A very good P180 Liquid Lipstick: San San Creamy Matte Lip Stain Review, Price, Swatches

Here's a review on San San Creamy Matte Lip Stain.

PRICE: P180.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in HBC stores


I've tried a couple of San San products and what I would really recommend from them is this: Creamy Matte Lip Stain. It's a really good liquid lipstick; can't believe it's P180.0 only!


San San Creamy Matte Lip Stain is a long- wearing, rich lip color that promises to last the whole day; I'm not exactly sure how many shades there are as there's no information about it available on the official website so my guess is around 10 shades.

The products come in a medium- sized acrylic packaging with a doe foot applicator; simple and chic.

I'm swatching their best- sellers below:



 Deep Ruby is a warm red shade with a neutral undertone.


 Intense Rose is more of a hot pink with a rosy undertone.


 Nothing peach in Serene Peach as this is a cool candy pink on me.


Splendid Wine is deep berry shade with a wine undertone.

Consistency is semi- runny, but dries into a more opaque finish; I layer it on to build coverage. It has a light vanilla scent and texture is matte while finish is soft matte.

What impressed me the most with these products is the overall finish and payoff: if you will scroll back up, check out the close up photos of the lip swatches and notice that most of the shades appear evenly on the lips; one or two shades come off streaky in the beginning, but they are so easy to even out, plus formula doesn't highlight fine lines too. 

Staying power is pretty good; it doesn't fade easily. I don't really know why they called it Lip Stain when in fact, it's actually liquid lipstick already; I thought initially that San San was pertaining to its staining effect when product wears off, but I didn't experience that either; after a couple of use, methinks they're pertaining to the wear time of the product because it does last long like a lip stain. Shades don't look cheap too!

Biggest plus for me: NO DRYNESS!

This is The Beauty Junkee approved! If you're a student or a beautyholic on a budget and would love to try out liquid lipsticks without spending a lot, San San's versions are amazing!

Walang budget? Walang problem. San San it is!


Please visit SAN SAN COSMETICS on Facebook for more details about this product.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! based on your Lip Swatches hindi ko iisipin na Local brand ito plus it was priced very budget friendly pasado para sa mga students pati sa mga mom-on-budget like me! thank you for the honest review Ms M!

  2. I do have that lipstick in Dark Mocha..the only downside is the shade name doesn't reflect any on the lipstick. But true, it is really a good lipstick. Now, my daughter is the one who uses it.

  3. I came here for the liquid lipstick review but your winged eyeliner caught my eye instead ha ha..Anyway, I agree that the colors don't look cheap at all and that they seem really vivid, I love the ruby red and the splendid wine. I remember Ever Bilena also has a liquid lipstick at the same price point but they don't dry down to matte. I wonder if this one from San San has nudes and rosy pinks too. That would be very interesting. If anything, it's good to see that local brands are stepping up with the quality of their products.

  4. Splendid Wine and Serene Peach for the wins! actually all colors are good, for the pigmentation, sulit na ang 180!:)

  5. Do these come off easily like regular lipsticks or do they not budge like most matte liquid lipsticks?

  6. As always red suits you best! And I agree that for those who love makeup but on a budget this is a holy grail. For less than 200 pesos you can now have a nice liquid lipstick without breaking the bank.

  7. Its true got mine in shade of saucy red a very affortable lippy for budget mom like me aside from a good price its really suit your style and last long too

  8. I love this! It reminds me of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream but half its price. The shades are wearable as well and I don't have any problem with the lighter shades as it appears opaque and not streaky at all. It is moisturizing too and pretty easy to use. The applicator is nice as well. The downside is most of the shades are always sold out! :(

  9. I have this in Dark Mocha and it's gorgeous! Really nice dusty rose, similar to Jordana's Rose Macaron if you're familiar hihi :) I love the formulation on these. Ever Bilena has a similar formulation for the same price, but I like Sansan's color range better. Splendid Wine is exactly the deep purple shade I've been looking for!!!! Definitely checking that one out on my next HBC trip! :)

  10. Wow! This is so affordable and it also has beautiful shades.

  11. Wow!, very affordable at ang ganda ng coverage at hindi pa nakakadry ng lips. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  12. Beutyholic on a budget ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป I gotta check that splendid wine one. Looks so good on you! ๐Ÿ˜

  13. I like the Splendid Wine on you the most! These lip stains are actually good for makeup newbies like me. Thanks for the review! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  14. A must try for me! No dryness and its cheap๐Ÿ˜

  15. Intense Rose looks good on you.
    Mommy on a budget here, swak to sa akin! hihihi


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