Vice Cosmetics Blockbuster Holiday Lip Kit: Your holiday red! Review and swatch

Vice Cosmetics has the perfect holiday red for you and your girlfriends!

Here's a review on Vice Cosmetics Blockbuster Holiday Lip Kit.

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Red has always been the signature holiday lip color of the holidays: it's bright, festive, energetic, and immediately perks up the face and hides all evidence of holiday stress.

Vice Cosmetics, after the launch of their mega successful Good Vibes lipsticks and Phenomenal Lip Kits, comes out with a new shade that's more than perfect for the holidays and for gifting too!

Blockbuster is a new limited edition shade that comes with a cute pocket mirror packaged as a set. It's great as gifts for your girlfriends, mom, sister, and aunt!

Blockbuster is a bright ruby red.

Blockbuster reminds me of MAC Ruby Woo; great for warm skin tone, makes fair skin tones appear brighter, and adds a rosy touch to pale skin.

For more details on the quality and the rest of the swatches of Vice Cosmetics lipsticks, please click HERE.

If you're looking for a holiday red lip color that's perfect not only for you, but for the most important ladies in your life too!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. sooo fab shade! bet ko gnyang pagka red! mabuhay na red! hehe..Merry Merry Christmas tlga ang peg nyan! pak na pak! Merry Christmas madam!

  2. Wow Ms Martha super fan Po ako NG Red Lippie Kasi pakiramdm ko Ang ganda ko at pansinin ako. Wala ako Makita sa sm nito o sa Watson na malapit samin huhuhu.

  3. Nku Ms. Martha sobrng fanatic aq ng red shades as in at my all time favorite is Ruby Woo from MAC. So glad that n my lokal counterpart n xa vice cosmetc, kya ng budgt. Hoping n matry ko xa kc tlgng weakness ko ay Red lippies, khit yn lng ang make up tlgng lutang n xa!

  4. Kavog nga! Perfect for christmas! ♡red is In!^-^

  5. Johanna Marie BurdeosDecember 7, 2017 at 1:42 AM

    Ganda ng red! Perfect for holidays madam! 😍

  6. Wow! Sobrang gandaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍 Lovin' all the shades!

  7. Gandan pagka red! Perfect for the holiday season! Perfect base and gold eyeshadow plus this red shade. Perfect! :)

    Love your makeup look here Ms. Martha :)

  8. The shade is perfect for the holidays! Mura pa at maganda ang packaging kaya perfect pang regalo! Sana lang magkaron ng store sa Cavite area.

  9. sure it is very similar to Ruby Woo though a bit on the warmer side.

  10. Super flawless skin, Ms. Martha!!! This shade reminds me of the warm and fuzzy Christmas Holiday feeling somehow. I can notice the right blend of the bricky orange undertone to it. No wonder it's so versatile! Vice's products are being raved about especially the lipsticks compared to BLK's (daw). Though the lipliners from this line aren't as user-friendly as the lipsticks. I think they'll improve over the next few months. This is a promising product and brand. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  11. Oh wow! I'm a sucker for red lippies! I l always grab these bright shades to turn my good vibes on. :) I always felt that I'm at my best whenever I wear one.
    For less than 300Php, this is really perfect as gift to my buddies. Thank you Ms. Martha!

  12. Hindi pa ko nakakabili nung mga unang shades tapos meron na nito tapos magrerelease na naman sila ng mga bagong shades huhu 😂 Vice Cosmetics really looks promising kaya gustong gusto ko sya matry. Anyway, this one is really perfect for the holiday. And it looks good on you.


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