10 Life- Saving Beauty Tools

Since beauty tools will be a thing this 2018, here are 10 favorites of mine that have been aiding me in my everyday beauty routines.


A complement to your skin care routine, Jade Roller's cool surface make it great for de-puffing eye bags, lifting the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores, and helping skin care products absorb better. Locally, you can get it from Vesteph on Instagram.

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- Got stubborn makeup stain on your brushes? These pads can help! This plus the Brush Egg (a handheld version) will make brush cleaning a breeze.

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- Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, Nippon, Miss Bella; you name it. Modern makeup sponges are a far cry from their ancestors, the wedge sponge. If you want flawless, airbrushed- like makeup, grab one of these sponges.


- Before, I used to lay my brushes on the dining table to let them dry and eat by the sofa LOL. This brush dryer that I got from Miss Bella lets me save space, drain every single drop of water from the bristles, and get back to eating on the dinner table. :))))


- Brands like Tweezerman and Eye of Horus have amazing tweezers that pull hair in one go. Tweezers are an all- around beauty tool because aside from removing hair, it helps you apply falsies and crystal makeup decor too.

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- For mask lovers like me and those who love customizing skin care, a diy mask kit is a must- have. It features everything you need to help you mix powder masks. Finally, no need to secretly use mom's soup dish for your DIY skin care experiments. ;p


- For the lazy, this automatic brush cleaning set will cut your cleaning time in half. Locally, online brand Miracleaner by Peach Maiden carries the product.


- For the Korean skin care savvy, DIY sheet mask tablet is a great way to utilize your existing skin care products, save money, and cut waste at the same time.


- Hate frizzy hair? Wooden comb it is! Wooden Comb has been an essential of mine ever since a hair stylist use it on me. Wooden Comb prevents static, which leads to frizz.


- A gem for makeup artists who want to minimize the load they bring to gigs and makeup lovers with limited space to store makeup. Customizable magnetic palettes lets you save space and lighten load while bringing all your essentials in one go. If internationally, there's the Z palette, locally, we have Wild Peach.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Really thanks to these beauty tools! 😊 I also want to have my own brush dryer. 😍 In my case, I use our chopping board and rubber bands to dry my makeup brushes (I learn this trick from a Youtuber). And of course, I want to have the Makeup Brush Cleaning Spinner. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes that results to a pimple peeking on my face which I really hate. This would make my life easier. ❤

  2. Yes to Beauty Sponges and Brush Cleaners!!! I used stippled brush, foundation brush to apply my foundation before, but not anymore, I only use beauty sponges everyday. As for the MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING SPINNER I also bought mine from Peach Maiden, I love it so much that I wanted to clean all my brushes in one go LOL

  3. Whoa?! It's my first time hearing about most of the stuff from this list. I gotta say, where has the brush dryer and wooden comb been all my life??? I badly needs those haha! Totally a necessity for a person who does make up to own those. Thank you so much, Ms. Martha!

  4. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha. We're lucky to be in an era where there is an abundance of cool makeup tools and thingamajig that make life easier. I like the Miracleaner and the beauty sponge. 😍😍😍

  5. My goal for this year is the brush dryer. Will check Miss Bella for this. Thank you Ms. Martha.

  6. My favorite on the list is jade roller and the brush dryer, me too I do lying on any surface my brush mostly on my vanity table. This all beauty tools we're make us all at ease in life, I admit most of the time I got lazy too. I really like the brush cleaner spinner it's like a mini washing machine, I remember this when I watched your video on this, it's so very cool! Now I know what I will include in my bucket list!

  7. I will definitely get a beauty blender and wooden comb for this year! Beauty blender was a thing last year but I decided not to purchae one because I was not into liquid foundation last year.
    The wooden comb, I think, is a must-try to tame my frizz. Gotta get one soon!

  8. wow! they're totally a must-do! ang galing mo po madam ha! okay lng tlga maging OC sa gamit for as long as it really provides us the things we need! Thank you for sharing your tips! kesa makalat hehe, mawawala tlga mga gamit natin, 2018 na mga bess! hehe..

  9. I am most interested with Jade Roller and DIY Mask kit among the list. I've seen vlogs and IG posts about Jade Roller but am always skeptic with that tool. I think am still not keen on using a tool on my skin or talagang nakakatamad lang. However, DIY mask kit is something I will definitely try since I also DIY my hair coloring kit.

  10. Ang gusto ko Po talaga I try dito Yun no 1. JADE ROLLER madalas Kasi ako maka Kita nito sa Korean Drama at gusto ko bumili Wala lang ako Makita sa Mall...

  11. I like the magnetic palettes. I need the brush cleaner. How's the jade roller?

  12. I want a jade roller for myself! Also that automatic brush cleaner huhu. Will put that in my wishlist asap! I think i might get ms. Bella sponges for the awesome reviews. I recently bought brush pad cleaner at daiso for 188 only! Super affordable. :)


Thank you for your comments!