Let's take a break from all the glam, dramatic eyeshadow looks I've been making with my Everyday makeup look. I've always been a fan of simplicity and even if you always see me wearing makeup on social media, I go out with minimal makeup most of the time and when I don't have to!

I'll show you my everyday makeup routine and since a lot have been asking me to create another one makeup tutorial, here's one featuring Ever Bilena!


Ever Bilena Two Way Cake (True Beige)
Ever Bilena Blush Duo (Golden Goddess)
Ever Bilena Blush (Rose)
Ever Bilena Silky Eye Pencil (Cocoa)
Ever Bilena Silky Eyebrow Pencil (Caramel)
Ever Bilena HD Mascara
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick (Warm Heather)

First, I go through my usual skin care routine and pat on Ever Bilena Two Way Cake; my shade is True Beige. I apply it using the sponge provided.

Second, I use the contouring powder from my Blush Duo palette.

Third, I add a bit of color to my cheeks with a blush using my favorite blush shade from Ever Bilena, Rose.

Fourth, I shape my brows with the new Silky Eye Brow Pencil; this one's really soft and silky!

Fifth, I line my eyes as usual. For everyday makeup, I also like using pencil eyeliner because it's easy. I also use brown because it softens my look.

Sixth, I grab a Q-tip to get rid of the sharp edges of my eye line; gives the illusion of wearing eyeshadow too even if I'm not.

Seventh, I apply mascara as usual.

Eight, I grab my preferred lipstick shade for the day.

That's all for my everyday makeup routing; it only takes 15 minutes to do this!

Check out the tutorial here:

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love it ate martha! I want to try that palette too sabi nila maganda daw yan lalo na yung blush and affordable pa. 😊

  2. Wow! Ever bilena is super nice talaga. Mura na okay pa sa quality. Dati I use their eyebrow pencil kaso when a pro MUA did my make up when I was college for a quick photoshoot and she told me na nag oorange yung brows ko then she suggested me a (korean brand) and (high end brand). But still I love EB eapecially their lippies! 😊😊😊

  3. Pasok talaga sa budget ang eb cosmetics... Nice one...

  4. Pasok talaga sa budget EB COSMWTIC...
    Nice one...

  5. Hi! Thank u for using an affordable line.. it definitely helped me and all the budget - conscious pinays! :)

  6. So simple yet so sophisticated. I love Ever Bilena's new products to be honest. Lumalaban! Pawer indeed HAHAHA Hope they would continue improving their lines. Hands down to the team. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  7. Ang napansin ko po talaga eh yung background hihihi hindi mo aakalain na dinikit lang pala yang backdrop hihihi. Pero ang ganda po ng finish look di halatang mas affordable lang na products.

  8. wow! I love that shades ah! dami ko din panggagamitan nyan! d lang pangblush! 15 minutes ah, kaya yan! hehe

  9. I am definitely liking how Ever Bilena's stepping up their game. Their packaging has improved and their pigmentation also showed great quality! Galing!

  10. Budget Friendly talaga ang Ever Bilena para sa halos walang budget, good quality nadin


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