Eyebrow Tint. Does It Work? K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint Review and Demo

Here's a review on K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint.

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Eyebrow Tint is a rising trend in Asia because it satisfies the need to get instant brows that last long (very long, for that matter), but without the commitment to altering brow procedures such as brow tattoos or brow embroidery.

K-Palette has recently released Lasting Eyebrow Tint, their version of the trendy brow product; I got my hands on it and tried it.

Is Eyebrow Tint the solution to lazy and always-in-a-hurry girls? Find out!

Product comes in a thick tube and in three shades: 01 Light Brown, 02 Natural Brown, 03 Mocha Brown.

 The applicator is a slim painting brush.

L-R: 02 Natural Brown, 01 Light Brown, 03 Mocha Brown

Consistency is a really thick gel with intense pigmentation.

After just two minutes of applying the product on my skin, it already left a tint. But on the brows, the product needs to be left on for two hours, ideally overnight.

Swatching the product on the skin is also ideal so you will know which color is perfect for your skin tone and hair color.


bare brows

I chose 03 Mocha Brown because 01 is too gold and 02 is too red.

Some tips:

1. Follow the shape of your brows as precisely as possible; don't just slap the tint on or cover beyond the lines because that's what you will exactly get afterwards!

2. Apply liberally so it will be easier to peel off afterwards.

After 2 hours, this is what my brows look like:

TOP: Bare Brows
BOTTOM: Brows after using K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint

WHOA! Full brow goodness! The tint covered my brows while still allowing my hair strands to come through and I was pretty pleased with that; my brows don't look too drawn on.

Tips after usage:

1. Don't wash your face to allow the tint to set completely. This way, you may be able to prolong the coverage up to 5 days.

After two days, this is what my brows looked like; the tint has faded, but still left me with brows that can go straight out of the house without anything on; this saved me 10 minutes per makeup session for three days!

I did not experience any stinging, itchiness, or redness during and after application. However, if you have sensitive skin, conduct a patch test first.

This product and eyebrow tints in general work as long as you follow the steps properly. There's still a process behind it so it's not an immediate thing, therefore it's not for the lazy; if you're running late every morning, allot two hours before going to bed to get brows that can leave the house stat for at least three days! I'd love to do this again, especially before traveling!

Check out my Youtube video review and demo!

Click HERE for the video


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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. EH have that kind of brow product too and it saves me a lot of prep time in the morning.

  2. Wow ate!!! Ang gandaaaa tapos ang ganda pa nung pagkakaapply mo ng kilaaay 😍😍😍 I would love to have eyebrows like yours, kaso di pa ako marunong magkilay or even shave. Takot din ako magpathread πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ But I will definetely recommend this to my cousins that took 63816319916 hours doing their brows kasi Kilay is life raw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you atee πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  3. Done watching your demo ms martha and super amazing ung product pero mas naamaze po ako sa pag aapply nyo ang precise hihi;) After 2 days still you can wear it alone ang galing:) Is it okay kaya ms martha to use angled eyebrow brush to apply the product? Thank you!

  4. Done watching your video Ms.M. 😊 I've also heard so many good reviews for this product. Sobrang plakado ng pagkakalagay mo. Parang di ko ata kaya gamitin to kasi lage nanginginig kamay ko. πŸ˜…

  5. When kilay is life! I already watched the review and demo about this on your channel and I must say WOW! Super ganda nya and instant eyebrow agad. This is worth to buy.

  6. Must try! Watched the vid also πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  7. Haven't tried any eyebrow tint kahit ilang beses ko na sya nakita sa mga youtubers/vloggers. Pero in fairness parang itong K-Palette ang pinakamaganda. I wanna buy one too! Mukhang mas natural tignan kapag tumagal na ☺

  8. Yayyyy! Eyebrows on fleek! Kitang kita na it really works, so amazing!I havent tried any K-Palette products but I would love to. Ipon ipon lang muna kasi medyo pricey! Btw, love your kilay, sana ganyan din kaganda kilay ko. :)

  9. I've been wanting to buy this kind of tatoo brow gel for my mom. So she can save the time in doing her (un)even brows hehe!She is 77 btw, but still manages to put on brows..coz kilay is life hehe!
    Anyways, which is better Ms.M this one or the Etude? Thanks in advance!

  10. I only tried yung sa Cathy Doll na Eyebrow tint, maganda rin sya and it last I think max 2 days only. Nag fafade agad especially pag nag hihilamos na ko. But I like the color of KPalette. Hirap talaga mag pantay ng kilay haha ganyan rin ako everytime I tint my brows di nag kakatugma. Maybe try using eyebrow stensils Miss Martha.

  11. Oh my I wanna try this huhuhu. It's like a tattoo.

  12. Done watching po yung video nyo about dto sa product. Gusto ko sana itry kaso ang kapal na ng kilay ko kaya di nlang siguro, and di rin po ako eyebrow on fleek hehe. Anyway nice review about dto sa product super detailed talaga.

  13. This is good if you're, let's say, on a 3D2N vacation, prep this before leaving and voila, your brows are gonna get through the whole trip!

  14. It looks good pero i think mahirap sya gawin, for me ah. Id rather use a gel,pomade,brow pencil and brow powder. Pero na try ko n yang k pallete and its a really good brand

  15. Bongga ito kapag akyat kami ng bundok for camping! Syempre kapag aakyat NO MAKE-UP, pero syempre yung kilay importante. :) Thanks for the review Ms. M!

  16. Wow? 😲 I want... I want.. I want 😍😍😍 I need this.. wala akong kilay and hindi aq marunong magkilay haha I think may kelangan na akong pagipunan haha very like the staying power na 5/5 .. nice review Ms. Martha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. I find myself watching your videos over and over. Entertaining and informative! Ang galing din po ng application ninyo sa eyebrow tint, on fleek pa rin! Ang ganda po ng result! Would definitely try it soon and get the same shade you used in the video -- shade 3 😍

  18. It's not super user friendly kasi msyadong ma tint sa una at baka magka stain yung ibang part na di mo dapat lagyan. Saw it on your demo but over all I super love the result and what's good about it is you can have your on fleek kilay that will last for 3 days like what you've said. Kudos to K-palette πŸ™ŒπŸ» i hope there's a dupe na mas mura at kayang kaya sa budget ng mga nagtitipid. But I still doubt it, because most likely girls want to spend a lot everything just to have that KILAY esp when they are in a hurry pero dapat gawin mo na late at night para kinabukasan okay na! Woooh kilayyyy is life!

  19. Ang sarap panuorin ng mga videos mo Miss Martha, habang marami akong natututunan nag bibigay aliw sakin lalo na yung kilay challenge mo sa Boracay pati mga make up tutorials 😍😍 Kahit anong kilay products, napapa ganda mo lalo ang quality ng dahil sa galing mo mag dala ng mga products!! Aspiring ❤️❤️😘 Loveyou po! more videos pls :-)))

  20. Sana may kasama tong stencil, baka kase hindi magpantay lalo na sakin, kase pasmado ako. Thanks for this post Ms M. Nakakatuwa ka sa video.

  21. I've always been hesitant to buy brow tattoos since they kinda scare me. Natatakot ako na baka magkamali tapos hindi ko na mabubura for a long time. That's why I've always used pencils and gels huhuhu. Good thing that I learned from this review that I can achieve the best brows possible if I can just follow the steps. Hopefully I can try them out soon. :) Thank you for this, Ms. Martha! Verrrry helpful po. Looking forward to more of your reviews po! Thank youuuu <3 (and vids hihi)


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