Cheska's Store: A trusted online supplement and beauty store + 10 Must- try products

I have heard and read a lot about Cheska's Store through beauty bloggers; they get their supplements, whether collagen or glutathione, from this store because it's apparently one of the trusted online dealers locally.

I managed to get in touch with Cheska's Store and inquired about their products, and they happily sent these for a feature. To the uninitiated, here's a brief guide on Cheska's store and the top 10 must- try items from their website, based on popularity and consumer and Beauty Blogger faves!

Cheska's Store is a local online store particularly known for authentic collagen, slimming, whitening supplements, plus other makeup and skin care products, mostly Thai and Japanese brands. They've been around for a couple of years and rose to popularity for bringing the best supplements to everyone who very well understands that caring for the skin from within is just as important as caring for it on the outside.

Here are the top 10 products that you should try from the brand:

- Need I say more? Cheska's Store offers a wide range of whitening supplements such as Tatiomax, Snow Caps (best- seller!), Gluta-White, Mosbeau, Relumins, Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione, and Ishigaki to name a few.

For beauty supplements, there's Shiseido The Collagen (best- seller!), DHC, Fracora, Meiji, and Kyusoku Bihaku to name a few.

Snow Caps Glutathione 30 capsules (P1,450.00)
Shiseido The Collagen 126g (P1,100.00)

- When I posted a photo of Snow Skin Care on my social media accounts, a lot commented and vouched for the efficacy of the products. Owned and created by Thai beauty company, Beauty Booster Co., Snow Skin Care is treasured for its triple whitening formula for effective skin whitening. The best- sellers are Aura Whitening Booster Mask, Aura White Triple Gold Extracts Facial Cleanser, and Ultra Light Perfect DD Cream. FYI, Cheska's Store is an authorized dealer of Snow Skin Care!

Snow Skin Care Aura Whitening Booster Mask (P1,500.00)
Snow Skin Care Aura White Triple Gold Extracts Facial Cleanser (P898.00)
Snow Skin Care Ultra Light Perfect DD Cream (P1,100.00)
Snow Skin Care set: Facial Cleanser, Mask, DD Cream, and pouch (P3,350.00)

- Cheska's Store offers an extensive line of acne products too and one of which is Japanese brand, Skin Life. This line helps facilitate dead skin cell removal to prevent build- up and apparently helps remove blackheads to prevent future breakouts.

SkinLife Wash (P450.00)
SkinLife Wash + Toner set (P900.00)

- Oh gee! Finally, I have Naturactor to satisfy my curiosity and to review for all of those who have been asking me about it! Naturactor is a pretty famous face base brand in the Philippines because a lot swear by the pot foundation's concealing prowess and lasting power. Cheska's Store sells authentic Naturactor products from Japan only. Can't wait to try these and let you know my thoughts!

Naturactor Base Makeup (P400.00)
Naturactor Cover Face Foundation (P400.00)
Naturactor Pressed Powder (P400.00)

- Octard is also by Meiko, the same maker of Naturactor; a lot of Filipinas seem to love it as well. According to some testimonials I've read, it's great for oily skin and has really good coverage as well; great coverage and perfect for oily skin are magic terms for me; needless to say, I'm excited to try this too along with Naturactor!

Octard Cover Foundation (P650.00)

There you go! Which of these products are you interested to try? Do let me know which product you'd like me to review first.

For more information, please visit CHESKA'S STORE on Facebook.

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  1. I wanna try the Skin Life product!!! Will wait for your review :)

  2. My bffs bought Meiji Collagen Supplements from Cheska Store ;)

  3. Snow Skin Care, medyo pricey pala siya. Let's see if effective siya :)

  4. I haven't tried any products from those mentioned. But I would love to know your reviews about Octard and Naturactor. And also The Collagen too.

  5. I will wait for your reviews in Skinlife Skin Care, Naturactor and Octard. Thanks Ms M.

  6. Super trusted ko ang Cheska's Store! 😊👍

  7. Naturactor review, pls! ☺️

  8. I would love to hear your review on Naturactor! A lot rave on this one!

  9. hi. i just want to ask if ung relumins gluta 1000 po ba ng cheskas online store is legit and authentic? gusto ko sana mag order sa kanya. thanks po s ssagot.

  10. hi bumili po ako ng relumins gluta 1000 from cheska's store, pero wala po syang box but sealed naman po yung bottle.. authentic po ba yun?


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