5 Steps To A Happy New You

I recently saw a Ted Ed micro talk about Small actionable goals > Resolutions. And I agree with it. Oftentimes, resolutions can be so big and daunting that's why a lot either give up early on or find themselves failing when the year is about to end. A lot seemed to have forgotten that successes are made up of small steps, each achieved day by day and done day in and day out.

My New Year's resolution is just one thing: TAKE ACTION. I decided to make it my resolution this year because it has no expectation, it is simple, and actionable.

And it seems that taking small, actionable steps is truly the key to success and it has been proven again by the stories of celebrities Victor Basa, Hayden Kho, Gretchen Ho, and Melissa Ricks.

At the event, they shared their transformation stories and how they achieve their goals and continually evolve through small actions and big commitment.

Victor transformed his body through a consistent fitness regimen. Now, he is a certified triathlete and continues to break new boundaries in fitness everyday.

Hayden Kho's amazing transformation from his dark image to the adored father and husband that he is today proves that little by little, with enough persistence, and sheer faith, you can be reborn.

Gretchen Ho is a multi-hyphenate who gave us a glimpse of her hectic life as an athelete, host, writer, and producer, and how she's able to balance it everyday with smart management.

Finally, Melissa Ricks has also reinforced in us that small successes are just as important and nevertheless, a success by being hands-on with her daughter, Keira, while juggling it with her new career as a Blogger and Vlogger.

You see, even prominent people have gotten through life and achieved their goals one step at a time so don't afraid to start small, but don't forget to dream big.

When it comes to caring for the self, the same rules apply; you don't have to revamp your entire wardrobe or makeup kit to be closer to the image you want to achieve. Here are 5 simple ways that you can do to become a happy, new, and beautiful you; do one, two, three, or all, up to you; what's important is you are taking action!


- Lipstick is a girl's best friend; we count on it for a quick mood change, makeover, and mood booster. Swap your classic lip color for a new shade and see how your face and skin adapt and change as well as your mood. Just be sure to pick the right shade for your skin type!


- Sunscreen is one of the best defenses against aging. Show your skin some love this year by committing to applying sunscreen regularly.


- The new year calls for a new routine. If your skin is not as good as it used to be, then maybe your skin has already gotten so used to your current skin care products and regimen so switch it up. You don't have to make a big switch: you can start by replacing one or two products and see how your skin reacts and then eventually, you can move on to a completely new routine.


- Most of us only acknowledge shampooing and conditioning as the be all and end all of a hair care routine. As pollution and stress factors intensifies, our hair is exposed everyday to stronger aggressors so it's time that you step up your hair care routine. The hair is not called the crowning glory for nothing-it is an important aspect both for the external and internal so be sure to take care of it-and take care of it well!


- Sometimes, I feel like I already sound like a broken record, but I would like to remind you again that it's also important to take care of your body from the inside. Take your supplements regularly. Read up on supplements that will support your regimen and support it from within. A majority of bodily functions happen on the inside so why not pay just as much attention to it?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I won't be lazy anymore, especially on the things I love doing - SHOPPING charot! Good read again Ms M, I saw your IG stories yesterday. And I love shopping in Watsons, especially their home grown brands.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Ms. Martha! The tips are very helpful especially for people like me who need slight changes in their lifestyle for the better. Sometimes we really do have to start small and grow out from there.

  3. Truly, small and consistent steps can create a huge difference in our lives.
    Thank you for this Ms. Martha.

  4. wow! i wanna do those steps too! gusto ko lang tlga maging happy, positive and feel love..lahat naman ginagawa ko hehe...I never give up!

  5. Love this post! This year, my mantra is to keep positive vibes and happiness. Having diagnosed with mental disorder was hard but i think i can manage together with my medicine and every little action i make everyday to make myself and other peopke around me happy. I agree with all your suggestions specially the taking care inside! I haven't taken any supplements recently so i will start doing that ASAP. :)

  6. Hooray! These are the actual steps Im doing for 2018. No. 1 - I've always been comfortable wearing nude shades 'coz Im not the type who wants to stand out, but for 2018 I decided to be bolder and one way to do that is to start wearing bold colors as well. I bought a purple shade lippie from Vice Cosmetics and Maybelline for starters. No. 2 - I am NOT a fan of sunscreen because it feels heavy on the skin, but the Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence is an exemption! It is now one of my HG :D No. 3 - my 2018 is really focused on skin care, that's why I promised to religiously follow my new skin care routine. One of the changes here is adding the use of skin masks. No. 4 - Before 2017 ended, I permed my hair! Haha. That was the time I realized na medyo alagain din pala ang buhok. My preparation time in the morning had to increase kasi andami pang ritual na kelangan gawin to keep the curls firm. No. 5 - Beauty starts within nga raw diba? Kaya ang kelangan ko na lang dito is a firm reminder not to forget drinking my vitamins (Myra E and Vitamin C). Just this morning my mom had to remind me again. Hehehe. Out of the 5, I find the last step the most difficult to do kasi di ako sanay uminom ng gamot or supplements. Yet it is still the start of the year and Im really motivated to keep up with these changes. Thanks for this entry Ms. Martha. Mas nakakainspire na gawin ang 2018 resolutions ko :)

  7. Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing this, nkakatuwa kc even celeb dumaan s struggles and start small action to be better! Me too actions and discipline on my part prA khit small steps s mga resolutions ko pra hndi din aq mhirpn at never ever give up. Khit my maskit klngn kayanin, pra s dreams, goals!

  8. Setting goals should be S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. I am following #3. For this year, I wanna focus more on skin care than splurging on make ups.


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