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I swatched everything: NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM VAULT Review, Price, Swatch and Youtube Video

Here's a review on NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream vault.

PRICE: Around 70AUD (Approximately P2,000.00+)
FROM: Target, Australia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Not available locally; available at NYX official website


When I published a photo of my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream vault, I've received requests left and right for a swatchfest. Finally, here it is; took me a month to sit down, swatch, and film everything so please share this haha! :D

Without further ado, I present to you the candidates of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream vault! :D


Amsterdam and Stockholm

Tokyo and London

Antwerp and Istanbul

Addis Ababa and San Paulo

Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo

Milan and Buenos Aires

Sydney and Zurich

Athens and Cairo

Ibiza and Prague

Cannes and Copenhagen

Transylvania and Morocco

Berlin and Paris

Budapest and Havana

Madrid and San Juan

Vancouver and Seoul

Moscow and Rome

Manila and Rome (Woohoo! A shade named after our city! :D)

Bangkok and Los Angeles

WOW. 36 SHADES, GUYS. I SWATCHED THEM ALL. Apologies for the patchy coverage of the other shades, especially the lighter ones. The light shades are really prone to patching and I didn't have time to wait for them to settle anymore. Otherwise, it would take me 36 hours to film the video LOL.

I also love the teeny weeny sizes of these lipsticks; I can bring a couple in one go because they're very travel- friendly.

I also made a swatch video featuring all these shades; sharing my thoughts about the products as well. Click the photo to be redirected to the Youtube video.

Which shades do you like the most?


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh holiness!!!! I've been waiting for this blogpost/video of swatches of this NYX!!!

    Now I know why Amsterdam, Stockholm and Istanbul were their BEST SELLERS they matches every skintone!

    Amsterdam is the perfect RED for you on this batch! While Abu Dhabi and Athens were the BEST MLBB (on you) and HAVANA wins my heart!

    Woot!!! I heart this post!

  2. Thank you for swatching everything!

  3. Wow, ang saya sana mag ka.ganyanndin ako.
    Gustong gusto ko ang mga shades.

  4. Wow ang dame. Pinakatype ko ang shades na Amsterdam at Manila. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  5. Why is there two Rome shades Ms. Martha? I love the Manila now. Hahaha. Love our own :D

  6. Grabe!!! I mean, WOW!!! Effort!! Kumusta ang lips? 😂 by the way, for me hindi lahat maganda yung shade selection but still worth a try.

  7. Wow! That's alot..kawawa naman ang lips hehe! I notice that most of the shades are in Pinks. Among all the 36 shades..I like Rome and Berlin most. Anyways, NYX always has the best shades of lipstick.

  8. Omg!!! Ang dami naman. Hahaha. Sobrang loud nung colors pero must-try pa rin. Bet na bet ko sa inyo ate ung Istanbul and Abu Dhabi. Bagay po sa inyo. ♥️

  9. How's your lips Ms. M?? So much effort to swatched 36 shades but I love the Stockholm. 😊 Thanks for swatching all the shades.

  10. Nung una kong nakita ito sa post mo (nakalimutan ko saang social media account) napa-comment talaga sa first reaction ko ng "ang daaaaaaaami!" Already watch the video of this and ang ganda nila lahat bagay sayo but my most favorite is Monte Carlo. ^_^

  11. I've been seeing this sa mga online shops for a cheap price. Ilang beses na akong natempt bumili kasi ang gaganda ng shades talaga and it's NYX!! Kaso a friend told me not to buy fake lippies kasi baka may chemicals (?) or ingredients na masama. Pero ghaaad I want to own this!! Need muna ng work and many ipon 😂 thank you for swatching all of the shades ate! I like Stockholm and Abu Dhabi! 😍


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