Hey reader, thank you!

Can I tell you a secret?

For the most part of the year, it was meh for me.

I gotta admit, it's all because of The Beauty Junkee: there were a lot of times when I felt it was on a limbo- I once thought sometime in 2017 of shutting it down for good and moving forward because let's face it, people don't read blogs too much nowadays. I know I've said it one too many times in the past that I want to shut down this blog, but this time, it felt a bit real.

Everyone's into video and other forms of highly digestible media. And The Beauty Junkee wasn't there. Numbers are racking up, but not the way I expected it to be...or maybe my standards are just that ridiculous lol.

I was really thinking of saying goodbye to a dear friend, my solace in cyberspace where I met a lot of wonderful people, traveled the world with, and found great meaning in a part of my existence.

But then again, you don't give up on a really good friendship. And you don't give up on people who don't give up on you. Yes, I'm talking about YOU, my dear reader. :)

For the first 6 months of 2017, The Beauty Junkee didn't know where to go. I was stuck on the idea that blogs are still a priority-I mean, it still is powerful and I acknowledge you, dear reader, that you're still here, reading my daily musings. But then again you, along with everyone, now consume content differently. I wanted to be there with you, but change is quite a scary thing.

Early this year, I decided to revive my Youtube channel. A small step in change. I wasn't expecting anything at all, but to my amazement, you were there and overwhelmingly poured your support. My channel may be small, but you, dear supporter, are there, watching every video I make. For that, Thank you.

And then I've had a newfound love in social media. Sometimes, when you're not seeing a blog post, that means I'm shooting and making videos for my FB fan page. At this point, Im slowly accepting change. And again, you were there. You were all there, forever supporting me in my Facebook endeavors.

I guess what I really wanted to say was THANK YOU, dear reader: after all these years, you were there supporting me through thick and thin, through my moments of producing a slew of posts to falling quiet. Thanks for keeping up with my digital attitude LOL. The biggest life lesson I think for me this 2017 is to never give up on people who don't give up on you.

A lot have been requesting for me to do more videos whether it's a review, tutorial, live video, or my funny makeup challenges. I want you to know that I heard all of you.

So change, let's go, scary as you may be, but I know you're going to be good in the end. And I'll go where my supporters are. :)

But this is not to say that I am giving up on the blog; it will still be here and you will still see me updating it everyday. But you will see me frequently also on video, specifically on my Facebook fan page because I love this space. :)

And hey, look where your support has taken The Beauty Junkee throughout 2017:

CNN Philippines guesting at The Source with Pinky Webb

Olay Ageless Campaign

BDJ Beauty Influencer features with some of the top beauty influencers of today

I was invited to study online by Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the leading design institutes in the world

Palmolive White + Milk campaign with Heart Evangelista

A bigger TBJ 8th anniversary party!

A glam makeup workshop with TaskUs

An inspirational talk about Digital with UP Radio Circle

A makeup tutorial/challenge with Philippine Airlines

A spread at Philippine Star with Ever Bilena

A celebratory campaign with K-Palette

I had to do this round-up because we, human beings, can be pretty discontented most of the time.

And also, if there's something that saved the year aside from you guys, it's this:

I married my one true love!

Is there any better phrase than THANK YOU? I guess it's I LOVE YOU. I love you guys for being there, always.

This 2018, let's continue the friendship...only this time, it's going to be more animated and on social media! :D

Have the happiest new year, beshies! :D

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. First of all, Happy New Year to you and Randy! I just want to let you know that you have inspired me to be better too, and win your makeup giveaway ( he he). But seriously, look at me, I started my blog later than you did,. It was all because of you that I started to write. I plan to do YouTube later. Anyway, I will continue to support you in no matter what you do, or what you plan for The Beauty Junkee. If you intend to switch to videos full time, then by all means do it. Whatever form of social media you choose, it's all up to you. Maybe you can do weekly blogs so that you don't feel stuck in a rut, and then do videos more. But it's all up to you, whatever suits your need. I wish for you more subbies this 2018. We your fans will support you in whatever endeavor you will do. Wishing you the best of the New Year! Keep on inspiring us ladies to be better versions of themselves! Cheerio Martha!

  2. Ewan ko ba, tinatamad yata sila minsan magbasa kaya mas gusto yun manood ng reviews sa YT haha! I noticed that your YT subbies and blog followers are not as engaged in commenting compared to your IG followers.
    I also watch a lot of YT tutorials and reviews pero may mga blogs parin na tuloy tuloy yun pagbabasa ko and that include yours. Just like what i've said on your YT channel, (I'm Jey-El O) iba ka sa YT. Mas kalog, parang friend na chumichika pero dito sa blog, professional at mas seryoso. Pero ganun pa man, we still want to read your reviews and watch you on videos and hear you talk.
    Congratulations on your success. We are happy that you caught Mr.Pickachu hehe!
    I'm looking forward to reading more blog posts in the coming year. And seeing you more active on social media. We will be with you all the way!

  3. Happy New Year, Martha! I may not always comment on your blog but it's still a habit of mine to check your blog for new updates regularly and I still do read your articles thrice or four times a week since 2011 pa! So please don't bid farewell as this is still one of my top source of beauty and over all life inspiration. Thank you for not giving up. Cheers to 2018!

  4. WAAAH GRABE KA MS. MARTHA PINAIYAK M NAMN AQ S PAGPASOK NG 2018!!! Nakakaiyak at touch nman po aq s messge mo smin mga friends mo, I didn't expect to read something like this po s totoo lng. Maybe some wouldn't read a blog but for me I love reading and I enjoy reading your blogs po...madami nga aqng books n kinocollect at mga pingiipunan, ang saya kyang mgbasa especially un mga old books at hrd bond. I'm so Happy po for you Ms. Martha ang daming nangyri sau s 2017, hndi ko nmalyn. At aaminin ko n bgo lng aq s gnito, hndi ko p nga maxdong alm yn Ig, youtube at twitter, ngpapaturo p aq s kptd ko, khit nga mgpost s Ig un manual pa...hay mhirp plang mging techi. But I enjoy doing the complicated things associated with the social media, I feel like I'm a student again, learning new things at the same time ngeenjoy. At sobrng thankful po aq s inio Ms. Martha kc everything n gsto kong gawin ko s life ko n hndi ko naexpernce bfre ng dhil s blogs post nio parng naexpernce ko n un kulng s life ko...andian ang make up, skin care, fitness, travel goals at un realization about s life...un journey. Meron aqng fav un ay you're not there yet and it's fine prng ngsink in sakin un dhil s sobrng dmi kong gstong gwin at feeling ko prng npagiiwanan n aq ng laht ng mga friends or ksabayn ko...ngyn gumaan un feelings ko dhil dun, un bigat s dib2 ko...parng nabunutan aq ng tinik, I felt lighter and at peace, nawala un prng anxiety or fears or kung anu man feeling ng gulit especially s self ko. Thank u so much for everything, for mking me feel na may worth aq at hndi klngn matakot s lht ng bgay mging mabilis mn xa o hndi nangyri ayon s kagustuhn ntin. That's why po n gsto ko kaung mameet personally, to say how grateful I'am po...laht ng mga post mo ay my sense at sana po wag kaung mgsawa Ms. Martha to keep everyone happy and inspiring evry1 especially like me. I Love you Ms. Martha and happy New Year...looking forward to a more memorble 2018 to all of us!

  5. Happy New Year din Po, halos Naman Po Tayo may ups and down pag susuko ka Hindi ka mananalo Kaya fight lang Po. Lalo na Po nandito lang Po kami para saying. Kamsahamnida 😘

  6. Na touch din Po ako sa mga words mo and Happy Po ako na nakasama sa 2017 highlight mo 😍😍😍

  7. Almost cried when u say u want to stop the blog, i really hate it to see good website out there stops,, its just a bit sad that they have been an inspiration to aspiring bloggers like me but then we will see them quit!

    Thank you so much for continuing the blog!

    You are a true inspiration... you don't know how it affects me as a person to see how you grow your blog!

    I think your blog is really successful for a blogspot and i admire it a lot...

    so happy that you are staying...

    I will continue to support your blog! :)

    dont know what else i should say but all are from my heart really!

    Thanks ms. Martha for this wonderful 2017 and looking forward for 2018...


  8. Happy New Year to you too, Ms. Martha! 🎉 And thank you as well for always sharing us your thoughts and knowledge and for inspiring us, your readers. 😘

  9. Damn ninjas cutting onions. Haha. This was very heartwarming.

    Thank you so much for keeping the blog and great job on branching out to social media. You're rocking it! :D :D

  10. AWWWW!!! ANDAMING BLESSINGS!! YOU REALLY DO DESERVED IT ALL MADAM!! You are a hardworking Woman, have a positive mind always na no matter how hard the task you'll face is, kaya mo po, alam mong kaya mo and gusto mo. Lahat na nangyari po saiyo this 2017 is lahat parte ng road na tinahak mo po, road ng iyong Pangarap. I'm so happy that I was able to get to know someone like you po through social medias, khit dito lang eh super andami ko nalalaman about you! andami kong natututunan and super naeentertained po ako sa buhay mo po. God Bless you as always ganda! sana, one day, someday I'll get to meet you po in person madam! Love ya!

  11. Aww! :'( This made me tear up a bit :( I completely understand where you are coming from. Completely. I know how hard it must have been for you to cope up with the down lows. I'm incredibly proud of your continuous strength and courage to keep this blog running throughout the year. Your achievements speak for themselves. Hands down to you, Ms. Martha! You are such an inspiration for all of us. I still remember the time from years ago when I was searching for beauty blender dupes in the Ph and you did a review of the Etude House make-up sponge/blender. You have honestly come so far since then and I couldn't be more proud. You have come a long long way. I'm still looking forward to meeting you in real life one day! Keep inspiring through your writing/videos/ posts/etc.! Whatever change of course you will make, we'd support you through thick and thin. Thanks a bunch for your dedication. God bless, Ms. Martha! More werpa to u. hihi

  12. Please don't go away! Your blog is my happy place. But I'm forever following you. Facebook, IG, YouTube..kahit saan!I've learned so much from you and just reading and watching anything from TBJ has become a habit..it's my form of entertainment. We may not know each other personally pero super loyal ako sayo..LOL..kaya kahit anong change support pa rin ako. Good luck for 2018! Love you!

  13. I'm the opposite; I have no patience for videos because I can read so quickly. Happy new year, Martha, and congratulations!

  14. This one line is enough to touch me -Don't give up on people on never give up on you!
    A new avid follower here Ms. Martha, and I can say you're great on what you're doing! We'll follow through on your journey!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. They really matter.
    Happy New Year and God bless you!

  15. I don't know where would my kilay be if TBJ doesn't exist. So thank yo for not giving up. I admit I hadn't been able to comment as frequent as before but I am supporting you in everyway I can. IG posts, FB posts, Youtube. And I am so glad you didn't give up on US. And I am so happy to see you and TBJ to go out there and conquer the industry we all love. More power Ms. M, we won't give up also, we are still here, not so visible but we are HERE. We love you too, PAWER! :)

  16. Hi thebeautyjunkee, hindi ako pala-comment sa post mo sorry. Pero pag may gusto ako itry na makeup. ‘thebeautyjunkee’ keyword agad tinatype ko sa google. Ang ganda ganda ng blog mo. Sobrang totoo. Ang hirap na kasi maghanap ng blog na hindi biased. At isang malaking factor kaya palagi akong nagbabasa sa blog mo years ago pa dahil sa morena ka. Feeling ko di ako mahihirapan sundin yung mga tutorial or nirereview mong product kasi morena din ako. Sobrang awesome mo at thank you sa mga unbiased reviews mo sa mgaproducts. Sobrang helpful talaga siya.


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