of their best- selling Sugar Tint and Lips Don't Lie Lipsticks. Check out the swatches!


Pink Sugar Sugar Tint is a matte, mousse- like color for the cheeks and lips; Lips Don't Lie is a range of matte crayon lipsticks made in collaboration with Project Vanity.

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Lips Don't Lie in I Can't Even

I Can't Even is a subdued terracota; great color if you want something that's brown, but not too brown.

Lips Don't Lie in Just a Fling

Just a Fling is a berry- based warm rose shade; reminds me of Happy Skin X Disney's liquid lipstick in Ariel.

Lips Don't Lie in Sorry Not Sorry

My favorite shade in the bunch! Sorry Not Sorry is a pretty camel brown shade; reminds me of mom's 80's brown lippies. What a unique shade.

Sugar Tint in Love Bug

Love Bug is a soft pastel pink; will look best on medium skin tones.

Sugar Tint in Pillow Talk

My favorite shade in this new collection. Pillow Talk is a pretty medley of peach, brown, and a hint of rose; what a lovely everyday neutral shade that goes pretty much with almost any skin tone.

Sugar Tint in Slay

Slay is a rosy pink shade. When you want to take a break from wearing browns, nudes, and neutrals, but still want that MLBB look, try this.

No doubt, these are pretty shades with Sorry Not Sorry and Pillow Talk as my faves.

In general, I'm just a little rose-d out and browned out because brands just keep on coming out with shades from the same color family; hoping for a change in lipstick shades and trends in the coming months, but if you're still up for more browns, neutrals, and roses, you should definitely consider these!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love all the shades. It's perfect for everyday use and whatever occasions. But Pillow Talk is something worth a try as well as I haven't use that shade.

  2. I loved the Pink Sugar Lips Don't Lie lipsticks..they are so creamy, light and pigmented on the lips. My runaway winner is the Pillow Talk, I love it's on a brownish pink shade. Hope I could get one.

  3. The pillow talk looks nice! I'll consider buying one because I still don't have a pink sugar lippie D:

  4. Love the love bug color. hope incould purchase it soon..

  5. Pillow talk looks amazing on you! My sister has it and I sneakily wear it sometimes. Hihi. Can't resist kasi!

  6. Nowadays, there are so may variety of lippies available in malls and being a makeup beginner, it gives me such a pain in the head to chose among all these varieties There are good reviews for the Pink Sugar so i will also like to try it, among these shades, i like the Pillow talk since I am a fan of pink and brown shades. For me this is a neutral shade perfect for everday use and fits perfectly to morena ladies like me.

  7. Wow! Pink Sugar knows how to keep up with the trend colors! I super love their sugar tints because of the formula and price. Pillowtalk is my favorite from the new collection because it is something that will look pretty with any skintone. It looks good on you too :)

  8. Pink Sugar tints' staying power is really amazing. And I would love to get either Sugar Tint in Slay and/or Sugar Tint in Pillow Talk. I have been shying away from reds lately and am more into MLBB and browns although my husband is not a fan of my wearing brown lipsticks. These two shades will definitely be an addition to my stash as soon as I get my bonus! ^-^

  9. For me, I like Pillow Talk, parang dalagang dalaga ang dating. Any shade naman suits you Ms M eh.


Thank you for your comments!