Is Magnetic Lashes Worth It? + How To Use

Magnetic Lashes- is it worth it?

Here's a review on Quick Lash Magnetic Lash.

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2017 is the year when we have seen an influx of trending beauty products. As life gets more and more busy, beauty companies have been finding more and more ways to make makeup application easier and beauty routines complementary to our fast- paced lifestyle; one of which is the Magnetic False Eyelashes. I have always been curious about this (along with LED false eyelashes!). 

I finally got my hands on one and here's what I think about it plus I searched for an optimal way to use it so you don't have to.

But first, what is Magnetic False Eyelashes? It's a new way to wear false eyelashes; instead of lash glue, slim magnet sheets are attached on the lining of the falsies to secure them. Each pack contains four separate falsies that attach to each other, one pair per eye. The early versions of falsies can cover half of each eye only; newer versions can finally cover the entire eye, just like traditional false eyelashes.

Quick Lash is a local online beauty brand that specifically carries magnetic false eyelashes; not quite sure if they have other products or if there are future releases in the pipeline. I've also noticed that the brands who are quick to jump on the trend are the online beauty brands!

Quick Lash has two types for their magnetic falsies: Classic Mascara and Double Mascara. Recently, they have launched a new, much thicker version; what I have here are their first releases.

 Double Mascara- Thick, dramatic look.

 Classic Mascara- natural, everyday definition.

This is what a pair looks like. The sheets seem heavy in the photo, but it is not. It doesn't weigh your eyes down at all, but that depends also on how thick the falsies are. The hair strands are very light, soft, and fluffy; feels like human hair quality to me.

Okay, so how do you apply this thing? Some realizations and tips first:

1. It is ideal to have the magnets stacked perfectly right on top of each other, or a bit close.
2. There is a learning curve when using this product.
3. I wouldn't really use my fingers when putting these on because I find that friction slowly degrades the quality and look of the lashes.
4. During removal, pull them apart sideways, not downwards. Otherwise, you might lose those precious real lashes.
5. The more dense the volume of the falsies, the better; it makes application easier.

As with all new beauty products, there's always the learning curve so practice until you get your groove and you find your technique.

Speaking of technique, here's mine. This may work or not work for you, but hey, give it a shot. ;)

STEP 1: Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara. I find that using mascara provides a steady base for the first layer of the magnetic falsies. The second layer tends to pull down the first layer rapidly and the mascara layer will help prevent down.

Allow the mascara to dry fully before application.

STEP 2: Use a slim tip tweezer for precise application; just don't pick up the falsies too near the magnet if you are using a metal one like me.

 STEP 3: Apply the first layer on the top portion of the lashes.

STEP 4: Apply the second layer. The best way to apply the second layer without it pulling the first one outwards is to position it at the bottom of the first layer and gently push upwards in a continuous motion; it doesn't have to be really fast; just continuous. Because slow momentum gives the second layer enough time to pull down the first one.

P.S. Be careful when doing this step! Safety first!

Our magnetic falsies is ON!

The thing is, it's nearly impossible to achieve even application with it; that's the only downside I can think of because you have limited control over the magnet. Also, don't look up too much when you have it on because it doesn't look too nice from the bottom LOL.

This is a cool product; it's easy to use once you find your technique. I wouldn't say it's a must- have; it's cool to have. I recommend it to those who are allergic to lash glue, have thinning lashes due to lash glue, and those who don't want to deal with the whole traditional process of applying falsies; it is travel- friendly too and I see myself bringing one to my trips.


Visit QUICK LASH on Instagram to try this product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I've been wanting to buy a pair of half-lashes from an online seller because I have very short lashes, and using false eyelashes that use glue seems not a really practical option for me. I thought it was so easy to use (just what the online seller has said) but upon reading your post it doesn't look so easy to apply! But then again practice makes perfect, so I guess I'm buying this! :)

  2. Mukhng ok yan Madam kc hndi ko pa natatry gumamit ng falsie lalo n un gingmitn ng glue kc natatakot aq. Parang s nkita ko po mdyo mhirap xang ikabit at prng di natural tgnan mdyo hlata po base s picture. Sguro s umpisa lng. Pero mas bet ko xa kysa dun s glue n gingmitn. Maraming Slmat po s revw s mgnetc falsie po, nkita ko lng s group ngyn mern n po kgad revw, ang galing!!!

  3. Wow, yun din iniisip ko kung pano sya aalisin nice. Im planning to buy false lashes dahil sobrang nipis at short ng lashes ko. Nag re review parin po ako ng ibang flase lashes. Thank you Ms. Martha sa review.

  4. Mahal talaga magpaganda hays 😱 Thankyou sa tips mo Ms. Martha ☺️ I want to try it too pero yung taiwan lashes muna since mas super affordable yun dito. Hindi po ba masakit yung magnet niya? Kasi may mga magnet na hikaw masakit siya pag matagal na. Hindi ko rin maimagine kung pano siya dumikit ng ganyan 😂 Pero kudos to quick lash. Habang tumatagal pabongga ng pabongga.

  5. I've been seeing these lashes on Facebook lately. I must say, I really like the concept of it! These days, people are usually more busy and in need of items that are more easy to apply, to bring, etc! The list goes on! It's good that the make-up industry is stepping up the game with these innovations. From the front and the top, it looks good! I do agree with you, however, with the bottom view. Since you have little control over the magnet, accurate application might be a problem. :( But hey, it's not like people are gonna look at you from the bottom HAHAHAHAHA ang random??? Although this product has areas to improve, I have to say that this is a great big leap for the industry! Such a big help too for people who are allergic/who don't like glues, etc. More innovations to come! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  6. Been planning to try those false lashes but seeing your review made me more curious about these magnetic ones. Though putting those on seems quite complicated, I bet there's no harm in trying, though. :) I'll just keep in mind those tricks you've shared. Thanks Ms. Martha!

  7. I think for me no, kasi I'm scared of putting it and well, ok nman quality nya pero not all of us can put it perfectly dba.

  8. I haven'tried using falsies. Natatakot kasi ako sa glue, haha ewan ko ba! Pero siguro ito pwde ko subukan for special occasions. Medyo nag aalala lang ako dahil may pagka clumsy ako bigla bigla pa nagkukusot mg mata at yun daughter ko lagi sumisiksik sa akin. Pero interesting talaga!

  9. Ang innovative na pati ng mga beauty items! Pati false eyelashes na modernize na. Maganda ito sa mga outings kasi yung eyelashes na lang mismo yung dadalhin mo vs traditional na pati glue. Then meron pang waiting time sa glue, eto naman kapag nagamay na ang pagkakabit, mabilisan na din. Galing!

  10. Ang innovative na pati ng mga beauty items! Pati false eyelashes na modernize na. Maganda ito sa mga outings kasi yung eyelashes na lang mismo yung dadalhin mo vs traditional na pati glue. Then meron pang waiting time sa glue, eto naman kapag nagamay na ang pagkakabit, mabilisan na din. Galing!

  11. Love your blog, it is very informative, those lashes looked beautiful.


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