Shakeaway Opens at Uptown Mall BGC!

How I've waited for this moment.

I've been to Uptown Mall BGC several times already and what keeps me looking forward to visiting are only two things: the opening of Hello Kitty Cafe and Shakeaway Philippines.

One has been ticked off the list as Shakeaway has finally opened last Friday! The milkshake lover in me is soooo happy!

British milkshake joint, Shakeaway, has opened its second branch in Manila at Uptown Mall BGC. What started out as a small milkshake boutique in England grew into a popular milkshake chain in the UK, thanks to their 180 milkshake combinations; Shakeaway promises that you will never have the same milkshake twice, plus they have low fat fries and yogurt in the mix too.

P.S. Order the fries and dip in the shake! Yum!

There are dozens upon dozens of ingredients for you to personalize your milkshake; you can even create millions of combinations that you won't be able to taste in your lifetime; that's how BIG their milkshake menu is!

The thing that makes Shakeaway's milkshake amazing is their signature flavorless ice cream base; it's ice cream, but without flavor so the real taste of your concoction will stand out. How amazing is that? I tried Fynn, a combination of toffee popcorn, chocolate chips, and speculoos, which is one of their signature creations; it's now my favorite!

For the big spender, try out The Millionaire's Milkshake, their most expensive shake at a whopping P900.00. It contains 24-karat edible gold flakes and comes in one size; when you order it, it will be served specially in this cabinet and the staff will let out a cheer. Cool!

Go and visit the new Shakeaway branch at Uptown BGC Mall today and beat the heat with their yummy milkshakes!

For more information, please visit SHAKEAWAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Naexcite naman ako sa Hello Kitty Cafe. Hehehe. Will try this Shakeaway, pagnagawi kame sa Uptown Mall BGC, sure na sure na matutuwa ang daughter ko, she loves milkshake kase eh. Thanks for this post Ms. M

  2. Oh my god what I really love about this is the different sort of ingredients that you can add on your milkshakes. hahaha. It's paradise :*

  3. I would love to try Shakeaway, kaya lang malayo sa amin. I hope they will have a branch near us. I love milkshake.

  4. Wow! Na-amaze ako sa dozens of ingredients! It will unlock the inner creativity in us. Sana mag-branch out din sila dito sa Mindanao. Ang sarap siguro niyan :)

  5. Is the Hello Kitty cafe open already? I want to surprise my daughter for her 4th birthday this May.


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