7 Awesome Quality Contour-Highlight-Blush Palettes Below P1000

A lot of people love makeup palettes because they give you the bang for your buck; I'm one of them. Along with eyeshadow palettes, I've come to appreciate face palettes because they're cheaper and shades have been expertly curated (for newbies). However, some palettes' quality has been bad and worse, poor; quality tends to be sacrificed, but not these.

Here are my quality contour-highlight-blush that you must add to your Christmas wish list.

PRICE: P249.00

- A super affordable face trio with good color selection and finish.

Price: P400.00

- Can be a pure blush or full face trio for fairer skin tones. Pure Artist is highly buildable, making it newbie- friendly!

Price: P845.00

- A skin- caring blush face trio that yields natural color coverage.

Price: P399.00

- An affordable, handy palette that sculpts, lifts, and adds color, plus I like that the colors complement each other well!
Price: P875.00

- One of Sleek's best- sellers. A pigmented, buildable, natural.

Price: Around P499.00

- A pocketable palette of 3 generously- sized contour, highlight, and blush powders in a pigmented, silky finish.

Price: P649.00

- This is pretty much your complete cheek arsenal because it has a blush, bronzer, contouring powder, and highlighter!

What are your favorite contour-highlight-blush palettes, ladies?

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the Cathy Doll because the packaging is so amazing and the price is affordable as well. But what I have right now is the BYS one that I got from your workshop. Would love to attend something like that again :)

  2. I don't have my own pallete yet but I would love to try that Maybelline V-Face Blush Trio. A little bias because Maybelline is my favorite drugstore makeup brand.

  3. I have BYS contour, Blush and Highlight from their promo last month and super love it po at sana maka pag try din ako ng iba like Maybelline and Celeteque.

  4. Ang gaganda ng shades specially yung celeteque.ang sarap itry parang nakaka-teens ang peg!

  5. Thank you po for sharing mga affordable brands ng blush and contour pallette po na mgnda p quality. Ang dmi kc s market at ang hirap pong mamili, pg hndi mgnda un quality syng lng xa. Cathy Doll at Maybelline ang gsto ko itry, ngndahn aq s color nia. Un nga lng hndi aq mgling mgncontour. Good luck skin!

  6. I think cathy doll is perfect to all those on the budget. ;)

  7. Hi ate!! I Have BYS contour trio maganda siya for kikay pouch kasi compact siya :) I also have La girl blush collection. Maganda siya kasi all in one na pero nasa make up organizer lang siya. Maganda pigmentation nya. Yan gamit ko kapag may nagpapamake up sakin. As usual libre lang kahit gumagastos ako sa make up 😂 maganda din naman ang detaik pero di ko pa nasusubukan

  8. I want to try the LA Girl Glow Blush Collection. :-) do you have swatches po ms. Martha?

  9. lahat maganda!! pinakabet ko ung Cathy Dolls and Maybelline!

  10. Frequently use the Maybelline Duo powder as a bronzer :)

  11. All the palettes are awesome!! Nakakaloka yung price ng Celeteque and Sleek palettes. :) But I love Sleek's packaging! Ang ganda ♥

    My favorite is from the Maybelline :)

  12. Maybelline V-Fact Blush Trio! I remember using it on a friend when she asked for my help with her make-up look. I personally do not own it for it was hers. But I remember its quality! It's pretty good for the price. You get a lot of uses for one item. Also, the one from Cathy Doll looks so good! Plus its affordable too! BYS have always been raved about as well. This post is very helpful especially for those who are looking for affordable yet oh so worthy contouring products. I know it could be quite tricky for some to find for the perfect ones sometimes,esp. with the right price. This helps a lot. Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  13. Quite a newbie in terms of make up and I am not yet into contouring/highlighting but I've been watching videos on how to do it right. Maybelline and Cathy Doll would definitely be budget-friendly for starters like me.
    Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha!

  14. I always trust your reviews and suggestions so I'll try LA Girl Glow and Maybelline Vface Blush :)

  15. I love the highlighter of sleek its the bomb and very natural on me but for the contour powder I find it too warm so my HG is from Shawill.

  16. I use my favorite EB blush duo, Summer Goddess. The blush has golden specks that double up as a verrrrrrryyyyyy pretty highlight and the contour shade is perfect for my skintone. I think I have 3 backups for it because i use it all the freaking tine!

  17. Gusto ko itry yung items from Maybelline. Lalo na yung duo stick kasi travel friendly. Problem ko lang now is paiba iba kasi ang skin color ko dahil sa work 🙄 what shade to buy tuloy? Haha


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