Your New Friday Night Routine: Origins Ritualitea Oolong La Face and Body Mask

Here's a review on Origins Ritualitea Oolong La Face and Body Mask.

PRICE: Powder Mask- P2,400.00; Body Mask- P1,850.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Origins SM Makati, SM MOA, and SM Megamall


What makes you look forward to going home on a Friday? Me? It's my bed, first and foremost, and the idea of taking a long bath, trying out new skin care products, and pampering myself from head to toe, plus watching documentaries on Youtube until I fall asleep.

There's a new duo that's making me look forward to heading home every Friday and it's Origins Ritualitea, my at home luxury face and body spa experience!


Ritualitiea is Origins' tea- infused face and body mask collection. Ritualitea Purifying Cleansing Body Mask contains exfoliating sugars and clay ingredients, making it a multipurpose scrub + mask in one. Ritualitea Purifying Powder Face Mask is a mask mixture; the form of this mask helps preserve the integrity and efficacy of the clay ingredient.

Oolong La is a fusion of Oolong, Chai, and Black tea that purifies skin; this variant is ideal for oily, blemished skin.


Oolong La body scrub is rich, concentrated, and generous with scrubbers; I noticed though that it tends to harden because of the clay ingredient so always store in room temperature.

Ritualitea Powder Mask is a relaxing activity to do after a busy week; take an ample amount of powder and mix with a bit of water, and stir until you create a pasty mixture; add powder and water as needed.


Powder mask

The powder has an easy to spread texture and hardens in about 10 minutes; it has some tightness to it, which helps relax facial muscles. The black particles are actual tea leaves!

Body mask

The product yields a scrubbing action, making it good for rough patches on the skin; leave it on for 10 minutes and it hardens for a little, serving as a body mask.

Both products have a cinnamon-chai scent that actually helps clear the senses!

The powder mask makes my face feel cleaner, refreshed, slightly matte, and also helps minimize the appearance of pores. After using this mask, my face feels renewed.

The body mask does make your skin feel REALLY smooth, thanks to the generous serving of exfoliating sugars; now since this scrub is very gritty, don't apply too much pressure and let the sugars do the scrubbing for you. Otherwise, you might hurt your skin.

Ritualitea face and body mask is the duo you need to end the week on a positive note and face the new one with a renewed feeling.


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  1. I do this actually on a Saturday morning to night. I am using body scrub saturday morning when I took a bath and it will really be a long bath especially that it's hot now. Hahaha. As when it's friday I just enjoy my stay in bed thinking that I don't have to wake up early the next day.

  2. Facial and body scrub is one of my favorites in skin care. And I never knew that there is a Tea type of scrub. For sure that is a good especially it is from Origins.

  3. I used a body scrub from Watsons pero hindi ko pa na-try ang facial scrub. This product is a bit expensive though. Ok ba ito to all skin types?

  4. Thanks for this post Ms M. Friday night with my kids is our cheatday. Hehehe. Eating chips while watching tv. I love body scrub, mas matagal nga lang maligo. Hehehe.


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