Center For Aesthetic Studies Gets A Revamp and A New Beauty Brand Partner

CAS or Center For Aesthetic studies is one of the leading schools for professional makeup artistry, having produced some of the finest artists in the Philippines. For years now, it has been educating aspiring makeup artists and professionalizing the industry through techniques taught by masters.

Today, CAS gets a revamp and has also partnered with one of the best makeup brands locally to break new barriers in makeup artistry.

Center For Aesthetic studies just had a major, much- needed school revamp; everything's fresh and new, and the curriculum has been revised and made even better as well. Here's a quick tour of the all- new CAS.

The two- floor school has an office and showroom at the ground floor and studio at the second floor; this is where all the magic happens.

Meet your educators; the classes will be taught by some of CAS' original educators, distinguished graduates, and guest artists. Jigs Mayuga and RB Chanco will be your teachers when you enroll at CAS!

Now who's the new beauty brand partner of CAS?

With fellow artists Ana Victorino and Makeup by Booya

Ladies and gents, please welcome BYS to the CAS family. iFace, the distributing company of BYS has acquired CAS and according to Tony Chua, Marketing Director for iFace, the reason behind the acquisition is iFace's mission is to uplift makeup artistry in the Philippines and a makeup academy is a great platform and their biggest brand, BYS, is a great tool.

Together CAS and BYS will break new barriers in makeup artistry: BYS' expertise in makeup trends, colors, and textures and its relatively affordable price point will be a fresh addition to CAS' line- up and CAS' unparalleled expertise in makeup education will bring BYS to a new realm of makeup artistry. This is the start of something good, a new era for CAS and BYS!

There are a lot of things in store for CAS and BYS such as events, artist partnerships (online and off), and scholarships; just stay tuned for that!

Center for Aesthetic Studies is located at Unit 103 Midland Office Condominium Bldg. 109 Gamboa Legaspi Village, Makati. Visit CENTER FOR AESTHETIC STUDIES and BYS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details.

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  1. Oh my. This is so cool. I haven't read anything about make up school back then this is the first time as I am really into fashion but would love to know make up as well as it is something that everyone can do as well.

  2. Eversince it was my dream to be a Makeup Artist. Before I didn't think that you should take a class and earn a certificate for it. As long as you know and master your craft you are able to be a makeup artist. Yes, for many it works but there is still a difference when you have your certificate and studied from a good school of makeup artistry. I hope I can still make my dreams come true and it won't be to late for me. For sure this school is topnotch, for it has produce great artists!

  3. This one's so interesting and the area is pretty amazing and tidy too.

  4. Wow! Jigs Mayuga and RB Chanco, wow again! Hope there is also a revamp on their rates. Make it more affordable..please!!!

  5. I am not that impressed with my former makeup school for some reasons so I have been searching for a new school to enroll and wow, wow, wow! CAS got a revamp that is 100% cool! I heard many good reviews about this makeup school and it made me even more excited. It is refreshing because it is not the usual where makeup schools tend to collaborate with MAC. This give us the realization that you know, there are other brands out there that also needs to have their own spotlight when it comes to professional makeup artistry. I will inquire about their courses and hopefully, they are better and worth it. :)

  6. Magkano kaya ang rate dito? Nakita ko na to, actually nadadaanan naming family kapag naglalakad kame papuntang Greenbelt.


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