October Favorites 2017 + Youtube video

Hello again, very long holiday! Oh wait, I'm not a student so I'm exempted from this haha!

Back to the Monday grind and I'll  begin this wonderful week by sharing my favorites for the past month.

- A silky loose powder that smooths the skin, controls oil, and sets foundation nicely overall.

- A handy spot primer for the T-Zone, but I find that it works equally well if used all over the face. Controls oil really well and prolongs the vibrant look of makeup too.

- New foundation favorite for 2017! This newcomer foundation took the world by storm and is a global favorite for its impressive range of a whopping 40 shades, light, matte texture, and super long- wearing finish.

- A favorite of mine lately. This natural moisturizer provides a semi- matte finish without the need for synthetic mattifying ingredients; gives my face that much- needed break that I need from all the synthetic ingredients in skin care. No breakouts too!


- A deodorizing body wash that leaves a sweet tropical scent; gets rid of the sour smell of sweat and keeps my skin odor- free the whole day!

- An innovative hair dryer that dries hair without removing essential moisture by getting moisture particles from the air and bringing it back to the hair as you use it. My hair doesn't feel as dry compared to using regular hair dryers when I started using this product!

Here's a Youtube video for you!

That's all for my faves. How about yours? :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Pwede po kaya yung Coco line sa bata o may pang bata po na body wash na ganya.
    Habang pinapanood ko po kasi video mo about sa Coco line naisip ko agad Anak at Pamangkin ko..
    Napansin ko po yung mga Favorite product mo ang expensive nila pero super ganda naman gamitin.
    Super love your lipstick din po pala

  2. Hi TBJ! Hope you are enjoying your long vacation well! I am just stuck at home reading, checking your blog, and working out. I agree sobrang nakakarami na mga students ngayon, from Nov 13 to 17 they don’t have classes! I think they will have to make up for it so it’s not really a good thing. Haha!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your favorites! I will definitely check out the Cocoline body wash. Just like you, I also have parts of my body that are prone to pangangasim esp after working out. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your vacay!

  3. asusual maganda lahat ng faves mo po monthly madam!! Pak na Pak! recommended tlga lahat!

  4. Lhat po ng mga faves nio Ms. Martha ang gaganda po lhat, wprth it cla khit pricey po. And I love organic products too kya na curious aq s grown alchemist mukhng ok xa. Un cocoline din po mukhng ok din at mgnda un concpt ng company nkakatulng po s malilit ng mga entrepreneur at s mga farmers po, mukhng pede xa s buong family even s mga kids. Favorite ko din anything n my coconut 🌴 s skin. At un pinka bet ko po s lhat ay ang Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer mukhng healthy po un hair nio khit gngmtn ng hair dryer kita namn po s hair nio. Un nga lng po can't afford but worth nman xa. Etong October faves nio tlgng prmsng prdts po.

  5. oh Fenty holiday collection is in my wish list

  6. Dami nga reviews na maganda nga ung fentyπŸ˜„πŸ‘

  7. Gusto ko din po sana yung Maquillage kaso out of my budget e. Hanggang tingin na lang muna me sa inyo Ms. Martha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Maquillage is here too omg! been wanting to try it for such a long time now (ever since the first time you mentioned it here in your blog) huhu. Hope I can have one soon. Plus, FENTY BEAUTY! Wala na akong masasabi haha thanks for this, and the video, Ms. Martha!

  9. Napanood ko 'to sa YT. Nag thank you pa ako dahil alam ko na ngayon tamang pagbigkas ng Maquillage, haha!
    Favorite ko pala last month yun new variant ng H&S. No more itchy scalp at nabawasan din yun frizziness!

  10. Medyo matagal na sa market yung Cocoline but I haven't tried any from their product range. Will definitely check their body wash on my next shopping trip. Also, thank you for having your thoughts about Panasonic Nano Care Blowdryer. I've been wanting to buy one but I'm afraid I'll get my hair damaged. Guess I'll check this brand out! :)


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