BEAUTY BULLETIN: A Mega list of Summer Makeup and Skin Care Goodies

Keep your eyes peeled until the end of the post because I'm showing y'all the hottest makeup and skin care finds for summer!

The Infallible foundation variant that everyone has been waiting for to arrive in the Philippines is finally here: L'OREAL INFALLIBLE PRO-MATTE! This light cream, full coverage foundation promises lasting coverage that can withstand the heat, sweat, and oil! There's also the new Infallible lip liner to accompany Infallible Lipsticks and Infallible Pro-Contour, a highlighting and contouring palette.

Foundation retails at P700. Infallible Pro-Contour at P600.00. Infallible Lip Liner at P400.00.

Visit L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

All the way from Malaysia is B.Liv, which claims to be a 'Pore Management Specialist' as their products are specially made for oily skin and to address enlarged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Here are some of their best- sellers namely Glow and Shine Mask, an exfoliating mask, No Spots Bye Dots Facial Cleanser that helps clear up blemishes, Oil Leviate, a mattifying and hydrating gel moisturizer, Quench Me Gel Moisturizer for deep hydration, and Leach Me Ultimate Aqua Surge Mask for deep hydration plus anti-aging benefits.

You can purchase the products at B.LIV's OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

For more information, please visit B.LIV on Facebook.

For your pampering needs, try these faves of mine: Dentiste Toothpaste and Garnier Micellar Water. For your weekend me time in the shower, why not try Baby Foot's new Sakura- scented foot peeling pack and reveal brighter, healthier soles!

Visit DENTISTE, BEAUTYBOX CORPORATION, and GARNIER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Newcomer local makeup brand, Colourette Cosmetics, surprises us with fab lipstick and color products; there's Creamy Matte, Ultra Lip Lacquer, and Matte Metallic (wow!) lipsticks as well as tins of colorful lip and cheek tints to add that extra pop of color on your skin.

Visit COLOURETTE COSMETICS on Facebook for more details.

One of UK's number one skin care brands, Simple, has arrived last year in Manila and it's my first time to lay my hands on the products. They're quite well- known for straightforward skin care that's kind, gentle, and great for sensitive skin. Simple's Micellar Water is apparently UK's no.1 and I'm excited to try it as well as the rest!

For more information, please visit SIMPLE SKIN CARE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Makeup Sponge is life and I'm happy to report that Miss Bella, one of the leading online dealers of makeup tools has just come up with their own collection of beauty sponges; these are soft, latex free, and affordable at P350.00 each only; got no budget for Real Techniques and Beauty Blender? Then check out these! There's also the unique wedge sponge and diamond sponge that are great for cream contouring and highlighting.

Visit MISS BELLA on Facebook to order.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the loreal infallible line and now that the pro matte is finally here i cant wait to try it. 😍😍😍

  2. I'll be on the look out for your review on L'Oreals infallible line. I have tried the setting spray but not quite sure if it's workign or not lol! Also I tried Garner Micellar water, they are so good and much cheaper than other Micellar water out there! And I agree that makeup sponges are life so as eyebrows, will be waiting for your detailed review on them on how they are at par with Beauty Blender and Real Techniques.

  3. Will wait for your review in B.Liv Thanks for this post Ms M.

  4. I wanna try the simple brand from UK! It looks so clean. hihi

  5. Wow so many new brands and products launched this month! I am highly interested with the Miss Bella sponges. It reminds me of RT sponges! And the Loreal Infallible pro Matte is something all makeup lovers talk about. Can't wait for your review about that. Hopefully a full face using the infallible line. <3 I love the micellar water from Garnier. It reminds me of Bioderma and Bifesta. It performs as good as the two and in my opinion, it is better. The price is very affordable. The most affordable one I know! (The big bottle 400 ml, I think is only 249 pesos!!!) I can't wait to try everything but first, I am waiting for your reviews Ms Martha. :)

  6. Those Ms. Bella sponges are dedinetly gives bang for the bank

  7. Okay, okay... these line of products are really interesting and I can't wait to hear your in-depth thoughts about it. Simple, Colorette, Miss Bella, and the others!

  8. Wow! So many great products to try. I must double my savings for my Kikay stuff (hehe). I'm really excited to try the Loreal Pro-matte even before. The MissBellaPh sponges looks pro.ising too they are given great reviews. And also the B.Liv products.

  9. Oh dear! I would love to try primer lippies from Colourette and Miss Bella's sponges!!!


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