Best Full Coverage Concealers

Looking for the best full coverage concealers? Here's a handy list.

FULL COVERAGE CONCEALERS- my biggest obsession for 2017; my makeup goal for the year is to get my hands on the best ones according to beauty gurus and discover hidden gems as well.

These are what I have- my full coverage concealer arsenal that are so pigmented, they can cover a crime and long- wearing to boot! Check 'em out!

- The first product that I tried from the brand and made me fall in love. Kill Cover is one of the best full coverage and long- lasting concealers I have tried. Anna Cay swears by it too!

- A creamy full coverage concealer that can cover even a tattoo. Stays put the whole day, but doesn't feel heavy and looks natural.


- Holy moly, this product is truly full coverage and long- lasting; no wonder so many people love it!


- A long- lasting, high coverage concealer that won't budge. Perfect for those with oily skin and for spot concealing!

- This is the most natural- looking in this bunch, but don't underestimate this baby; layer it on twice or thrice and you'll get a full payoff that instantly smooths out fine lines.

- The most affordable in the bunch, but just as tough as the rest. Cover Tip Concealer is one of the most popular from the brand and it is well- loved for its intense coverage, good staying power all at an affordable price.

- A much more emollient version of the liquid one, making it great for spot concealing and dry skin. It's very pigmented and long- wearing too!

What are your favorite full coverage concealers?

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The concealer on my wishlist is in this list! And I'm adding the Kat Von D concealer hehe

  2. Yaaas, Tarte! <3 Definitely, everyone's fave. I agree about the flawless coverage and how long lasting it is. Kinda pricey but grabe, sobrang sulit naman and satisfying gamitin! Ive always wanted to try Club Clio's and Kat Von D's too since ive watch a lot of good feedbacks about it on yt but maybe next time. Yayyy!

  3. I wanna try one of those products in the future. :) But for now, I stick to my Revlon colorstay foundation. My favorite foundation of all time. :)

  4. WOOOO!!! I've been waiting for this post for quite some time now and I'm glad it's finally here! I've always been a fan of concealers since I always need extra help with my dark spots and blemishes. :( The ones from this list a a little more pricey than the ones I can afford like the Fit Me concealer from Maybelline. But you've indirectly mentioned that these really are worth every penny on your previous posts. <3 I'm very excited to try Saem! I'm planning to ask my Korean friend to buy it for me in Korea HAHAHAHA I'm also excited for the ones from the other brands you've mentioned esp. Tarte. Thanks for this, Ms/ Martha!

  5. I have one from MAKE UP FOR EVER and my oily skin super duper love it. Adding TARTE SHAPE TAPE in my wish list - wanna know why it's everyone's fave. :)

  6. Yan ang kelngn kong concealr, mukhng my nkita n aqng pagiipunan ko at itry2 ko. I think saem or club clio is on my list. Thank Ms. Martha for sharing the best concealer s blog nio po at mukhng my ire recommend n din aq s sister at mga friends ko.

  7. Love to try Tarte concealer and now i am curious with your first choice. Hmmmmnnnn?!

  8. I've been wanting to try that The Saem Cover Tip Concealer coz it's the most affordable holy grail concealer of many beauty junkees. 😊 How about writing about the top 5 or 7 or what affordable drugstore concealers? 😳

  9. i love concealer na! dati d ko sya maintindihan tlga! hashaha, but then tinuruan ako ng ate ko ng tamang paglalagay ng concealer and what they really do! wow! they covers a lot of my dark spots! it all depends sa brands tlga! lhat yan maganda! thumbs up!

  10. How I wish I can try these out, but.. wala pang 13th month hehe :D I also need to destash first before buying new ones para di naiipon tapos di nagagamit :D

  11. Bookmarked this post! Been eyeing that Tarte concealer for a while now 😍


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