Lightweight yet dependable: Bell Cosmetics Skin Adapting Makeup Foundation 04 and Skin Concealer 04 Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Bell Cosmetics Skin Adapating Makeup 04 and Skin Stick Concealer 04.

PRICE: Foundation- P1,199.00; Concealer- Around P400.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in select SM Department stores


All this heat just makes you want to stop wearing foundation for a moment, but that means exposed marks and dull skin. Yikes! That's why I have a lot of foundations on hand for my makeup and products to adapt to any season.

I've discovered a pretty good summer foundation and concealer duo that's gentle to the skin because both have a hypoallergenic formula, lightweight, yet dependable enough to give you even, decent skin without the cakey, heavy, I-feel-I'm-wearing-makeup feeling.


Skin Adapting Makeup is a liquid foundation that promises to provide lasting coverage without burdening the skin and pores. It comes in 4 shades.

Skin Stick Concealer promises skin- like coverage for concealing of minor imperfections on the under eyes and face. It comes in 4 shades.

 Both products come with box packaging; I'm liking the chic, clean look of this brand!

Top: Concealer; Bottom: Foundation

My closest match in both products is 04; they still look pretty light on me, especially the foundation, but they're quite easy to fix due to their skin- like finish. The concealer has a medium beige shade and light yellow undertone while the foundation is a medium dark shade with a yellow undertone. 

The downside of both products is they don't have SPF to protect your skin so you will need to wear a separate one, but if you're into photography and like using flash, this is good news because it won't give that dreaded white cast. 


Bare undereye

Two layers of the concealer

I like that this concealer is slightly creamy: it's creamy enough to be blended easily, but not so much that it doesn't run off or move around the skin. Coverage is light to medium and true enough, it does look like skin and is pretty weightless too!

Bare skin

Two layers of the foundation

The foundation has a semi- watery consistency, spreads easily, and has medium coverage, concealing minor discolorations while effectively evening out the skin and giving it a fresh look. It feels very light, but I like the coverage I get from it. Finish is semi- matte.

And here's my fresh summer face featuring both products! Both products are lightweight yet dependable: they give me enough coverage to hide marks, but don't give me that heavy, made- up feeling.

Staying power for both products is good: if you do the necessary priming steps to help your makeup last longer, both products can withstand the day. It doesn't have amazing oil control, but I like that the makeup can stay the entire day on the skin; a retouch or two is what's needed to refresh the skin and coverage.

These products are great summer makeup products to try; another great feature is both are hypoallergenic!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So fresh talaga ang ganda!!! Pati final touch nya so clean! :)

    1. girl do you break out? please response. please have any bad and good result regarding this product. i want to know if this brand is hypoallergenic cuz i easy break out in make up. just want to know if this product is not harmful and will not give acne

  2. I hope they'll be releasing more shades no? Hehe anyways if it's TBJ approved maganda talaga nag product :)

  3. Ganda ng coverage kaso mejo mahal ung foundation. Thanks for this post Ms M

  4. I swatched it once and the foundation looks really promising. I am convinced that it is truly good based on your pictures and reviews. Love it! I am not applying foundation this summer because of how extremely hot the weather is right now but seeing how comfortable it looks on skin, I might give this a try. :) Hope I can also find a match for my skintone

  5. You look so pretty on that final picture!!! 😍 I might try this one too. I'm slowly becoming a foundation junkie.

  6. Both products delivers great coverage, another makeup that is a must try for oily skin people and good for our humid weather.

  7. pretty finish Ms M! sad that it has no SPF at all (ano po gamit nyo na pang applu dito Ms M? Brush or Sponge?) ang flawless ng finish!

  8. do you break out? cuz it said hypoallergenic. please do a review if you got some good or bad result in this ptoduct. if this bell hypoallergenic brand wont affect your healthy face or just like other brands harm your face(acne, bumps, will haggard your face if your not wearing it) please do a review regarding to this matter. thank you.

  9. I juat bought this foundation last week, and I'm loving it so far. It stays practically all day on my skin.


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