How To File for Marriage License for Civil Wedding Taguig City Hall Step by Step Guide + Youtube Video

Hubby and I went for a civil wedding. The process was quicker than what we expected and I'm sharing with you the step-by-step on how to apply for a civil wedding at Taguig City Hall; welcome to my 4th vlog also!

My husband is from ParaΓ±aque and I am from Taguig. But why did we choose to apply at Taguig City Hall? Because I've read a couple of blog posts saying that this municipal office, by far, is the fastest and most orderly in terms of application, plus requires the fewest requirements; the office is air- conditioned as well, ergo comfortable. However, one of the applicants must reside in Taguig if you wish to file your civil wedding application there.

A civil wedding application requires three major documents:

1. Marriage License
2. Marriage Contract
3. Marriage Certificate

You have to secure the three to legalize your union. Here are the steps on how to get the three:


1. Order CENOMAR and birth certificate from NSO. You may order it online by clicking HERE.
2. Bring 2 valid IDs
3. Photocopy your documents
4. Go to Taguig City Hall. Obtain Cedula.
5. Go to Civil Registry section. Inform the officer in charge that you will file for a Marriage License. The officer will then send you to City Health Office to acquire the Pre-Marriage Certificate.
6. Go to City Health Office (it's just across the city hall). You will be asked to provide you and your partner's information in order to release the Pre-Marriage Certificate.
7. Go back to Civil Registry section. Surrender Pre-Marriage Certificate to officer. Wait for your cue as you will be called to pay for your Application for Marriage License forms.
8. When you're called inside the CRS office, you will be issued an invoice for the four (4) Application for Marriage License forms. Go to the cashier and pay. Total cost of processing is P240.00.
9. Go back to CRS and claim the Application for Marriage License forms. Fill up the forms. No erasures. Otherwise, you will have to purchase new forms. A CRS officer will give you a draft that you can fill up before filling up the actual forms.
10. Surrender the filled up Application for Marriage License forms to an officer at Civil Registry Section. Wait for your cue for the interview.
11. Take a short interview with one of the CRS officers.
12. Afterwards, you will be given a stub that you will use to claim the Marriage License.
13. Your names will be posted by the municipal office for 10 days before releasing the license.
14. After the 10th day, call the municipal office and inquire if you can finally pick up the Marriage License.
15. Pick up the Marriage License and then file for a Marriage Contract, which will be released on the day of your civil wedding.

***For applicants 24 and below, they must undergo a Family Planning seminar. 
***Make sure that all the information on the required documents and your existing ids are identical. 
***Both parties should be present when applying for a Marriage License. 
** No need for both parties to be present when claiming the Marriage License.


1. When your Marriage License is finally released, schedule for a civil wedding. Marriage License is valid for 120 days only; you have to apply for one again if you miss the deadline.
2. Schedule of the wedding is ideally one to two weeks (or more, but not beyond 120 days) after the release of the license to process Marriage Contract. Schedule of the wedding is also dependent on the officiator's available date.
3. You need at least 3 witnesses per side. First and second degree relatives are not allowed. Make sure that your witnesses will be present on your wedding day as they need to sign the Marriage Contract.
4. After the civil wedding, the couple and witnesses will sign the Marriage Contract.
5. The Marriage Contract will then be turned over to you; now register it to get a Marriage Certificate.


1. Within 15 days after the wedding, register the Marriage Contract at the municipal office. Otherwise, contract will be void and you will have to file for reconsideration and pay late charges; basically, you have to go through another process, which will be such a hassle.
2. After registration, wait for 15 days to process the Marriage Certificate and then pick it up once released.

**No need for both parties to be present when claiming the Marriage Certificate.

What if my preferred municipal office is Taguig, but I'm going to have the wedding elsewhere?

Same here. I filed for a license in Taguig, but the Marriage Contract and Certificate were released in Alfonso, Tagaytay, the venue of my wedding. Here's what you should do:

1. Follow all the steps on how to obtain a Marriage License.
2. When the license has been released, bring it to the municipal office of the municipality where your wedding venue will be.
3. Register your Marriage Contract in the same municipal office.
4. Claim your Marriage Certificate from the same municipal office.

Other municipal offices may have different requirements and processes, so please just inquire.

Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have questions and I'll try my best to address them. In the meantime, here's the vlog of our civil wedding application experience in Taguig. Also, something was wrong with my husband's documents that our application was almost denied. Yikes! Watch and learn so you won't make the same mistake and go through the same hassle as us!

Click HERE for the video

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  1. Hi! Just curious, who or what is the official title of your wedding officiant and where/how did you find him? Not getting married any time soon but I really want a civil wedding someday but so far, I've only read of civil weddings being officiated by court judges and mayors and they're always done inside their chambers/office. Thanks! :)

    1. He's the mayor of Alfonso, Cavite. I was told that only the mayor can preside over a civil wedding. :) Yes, civil weddings are most of the time done inside the mayor's office, unless the venue of your wedding is quite near the municipal office, then you can probably cajole the mayor to have the ceremony at your venue instead. :)

    2. Thanks for the info! Ang galing nyo siguro mang-convince. Congratulations and best wishes!

    3. Hi thanks for the info, i just want to sana kung how long natatapos ang ceremmony sa mayor's office for civil wedding. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Martha, this is such a helpful post! Thank you for taking the time to write this. Also, you look gorgeous in your wedding gown. Love your bouquet too! Congratulations and best wishes! ❤️

  3. The cover photo is sooooo cute! One of my favorite shots from your wedding! To be honest, I never knew that weddings can be sooo technical. Kaloka HAHAHA I can only imagine what you've been though, Ms. Martha. This truly helps a lot. It's very informative. I'll take note of everything you said. (If I'm going to get married lol hihi) Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

    P.S.: Still can't get over your wedding! <3

  4. Thanks for the advice Ms Martha. You should have a TBJ Weddings tab in your page plus your TBJ Kitchen in your The Beauty Junkee page. This will be great addition to your blog.

  5. Save ko list na yan hehe, kaso matagal pako dyqn hahaha, sana nga merong makatuluyan 😊😊😊
    madali lang naman pala processing. πŸ‘

  6. im started to love reading blog sis and your blog is super πŸ‘ because it feature different topics.. i already subscribed and really good it notify at my gmail when you have new post..😊

  7. Very detailed information Ms.Martha! nice! dami matutulungan nitong post mo. thanks for sharing! 😊

  8. Oh civil pala Kayo Ms Martha. I am planning kasi a church wedding. Hihi.

  9. Thanks for this detailed how to Martha! Planning na rin kami next year hehe. Mamaya ko panoorin ung vlog, gising pa ang baby. Hehe!

  10. This is really helpful to all your readers/followers who plans on getting married.

  11. Getting Married with someone is a seriuos matter so you have to take time reading this one guys pra sa mga mag aasikaso ng wedding.πŸ‘Œ This is good para rin sa mga ikakasal.πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ Para ma prepare sila ng maayos minsan kasi may mga nanloloko na mga "handler" daw sa mga city hall na sila na mag aasikaso ng papeles etc but at the end na peperahan ka lang pala. Its better to read blogs like this if first time mag papakasal and wala talga alam sa civil and church wedding.πŸ‘ I love this blog Ms Martha.πŸ€— It will help mga bride and groom to be, to be more prepared.πŸ˜‰

  12. Thanks for sharing Ms.M! Very helpful sa mga nagpaplano magpakasal. 😊😊

  13. Isa to sa mga favorite kong wedding photos nyo ate martha! Thankyou for sharing all of this, naka save na ulit for future reference kasi wala pa naman akong papakasalan ngayon. 😊

  14. Hi! Thank you for this :)
    Would you know if the seminar to be attended by 24-and-below applicants can be done on the same day of application? TIA! :)

  15. Hi, Thanks for providing these info, will take note of this. Thanks!

  16. HI Just want to ask lang po how long natatapos ang ceremony sa civil wedding? thank you for your reply.

  17. August 2018

    1. If the foreigner has never been married (and you are doing a civil wedding), he needs to buy a document from his embassy. If you are from the USA, pay $50 for an Affidavidt in Lieu of Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry. Create an appointment online at
    2. Photocopy your passport picture page and arrival stamp page
    3. Buy a CENOMAR from It costs around $10 and even though your parents have never lived in the Philippines and you have never lived here or been married here, you still have to prove that you are not in their database. Crazy bureaucracy
    4. Marriage class certificate. Classes are at 1:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday

  18. I applied for and received my marriage license from the Taguig City Hall. During the interview process at the civil registrar's office, we told them we would do a civil wedding. They told us to go to the Pasig Courthouse to enter the judge's raffle. I waited ten days, picked up the license, and went to Pasig. Both the Pasig Courthouse Office of the Clerk and Pasig Mayor's Office denied my request to have the judge or mayor officiate my civil wedding. They said as an American, I didn't have the correct paperwork. I told them Taguig accepted all my paperwork, showed them the marriage license, and said it's valid anywhere in the Philippines. They said to go to Makati. What a waste of a day at Pasig. Makati was better. They had to check my paperwork but did submit it to the mayor's office and I got married with the Makati Mayor.


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