Ahglow Keratin Shampoo And Conditioner Is a Colored Hair's Best Friend

Here's a review on Ahglow Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.

PRICE: Around P200.00+ each
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available via authorized Ahglow distributors and Hortaleza stores


A couple of months ago, I was sent these products from Ahglow; I've stored them for quite a while and decided to use them about two months ago and HOLYGUACAMOLE I SHOULD HAVE USED THEM EARLIER. This duo is AMAZING; it's great for colored hair in many ways: it clarifies, softens, cleans, and I feel that it even restores the health and shine of chemically- damaged hair!


Ahglow is a Filipino company that manufactures and retails hair care products; they're best known for their rebonding kits and products; they're so known for rebonding that they hold seminars for it regularly for micro salon entrepreneurs.

Ahglow Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner is made for colored hair and features Keratin to restore hair protein that's lost during coloring, thus restoring luster, smoothness, and health.


Why is it ideal for colored hair to be rinsed with salt- free shampoo and conditioner? Because salt is harsh to the hair and contributes to premature fading of color; most commercial hair care products have salt. If you want to prolong your color, opt for salt- free and also sulfate- free shampoos; Ahglow is an affordable example.

The shampoo has a rich gel consistency; it's transparent, which makes it a clarifying shampoo; it helps remove oil and dirt build- up on the scalp without drying out the locks.

The conditioner has a light cream consistency; it's light, spreadable, and leaves hair immaculately soft after rinsing. 

Despite the absence of sulfates, these produce a pretty good lather, which I find impressive! 

Both products have a light floral scent. Packaging's not that pretty though!


I've already finished the products and now I want to know where's the nearest Hortaleza to my house. The products, aside from effectively cleansing my hair, made my hair smooth, shiny, and bouncy; my dry hair due to hair color felt revived!

If you color your hair a lot, you should keep Ahglow in your hair care stash to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. This is a must get when you visit a Hortaleza branch!


Please visit AHGLOW on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been coloring my hair for quite sometime now. I'm not sure if the purple shampoo they are saying prolongs the hair color. But I think it's hard to find it. This would be a great replacement for it. I gave my hair a rest from hair color few months ago, and now I've been planning to color it again. Ahglow would be a great help to prolong my hair color and for my hair to be well taken care of. Good thing is that there is a Hortaleza and Ahglow branch near us. gonna share this info with my friends too. Thanks Ms. Martha!

  2. Gonna tell this to my mom, every month syang nagpapacolor ng hair, kaya dry hair na siya. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  3. I've learned about Ahglow thru my friends who work in a salon or parlor. I have been using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for almost two years now and it's really hard to find them in our local grocery or supermarket. Now here's an affordable and locally-made one for us, yipee! I think there's a Hortaleza branch in Farmers Cubao; will drop by there soon!

  4. Having gray hairs made me decide to finally color my hair. Ayoko sana magkulay kasi sobrang kapal at itim ng buhok ko kaso tumatanda na, haha! I have tried a shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair which made my hair really shiny but it was not smooth. I'm glad there's a Hortaleza branch near my place and the hair products are affordable.

  5. I never know what Hortaleza is before but my boyfriend's uncle who works in salon told me to buy all the stuff he needed for my hair makeover. Hihihi. Well, the area is not that good looking and even the products but it's well known to different salons to provide the best when it comes to salon products. So I think they need a makeover as well with their products and areas to attract more buyers other than the salon people.

  6. When I used a hair keratin product, na impress talaga ako for the first time. Naging bouncy ang hair ko. I think mas naging legit ang credibility ng product na ito dahil sa impression mo, Ms. Martha! I wish I can try it too :)

  7. Hi Martha thanks for the review. We are happy that you loved our product.

  8. Hi Martha happy that you loved our product. Thank you so much for the review

  9. But this has parabens still harmful to the hair.


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