FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 10 Transfer- proof foundations SPEND VS SAVE

Oh hey, what do you know? It's the weekend again! We've had a pretty long weekend due to ASEAN, eh? Make sure to make the most out of this long rest because it's going to get crazy in the next few days because it's finally the holidays!

Hi Martha,
I've been lurking on your blog ever since my friend Joyce told me that I might be able to relate with your posts since we have the same skin type. I just wanted to ask which brands or lines of foundation are transfer- free. I currently use a Korean BB Cream and notice that my clothes always end up having a smudge of foundation. Would highly appreciate high- end to low- end recommendations. Thank you!

 Hey Adele!

Thanks for writing! Always happy to help, most especially with foundations.

Foundation transfer is caused by a couple of factors and these are: 

1. Very oily skin 
2. Improper skin preparation 
3. Non- usage of primer 
4. Environment 
5. Wrong foundation 
6. Poor foundation quality. 

I usually rule out 1-4 before I blame the foundation because what rings true for me all the time is 'most of the time, it's you, not your foundation :D"

So if you've finally addressed all the factors mentioned, but foundation is still transferring, then check out my list of transfer- proof foundations I swear by and I've got Spend and Save options for you!

- A new favorite of mine. This foundation provides medium to full coverage and can withstand whole day wear without transferring. Rihanna approved.

- This one always has to be the #1 in my list; full, tattoo- like coverage that lasts the whole day that I use it during events when I don't have the time and option to retouch makeup!

- A cult classic. A favorite of brides and makeup artists alike for they swear by its intense longevity. They're right.

- Sweat- proof, sebum- proof, tear- proof, hulas- proof, and even ocean- proof. Can you ask for more?

- A foundation that's long- wearing enough to be even used on the body. Bonus: it's lightweight too so perfect for those who dislike the full coverage look.


- Another foundation that has to be in my list because to date this is my favorite long- lasting, transfer- proof drugstore foundation.

- New discovery! This L'Oreal powder foundation promises to do what you foundation can (smooth skin, provide coverage, mattify, even out skin tone, and stay the whole day). I can even use this in my workout and no ma, it doesn't run off!

- An affordable, long- wearing powder with good shade options for both fair and warm skin tones.

- A classic favorite of mine from Max Factor. Lasts long, can withstand a workout, and doesn't fade even if you're sweaty, it's humid, or oily.

- A great find. Flormar has one of the longest- wearing foundation along with L'Oreal. It's also full coverage so no need for concealer and corrector!

Hope you like this list! Share your favorite transfer- proof foundation finds!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ah yan pla un mga foundation n mgnda throughout the day. Natry ko n un max factor, mgnda xa gmitin. Gsto ko nman try un Maybelline at loreal din. Pgiipunan ko muna xa. Lol!!! Ngndhn din aq s fenty dhil s video po n Ms. Martha, sana mgkroon aq nian someday.

  2. I'm playing around with foundation nowadays but still having a hard time. It's really hard coz I already have skincare concerns plus also the fact that I do field work kaya most of the time ay under harsh conditions ang feshlak 🙁 I am just emptying my first bottle from Nichido, then will be moving on to The Face Shop next. Hope it's a better buy now. I also want to try the L'Oreal Infallible kasi parang ang ganda nya sa skin. Thanks for the recommendations Ms. M! 😘

  3. So excited to try out Maybelline's Fit Me line! Been using Loreal Pro Matte too! One my favorites so far! It really does the job compared to other foundations I have tried like the Dream Satin SKin FOundation from Maybelline. That one has good finish but it's not transfer proof. Loreal is the all-in-one babe. It's a little pricey.I'm a student on a tight budget so I usually am skeptical when it comes to buying necessary products like foundations when they cost more than 500 PhP. Loreal is worth it! Though I'd suggest people should wait for the sale for that product! There's always a sale (from 700 to 525 pesos) every year. Thanks for sharing your top picks for this category, Ms. Martha!

  4. Thanks for sharing Martha! Very informative. Love the idea of spend vs. save.

  5. Gusto ko I try si Maybeline pero sa last blog post mo po mas nangibabaw si BYS creme foundation sakin dahil madalas mag oily face ko at nag work naman po sakin kaya naman po happy ako na nakakapag basa ng mga blog mo very helpful sa gaya namin.

  6. My skin is really oily, and long hours of work barely gives me time to retouch, so I’ve developed a bulletproof base routine. Just have to say Fenty Beauty’s foundation was such a revelation! To my surprise it lasted much, much longer on me than the liquid Lock It. Looking forward to trying the others on this list!

  7. Lorea'l is my HG and as for lighter bases Kanebo kate stays put on me

  8. I hope one day I could try Fenty and Kat Von D at wish ko rin magkaroon ng Balenciaga bag hehe!
    Sa akin nagtra-transfer yun makeup ko sa braso at sa pisngi ng anak ko. Lagi kasi nakasiksik sakin si bulinggit.

  9. Thanks for this list! Would seriously consider trying Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation..Soooooo excited!!

  10. Thanks for this list! Would really consider trying Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation after seeing this one. Soooooo excited!!!

  11. great foundations! pinakabet ko si Shiseido! andun na lahat na need ko sa foundation, sakt pa sa skin tone ko heehe. THanks for sharing again your tips madam!

  12. BYS cream to powder foundation and L'oreal withstood my oily face.

  13. I forgot the coverproof foundation from wunder it oh so good.

  14. Thanks for sharing, Martha! I have always found it hard to look for a great foundation because my skin has uneven skin tone so I don't know which exact shade should I buy. Apart from that, I also have combination skin so whenever I try a new foundation, I always get break-outs in the most annoying places. Just recently, I have discovered BYS matte and it works fine with me but I would like to try new brands as well. I wanna try Rihanna's Fenty. I heard a lot of good things about it. May I ask where can I buy Fenty here in the PH?
    Hope you can help me out, TBJ! :)

  15. Yayyy! I'm happy to know na napasama yung Fit Me on your list Ms. Martha ❤️ I'm actually having a hard time nung unang pag gamit ko jan kasi mabilis mag oily yung face ko tapos nagtry din ako sa ibang funda, ganun padin. Pero nung nag try na ako gumamit ng primer naminimize niya yung oilyness. Kaya mas naenjoy ko gamitin tong Fit Me :)) affordable pa.


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