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Are Peel- Off Masks Effective on Whiteheads and Blackheads?

Late last year, Peel Off masks became a viral beauty trend due to funny videos featuring peel off mask mishaps.

Peel Off mask, it's not really new; I've encountered this way back in 2009; I've used it incorrectly and that is on the entire face, and learned the hard way. Peel Off masks are best used on a certain spot only to facilitate an effective peeling action and just because it is very stressful for the skin.

My local Watsons is ripe with these products lately so I decided to give it a shot.

So, are peel off masks any good, just like what we see in viral videos?

Put a ton on my nose and chin, left the mask for 30 minutes for it to completely harden, and it only pulled out 1 whitehead. Hype.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think it is not effective. Lemme explain.

You're supposed to create a very even, sheet- like coverage on your skin with the mask to be able to peel it off completely and to completely eradicate whiteheads; however, there's always the possibility that you won't get it right because of many factors like the amount you put and if the consistency of the product will allow you to do so.

I also dislike how this mask takes time to dry and is sooooo painful to remove! Even more painful than a nose sheet mask!

But hey, I don't discount the fact that I may have gotten a mediocre peel off mask product; still doesn't change the fact that I am not amused and it only remains a hype to me. I'd still go for nose sheet masks any day.

But what about those charcoal masks that remove a kilo of whiteheads in FB videos? They're probably good brands that's why they are effective, but there's also a report I've seen saying that some of these masks were found to contain traces of heavy duty glue that's why they pull out a lot of whiteheads...together with your skin. Eek! Thanks, but no thanks!

Also, a facialist advised against these peel off masks; here's an article by Cosmopolitan.

What do you think about peel off masks? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. First nakakaiyak mag peel off ng mask (lalo sa buong muka) my very first one is from iWhite (bago palang sila nuon at napaka-plain pa lang ng packaging nila) dahil sa curiosity bumili ako ng isa (15php per sachet palang nuon) ang gusto ko sana yung blackheads ang matanggap satisfied naman ako sa nakuhang whiteheads meron mangilan ngilan na black heads.

    para sa akin okay naman sya as long as sinunod yung instructions, pero based on experience mas okay kapag nagdouble cleanse ka plus toner bago mag nose pack (peel off) nakakatulong kasi para lumambot yung skin magloosen yung pores kaya mas madali makuha yung mga blackheads/whiteheads

    pero kung papipiliin ako sa nose sheet or nose peel off mask okay na ako dun sa nirecommend nyo na nose strips from watsons =)

  2. Habang binabasa nag dadalawang isip na akong gumamit nito lalo na sa article ng.cosmopolitan.
    Actually ganyan ang nagamit ko pero yung color white mahirap nga matuyo at masakit alisin.
    May na panood po ako sa fb charcoal ata ang ginamin trip silang mag kapatid mangiyak ngiyak yung girl habang inaalis ng ate nya pakiramdam ko masasama pati balat nya...
    Katakot hindi ko aantayin mangyari sakin yun kay

  3. Hello Martha. When I experience a uncontrollable breakout. I used iWhite Korea Peel of Mask with the Pore Purifying Balm. Honestly, I have the same observation as your. It only take out 2 or 3 whiteheads. But, my pimples dried fast and reduced from coming out. So, I decided to continue using it and for me it feels good after. I am also thinking of trying the charcoal mask but don't know what brand to use. :)

  4. Thanks for this post Ms M, para sakin, nose sheet nalang ang gamitin mas madame pang blackheads at whiteheads ang natatanggal.

  5. I used the black peel off mask from Daiso I guess and it's good for me as it removed a lot of whiteheads as I can see it clearly in black peel off mask.

  6. I haven't tried peel off masks, only nose sheets. Pero I have stocks of face peel off masks in my stash. Ginagawa ko is I pat warm water muna before putting off the masks. Marami naman ako nahaharvest after 😂

  7. I prefer my nose sheet masks any day. Di effective ang peel off nose packs for me, huhuhu one to three whiteheads lang ang natatanggal nya 😐

  8. I have experienced the worst of peel off mask I was 15 then I have applied on my whole face to my brows goes off with the mask when I peel it off. I still used it but with great caution.

  9. I've tried peel off masks one in black , white and even in gold. It's kinda painful when removing it. But I hardly see blackheads or whiteheads in the masks. I think it doesn't work 100% in removing those stuff in our face but among the 3 I've tried the black one seems to work. Maybe putting on a hot towel to open up the pores before putting on the mask will help release the black/white heads.

  10. Also not a fan of peel off mask, I've tried them before and ended up in tears because as you said it's painful. Also I hate it when it takes forever to dry and I cannot wear my eye glasses during the drying process. I also prefer the sheet peel off thingy, isang sakit lang pero effective LOL!

  11. I love doing this every 2 days Ms. Martha, adik na adik ako sa pagtatanggal ng ganito (madami din po kse akong alaga). I tried using peel off and nose strips din, di pa po ako nakakaencounter ng super effective talga na pantaggal sknla, but still searching and searchng and trying trying and soon sana makahanap din ako ng product na mapapa wow ako :)

  12. Natry ko po once ang peel off masks and swear mangiyak-ngiyak ako kasi grabe ang sakit niya alisin. Ewan ko pero parang hindi siya effective sakin. Mas bet ko ang sheet masks. And one more thing, ang tagal magdry. Nakakainip haha!

  13. It's a Nay Ms. Martha. Same with you when I was college I tried it all over my face but it hurts so much when I peeled it off. Then this time I try again only in my nose area and chin but again It doesn't work. It's better to use nose strip or sheet. It really removes some sumpa on my face. 😊

  14. Whoaaa? Natakot tuloy ako sa heavy duty glue. Omg!
    Yung na-try ko ay iWhite and BeautyFix Whitening & Pore Minimizer.
    Sa iWhite hindi ko gusto kasi parang hindi maganda result. Dun ako sa BeautyFix natuwa kasi tanggal talaga ang blackheads and whiteheads kaso ang tagal matuyo and struggle pa kapag tinanggal na kasi super dikit sa face. One time nalagyan ko ng marami sa cleft above my lips may konti pa naman manipis na bigote, ang sakit talaga bes. Na-alarma talaga ako kasi baka natanggal then tutubo ng makapal. hahaha! Hindi naman pala.. Lesson learned, next na gamit hindi ko na nilagyan.. hehehe

  15. I used Iwhite nung first year college ako (2012) to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Nakakatanggal sya pero not all. Masakiiiiiiit! I remember I always shed a tear everytime I tear off the mask. Sa sobrang sakit, last week lang ako ulit bumili pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa nagagamit 😂 i prefer the natural way of removing whiteheads and blackheads, less pain! Haha


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