FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Favorite Hair Masks

Happy Friday and this post reminds me that tomorrow, I shall be spending 2 hours in the bathroom again for that much needed R&R. Thanks Mary for the question!

Hi Martha,
What are your top 10 hair mask products? VM's hair mask treatment is sold out and I wanna know which hair mask products you can recommend. Thanks and more power to your blog!

Hi Mary!

You asked the right person! I love hair masks because my thin, frizzy hair benefits a lot from it, plus it's a good way to spend the weekend too. Here are my favorites.


- A great treat not only for the hair, but the scalp also because of its light cooling effect; this hair mask by Nature Republic has a light texture and hydrating effect, and leaves hair bouncy, shiny, and the scalp feeling refreshed.

Get it from ALTHEA KOREA.

- This Keratin- infused hair masks deeply repairs hair and is great to use after a salon color treatment or a day at the beach!

- This natural hair pack by Davines helps fight frizz and adds luster to the hair.


- My holy grail for hair mask! Kerastase keeps hair not only looking pretty, but healthy as well; in my experience, continued and long- term use significantly minimizes damage and hair seems to look really shiny no matter what.


- My favorite affordable hair mask because it works and makes hair feel soft and helps tame frizz.

That's all! Do share your favorite hair masks with us. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for these suggestions. I am greatly considering them. Tama, I also have fine hair so using can really help me have better hair.

  2. This is so helpful to me. My hair is dry and frizzy. After I dyed my hair it become dry, frizzy and weak. Kerastase is good but I think pricey sya. So I'll check the tresemme since before I am a tresemme user. 😊

  3. I am totally and completely left out! I don't know there's such thing as hair mask 😱 Maybe this is the solution I'm looking for to get rid of my dry, frizzy and lifeless hair. I envy those girls who have beautiful and smooth hair, coz I don't know how to deal with mine 😐 This will go to my TBJ list, ate. Will try Tresemme since I think it's the only one I could afford for now 😁

  4. Tresemme is my fave too! I also have frizzy hair, and mej ok nman ang result ni Tresemme. Though I'm still looking for something better. I think I'll try nature republic next. :*

  5. I didn't know Nature Republic has hair pack pala. I sometimes use their aloe vera soothing gel sa hair pag bad hair day ako and it works for me. Haha. Will try their hair pack on my next order sa Althea. Thanks for sharing Ms.M!

  6. I really love tresemme hair mask :) I bleached my hair before ms. Martha and it was really damaged as in:( Good thing I tried tresemme and really helped my hair to recover :) Super affordable and effective!

  7. Hello Martha!

    These are nice suggestions!

    Thanks again for answering my question!


  8. My hair is so low maintenance I do have fine hair strands, I use clarifying shampoo every Sunday and condition it with Watsons Hair Spa. My hair feel so soft throughout the week. It only get frizzy if I got expose to under the Sun.

  9. I haven't tried any of those, thanks for suggesting Ms. M. I'm quite lazy in putting hair masks but usully I just use the common brand (generic). I have thick, long, straight hair and I should be taking care of it.

  10. Highly recommended yang tresemme! After ko magpakulay noon mever na ko nakagamit ng shampoo or conditioner before. As in lahat na ata natry ko pero it left my hair still fizzy and dry. Tapos after searching online tapos nagsale ag trsemme nagtry ako and iit works!

  11. Never tried any hair mask before. Thanks for the list Ms M. Will look for the Nature Republic at Althea, ang alam ko included to sa Head to Toe Box nila, sana available pa.


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