DEAR READERS: Top 5 Beauty Brands that you would like to come to the Philippines?

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Me and my makeup loving friends were discussing this same topic over coffee and pastries; it's interesting to know that most of them would love to see more international skin care brands coming to the Philippines. Age can really influence your beauty choices LOL.

So I thought of asking you guys today the same question. What are the top 5 beauty brands that you'd like to see in PH, be it makeup, skin care, or fragrance? Here are mine:

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- Lock It Foundation is what got me into KVD products; I love how high performance her products are yet still good for everyday use. I still have to find a foundation to beat Lock It and this is why I am more keen to explore her products even more.

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- My love for Illamasqua go years back; Skin Base is one of the best foundations I have tried in terms of coverage plus their lipsticks and blushes are amazing as well. Would love try more products from the brand.

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- Mom and I's HG high end lip balm is Fresh Sugar lip balms; they're hydrating, moisturizing, and leaves lips looking kissable and pretty. Looks like they have amazing skin care too.

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- Mom and I share an undying love for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics; love the stylish packaging, great products, and Face Fabric remains one of our favorite skin- smoothing foundations. Would love to have the brand here so we can stock up on our favorites anytime!

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- Redwin is a great discovery of mine during my recent visit to Australia. This is a drugstore brand, but man, their moisturizers are legit! Vitamin E cream and Sorbolene moisturizer are what I've been using on a daily basis to address my moisturizing needs; I also feel that Redwin has helped my skin become stronger, ergo better. Redwin is actually available in here, but is being sold exclusively in derma clinics and are insanely overpriced, according to a friend. Vitamin E cream, reportedly, is being sold at P3,000+ for the tub; in OZ, that's around 3 AUD only or equivalent to P180.00+! Would love to see this brand available in retail stores and at a justifiable price.

How about yours? Spill!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Colourpop, Manefit (love their mask) and please a physical Sephora store!

  2. my top 5 would be:
    1. Colourpop (because you could buy them online only others were fake)
    2. Paul & Joe (makeup)
    3. Byterry (makeup)
    4. My Beauty Diary Masks! (skincare)
    5. Chico Y Chica (skincare)

  3. Mine is Kat Von D, Glossier and Milk Makeup :)

  4. I think it would be Kat Von for me since I see it a lot with different international blogger and it looks so cool and gothic to me but elegant as well and shades and the products are also good. But I actually want foods from different parts of the world :D something that can only be bought there or something that is famous there and would have a place here all of them all together for us to experience and for us to taste. hahhahaha. I think I'm just hungry now :D

  5. Me? wala ako maisip sa totoo lang hahaha I'm just a simple makeup enthusiast.๐Ÿ˜Š hindi ko kasi afford bumili ng mga high-end makeup,hehe masaya na po ako sa mga local products na meron ako ngaun.kung may mag-regalo or mapanalunan swerte ko na nun.๐Ÿ˜‰ -simply_bianne๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  6. I wish Bifesta comes back to PH! No other brands can replace their micellar water (IMHO). Also, Marc Jacobs is one brand I love to see here for their famous remarcable foundation and blushers. Third brand is Kylie! I love to test their products on hand because it is hella expensive and I don't even know if the shades suits me well or not. Fourth on my list is Innissfree, I love their skincare products and masks too. Last but not the least is Pixy! I love the brand so bad. Their powders are super good and very affordable. I hope they return to our country soon.

  7. My top 5:
    1. ZA Cosmetics! - they phased out their products a couple of years ago again I think
    2. Physician's Formula
    3. Innisfree
    4. Colourpop - so that their products wouldn't be overpriced here and you would actually get to try out stuff before buying
    5. Shiseido drugstore line

  8. I only have two brands in mind and would be Hada Labo (COME TO THE PHILIPPINES UTANG NA LOOB) and Innisfree. I went to this huge Innsfree branch in Bangkok and I want to live there.

  9. Missha, Innisfree and Chico Y Chica skincare line, coz I'm more on skincare than makeup.

  10. Really want to try kat von d foundation.. hopefully magkaron sila ng store here in PH

  11. Wala talaga kong maspill kasi halos lahat not familiar sakin. And I don't have enough money to buy high end makeup! But I would love to try them all syempre sana magkaron nga niyan dito sa pinas.


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