This thing called Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask

Here's a review on Beauty Fox Peel Off Mask Oil Control and Detoxify.

FROM: Watsons, SM Aura, BGC, Taguig City
PRICE: Around P150.00+
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Watsons boutiques


Another Internet- popular beauty product has made its way to my skin care stash: Beauty Fix Peel- Off Mask. A lot of the members of THE BEAUTY JUNKEE'S UNITE!, my FB beauty group (please join!) have been saying that this is the real deal so I had to go and try it out for myself.


Beauty Fix Peel-Off mask comes in two variants: Oil Control and Detoxify and Whitening and Pore Minimizing.

I gravitated towards Oil Control and Detoxify because these are the benefits that my skin needs most of the time. This is a thick, black gel mask with a minty scent and I only used it on my t-zone. A lot would use this all over the face, but I did not this time because I learned my lesson the hard way way back in 2009 when I used the same item from Daiso and removal was so painful, I cried. It's not good for the skin too, ya know.

It's best to apply a thick layer for better, easier peeling.


After 15 minutes, this is what the mask has managed to harvest from my nose. On my chin, there were a few pick ups as well. Not that impressed with the result; nose strips are still the better, more effective option.

On the bright side, the liquid consistency makes it ideal and economical for usage on the chin area.

There are mixed reactions with this product; some love it, some don't. This is okay and as I said, useful for the chin area, but I won't buy it again. But hey, this could work for you; I suggest get the sachet version first to know if you'll love this product or not without committing to the big tube.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've tried using this up until now but not that often. It is okay for me in removing some whiteheads or blackheads and it's cheap I can use the sachet a few times. But I know there are more better products like this that I should try.

  2. I agree Ms. Martha, the best pa din yung nose and chin pore strip. Sa dami ng whiteheads ko sa nose and chin lahat ng peel off mask na try ko na pero pore strip lang talaga nakakatanggal. 😊

  3. Hi! What nose strips are you referring to? :)

  4. I've tried that also pero parang wala namang natatanggal masyado. Haha. I agree with you Ms.M, mas okay pa din nose strips. πŸ˜…

  5. I got the sachet first. It has helped to remove my whiteheads but the most was the Pond's Pore Strip that my cousin gave us from the US. Don't know if the Pond's Pore Strip is still available. Looking for alternatives

  6. I've been wanting to hear your thoughts on this product for months now since I've always wondered how this Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask would work on my face. At first I was excited to buy it. However, I decided not to kasi baka hindi naman ganun ka-effective so nagtingin muna ako ng ibang reviews. I saw a video once and noticed that it has a very thin consistency. Parang di ko feel kasi magastos sa product if ilalayer pa. :( Now that I've read your review, narealize ko na mas ok na mag stick na lang ako sa Watsons pore strips. Mas tipid and effective. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha! :)

  7. Ohh, at least it managed to pick up some dirt. It did not work on me at all! 😫

  8. I have this product but I don't gravitate using it most of the time because it's messy when applied. However, I'd agree that it's very economical in terms of usage. I guess it's time to try nose strips instead.

  9. I never tried that ah,, maganda yan! dami ko white heads sa nose! huhu! bibili ako nyan! kahit mahapdi pa yan haha..d naman, kaya ko yan!

  10. Ttry ko to bibili ako and hope it works for me 😊 Thanks for the review ate martha! 😘


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