CK Obsessed: Of Love and Obsession

Fragrance tells two important aspects of the human experience: the unforgettable past and the hopeful future. For the future, it tells stories that make you look forward to discovering new trails, cultures, people, feeling new emotions, and gathering new experiences.

As for the past, it recounts timeless tales and most of the time, of your past and greatest love.

Calvin Klein's new fragrance, Obsessed, it tells the tale of one of its greatest campaigns that formed the love between Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti.

Obsession is one of Calvin Klein's greatest fragrances and at the same time, launched one of the most iconic supermodels of the 90's, Kate Moss. Kate's beauty is minimalist, mysterious, unconventional, yet magical, enough to capture and send into obsession the young photographer, Mario. Mario recalls in an interview with Elle "I would take pictures of her all the time, and it sometimes drove her crazy, and other times, she loved to be part of it. We had really good times. We were young, and I was never again so obsessed or so in love with photographing one person."

For the Obsession ad, Mario and Kate were sent to the Virgin Islands all by themselves with no camera or makeup crew; just the beach, their raw selves, and a small house by the shore. All this purity, love, and obsession between two young lovers formed one of the greatest Calvin Klein campaigns of all time.

As Raf Simons -a famous fashion designer- was poring through the Obsession archives, he unearthed a treasure that has inspired the modern evolution of Obsession: never-before-seen footages of videos and photos shot by Mario and Kate during the making of the Obsession campaign, memories of love and obsession that have ended yet endured.

In 2017, Calvin Klein Obsessed was born.

Like the memory of that other's skin pressed against yours, the smile and features imprinted on your consciousness, the enduring feeling of your greatest love- Obsession aims to encapsulate all these in a fragrance for men and women. If your diary had a fragrance version, this is probably it.

Obsessed for Women is described as an Oriental aromatic green with White Lavender and Musk; elemental, magnetic, pure.

Obsessed for Men is described as an Oriental woody amber with Black Vanilla. Vigorous, spirited, transcending.

And here's a little #WaybackWednesday treat for you: See the unseen footages of Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti's Obsession campaign shoot during the 90's.

Calvin Klein Obsessed for Men and Women are now available in leading department stores locally. Know more about these fragrances when you visit CALVIN KLEIN on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm imagining the scent now with your vivid description Ms. M.

  2. is it just me???? or Kate Moss just does NOT age at all? HAHAHA the way you describe the scent made me feel like I'm sniffing a part of it from miles a way! Plus, I really love the clear bubble-like packaging of it. It's very sophisticated and clean. CK couldn't have found a better model for this. It's perfection! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  3. I am fond of scent thats are not too strong and and overpowering. My type also varies with my mood so I find myself switching from different scents. Sometimes I fancy fruity or powdery while sometimes I long for masculine type of smell.
    I'm still dearly holding on to my CK 2 purchase. Been reserving it only for special occasions, haha!
    Guess I'll start saving for this one. :)

  4. Hndi p aq nkatry ng khit anung fragrances ng ck. Natry ko p lng po is VS, tommy at cool water at so far ang fav ko cool water kc tma lng scent nia at hndi mxdong matapang. If given the chance gsto ko mgkaroon din ng ck obsessed. Mostly kc mga gift lng skin at ngyn bhra aqng gumamit kc lgi kmi mgksama n baby at di p pede ky baby un mga pabango. Cguro pg nadaan po s mall mgtry aq n amuyin xa.

  5. Wow interesting po ang Calvin Klein Obsessed. I wish na ma experience at mag karoon ako nito 😍😍😍😍

  6. wow! that's a really nice perfume! we all love calvin klein's perfumes! kapag tlga galing abroad kapatid ko, auntie ko or sino pa man, yan lang tlgang brand ng perfume hinihingi naming pasalubong! wla nang ibang brand, the best tlga yan!

  7. Such an interesting story behind the ad!I can almost smell the perfume with the detailed description provided.The only CK variant that I have tried using is the CK One and I would love to try this, too!

  8. A beautiful love story of Mario and Kate. Wish I can find someone too, and make perfume out of it. He he!

  9. Omg! I love Kate Moss! And the photos are just so.. gorgeous. Raw and simple, it shows the beauty and perfection of Kate, even on black and white. I love! Hope I can have this perfume ❤️

  10. Ang sexy ng concept ng CK Obsessed. Very mysterious pero at the same time pure love ang dating. 😍


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