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What's in my Travel Makeup Kit?

What's in my travel makeup kit? You'll be surprised considering that I'm a beauty- obsessed person.

Here's my travel makeup kit. You would expect a big roll filled with at least five lipsticks or a Zuca pouch containing lots of makeup, right? I was once a heavy traveler and most of the weight and space would go to my makeup and skin care products; after going through the hassle of paying overweight baggage fees, leaving behind a few makeups just because they won't fit in any of my bags anymore, and foregoing shopping just because I brought way too much stuff, I finally decided to travel light with my makeup and skin care products.

Usually, I just bring these for makeup:

1. Primer- can't be without it because I have oily skin.
2. Setting Mist- to refresh and soothe my skin.
3. Powder Foundation- for instant nice- looking skin.
4. Shiseido UV Liquid Protective Foundation (for Beach trips)- I specifically bring this product with me when I go to the beach because it's SPF and foundation in one, plus it's hell lightweight and waterproof; it can withstand saltwater!
5. Eyebrow Product- because Kilay is Lyf.
6. Cream eyeshadow pencil- Just in case the situation calls for a slightly made up look.
7. Waterproof Eyeliner- to define my eyes instantly; I bring this in lieu of mascara because mascara takes a while to apply.
8. Contouring Kit- preferably with highlighter or blush so I don't have to bring these separately anymore.
9. Lip and Cheek Tint- when I don't want to wear powder or I want something that will last the whole day.
10. Brushes- usually a small angled brush and eyebrow spoolie only.
11. Wedge Sponge- for evening out foundation and other products.

How about you? What makeup and skin care products do you bring when you travel?

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bring a blotting paper, a brow pencil, pressed powder and a lipstick and yes I am good to go.

  2. Love your stuff in your makeup kit ate martha! Same tayo oily skin din po ako must have ung primer hihi ♥️

  3. I bring almost all of my make up but I'm planning to buy some travel size so it won't take too much space on my bag.

  4. In our recent family outing I did bring alot. But more of skincare coz for me I don't need to wear heavy makeup. We only stayed overnight. As for makeup I have my eyebrow pencil and my spoolie, my face powder and one lipstck. While as for my skincare,I bought my Day and Night time skincare items. I transfered some into a small travelling kit.

  5. I usually brought with me these items:
    -primer (cause yeah oily skin problems)
    -powder foundation
    -retractable eyebrow pencil (easy to use for girls like me who don't know how to use the pomade types)
    -lip and cheek stain (for tamad days)
    -waterproof mascara
    -lipstick (preferably in nude tones)
    -highlighter (for that extra ohlala glow)
    Please recommend eyebrow products na bongga pa din kahit nasa beach Ms. M. Thanks! ��

  6. A lipstick is always in my go to make up kit and a moisturizer :)

  7. That's neat! Before, I alway have to bring a bag that is specifically for my make ups alone, haha. But that changed after giving birth.. I bring just the basics like Primer, Tinted Sunblock, Concealer, Lip tint, Eyebrow kit, Compact powder, and Pen Eyeliner. I used to bring eyeshadow, but I always ended up with a broken one. And it's a brilliant idea to just bring a cream eyeshadow instead!

  8. Done watching your vid Ms. Martha :) I super duper love Shiseido po parang walang nangyare after swimming, intact padin :) For me, I bring liptint, eyebrow product, and tinted suncreen lang po medyo tamad po kase ako mgmkeup pag magswim hihi pero pag travel lang madami po akong dala na makeup :) For skin care naman po, I bring my 10 step korean skin care products :)

  9. Mine are cushion, no sebum mineral powder, lip balm and blush.

  10. Btw ms martha okay po ba ung lip and cheek included dito sa kit nyo? Thank you 💋

  11. Gosssshhhh!!! I bring almost everything! As in! Sobrang hirap na hirap ako mag pack light. Hahaha! I would usually bring tons of makeup kasi.. ewan basta I need them everywhere I go. Hahaha

  12. My travel beauty essentials are a lot similar to these products you normally bring! But if I have to pick my top 3 - lip & cheek tint, eyeliner & facial mist would be the products I can't leave the house without.

  13. I bring almost everything! Haha I remember last week during our family outing I brought out my makeup kit and my cousin was like "San ka punta teh? Magsswimming lang tayo oh" haha and I said "Para maganda sa mga pictures!" �� i got horrible pimple marks kasi that needs cover ups so I always bring my liquid foundation, concealer and powder everytime I go out and travel. Plus lf course, lippies! I always eat a lot and my lippies don't have a 5/5 staying power kaya I need to reapply. ��


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