My Gentle Sunday Face Routine: Zenutrients Very Gentle Argan, Firming Ginger Face Wash, and Jojoba Face Scrub Review, Price

Here's a review on Zenutrients Very Gentle Argan and Firming Ginger Face Wash, and Jojoba Face Scrub.

PRICE: Face Wash- P220.00; Scrub- P280.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Zenutrients stores


Call me vain, but I will unabashedly say that I have three skin care routines in a week because, ya know, skin care is lyf (especially when you're in my age!). I have my everyday basic routine, rejuvenating routine, and rest routine; there's a sound reason for this and that is your skin undergoes and gets exposed to varying levels of stress and aggressors, and having one routine to target them all may not be enough or effective.

I'll get into detail with my skin care routines in another post and for my rest routine, which I scheduled on Sundays, is rest day for my skin; rest from tougher chemicals, ingredients, and commercial products. As much as possible, I use purely natural and organic products or products with minimal chemical ingredients as possible once every week because I feel it gives my skin time to breathe and recover on its own (helps strengthen it too!) while keeping it clean to boot.

My brand of choice for face products in my rest routine is Zenutrients and I'm trying out now Very Gentle Argan and Firming Ginger Face Wash, and Jojoba Face Scrub, effective products that prepare my skin for the incoming week in a gentle, caring, all- natural manner.


L- Very Gentle Argan ingredients
R- Firming Ginger ingredients

Very Gentle Argan is ideal for dry and sensitive skin while Firming Ginger helps energize tried, dull skin.

Jojoba Face Scrub ingredients

Jojoba Face Scrub contains Jojoba extracts that help moisturize skin and Apricot kernel scrubbers to exfoliate naturally.


This is a classic face scrub in an adorable pink- colored base. Well, what can I say? It functions as an exfoliant and pretty well at that due to the generous amount of Apricot kernels in it; leaves my skin soft, but never dry and most of all, I love the fact that I am not contributing to poisonous ocean waste whenever I'm using this product because it contains natural exfoliants.

Very Gentle Argan is my favorite among the two cleansers because I love that it cleans and leaves no hint of dryness; none at all; as I am writing this, it's been an hour since I washed my face with this cleanser and I haven't applied any moisturizer yet but it doesn't feel dry, itchy, or tight. It's really good for dry, normal, and even oily skin!

These products are not only good for simplified skin care days, but on a daily basis too because of its gentle formulation; great for you if you're more keen on using natural products for everyday.


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  1. Nice po yung idea nyo ng rest routine.. Ngayon lang ako nakabasa nyan.. Been reading some of your blog entries, everytime kasi mag isesearch ako sa google lagi isa sa mga result yung write-up nyo.and nag eenjoy ako na basahin, may natutunan kasi ako. Sisimulan ko na ngaun na abangan yung mga bago mong blog entry. Salamat and keep it up!

  2. I always see Zenutrients kiosk besides Zenzest.. and curious about their products. I haven't tried any of them. I'm curious about it, and wanted to try them. I think their products are great, now I know where to begin.

  3. Good idea na may rest day routine. I will also try this one.

  4. Hi Ms. Martha love to know your secrets haha! Nakikita ko yung mga inuupload mong mga pics sa insta tapos vids sa yt so nacurious talaga ako kung anong klaseng skin care ang ginagawa mo, ang kinis pala talaga ng mukha mo parang baby face sa ganda (no exag) pero naghahanap kasi talaga ako ng makakatulong sa mukha ko na kuminis naman kahit papano. Thanks for the idea! Malaking tulong din to for my everyday routine.

  5. Thanks for this post Ms M. I would like to know more on your three routine: basic, rejuvenating and rest routine.

  6. This is a good advice especially for those who work everyday and they only have one rest day. I think I should try the product too!

  7. I would love to try this. It really pays to have a good skin care routine. I love the fact that it's also a local brand.

  8. Would love to know the rest of your routines as well. I know I'll learn about a lot so I can segregate the products that I use in different days or should say by schedule. I wanted to learn more so I can apply it to my routine as well.

  9. The sound of a rest routine is new to me and it is quite interesting. The argan face wash seems promising. I love light yet effective face wash. Zen Nutrients is a local brand that I always want to try.


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