Colourette Peach Purrfect Eyeshadow Palette Review, Price, Swatch

Review on Colourette Peach Purrfect Eyeshadow Palette.

PRICE: P999.00
FROM: Free
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Colourette has released a Peach collection and it includes this lovely palette. I got to play around with it the moment it landed on my doorstep (that's how excited I was haha!) and here are my thoughts and a look I whipped up with it.


Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow palette contains 10 shades; Colourette prides on their cruelty- free, natural formula, making it good for you and Mother Nature.

First thing that I loved about it is the Millennial design of the palette; simple, chic, and c'mon; MILLENNIAL PINK haha! I like that it's lightweight too and the extra sleeve helps protect the products.

Swatches from L-R:

Rebel Heart- Deep purple (metallic)
Nighty Night- Black-purple (metallic)
On Top- Hazelnut brown (matte)
Peach Please- Dirty peach (matte)
Bee Yonce- coppery gold (shimmer)
Not Today- deep brown (matte)
Get It- Chocolate bronze (metallic)
Laters Baby- Berry pink (metallic)
Glow Getter- Pearl pink with gold shimmer
Just Me- cream white (matte)

The eyeshadows have a smooth buttery texture; there's minimal fallout, but at least it doesn't stain the skin. Pigmentation is medium to heavy; the metallics are my favorites in the palette. The matte shades are okay and they work best as transition colors. 

Another thing I like about the palette? The eyeshadows are unscented.


Glow Getter, Peach Please, and Nighty Night on my lids

The eyeshadows are fairly easy to work on the lids; they hold up pretty well too; I had to apply slight force when I tried to remove the swatches. With a good eye primer, the eyeshadows last the whole day plus will stay vibrant if you're staying in a cool place.

This is a pretty good eyeshadow palette; a bit pricey, but since it's natural and cruelty- free, sure I'll take this at that price. I would have loved to see more peaches in the shade selection, but overall, for a pilot product, Colourette did a pretty good job with this one!


Please visit COLOURETTE on Facebook for more details about this product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Metalic and shimmer ang ganda din ng pag ka Brown ng Matte sulit nadin sa 1k. Gusto ko din cover nito I love Pink.

  2. Later Baby and Glow Getter look good together in my opinion. But then again, I don't know how to properly apply eyeshadows so it might look like I have irritated eyes or something hahaha Ang ganda ng pagka-pink ng packaging! Ang lakas maka-girly feeling 😊

  3. Wow ang gnda po ng palette nila pti ng packaging, tma nga po kau Ms. Martha simple pero lkas maka millenial Pink! Gnda po ng mga shdes perfct this holiday simple yet stunning, I love it!! Gsto ko un gnitong color girly ang dting nia. Ang gling nio tlga pong mag make up especially s eyes po Ms. Martha gnda ng pgkablending, lumilitw un color nia tlga!

  4. The eyeshadow is stunningly blended, Ms. Martha! I think it's a steal for 999.00 php because you don't get to find high end local products like these just about anywhere. Not only that, if we buy this, we're also supporting out local industry which I'm totally in for. This looks like it could be a dupe for those reaaallly high-end brands for eyeshadow palettes. Thank for sharing this, Ms. Martha!!

  5. Love the colors on you!! And they are cruelty-free and good for mother earth. :) Nice to have brands like this one who make environmentally friendly products but work well. Love the millenial pink packaging as well!! ❤️ Reminds me of Barbie!!

  6. sooo millennial nga ng mga shades! paunti-unti naiinlove nako sa colourette!

  7. I'm still recovering from flu but then I realized marami na ako na miss na post kaya eto ako haha! I like the packaging of this palette, so girly! Sakto din yun shades, magaganda lahat. Sana dumami pa brands nila para mas accessible.

  8. Love it! Yay for local products! ❤❤❤

  9. Haven't tried this one but Colourette lippies are just so wooooow!!! Definitely a brand to watch out for. Can't wait to try their other products as well.

  10. A little bit pricey pero the quality is good. If only I have the money I will not hesitate to buy this one. Pero di ko din naman gusto mag invest ng sobrang laking pera pag dating sa eyeshadow bukod sa di ako marunong mag apply wala talaga akong hilig hahaha. Pero ang bongga nito 😂❤️ I would love to have this for free pero pag aaralan ko muna ang pag apply. Hope to see this in one of your videos Ms. Martha ☺️ Godbless!


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