FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 3 Things To Look For In A Toner

Sup guys? Happy Friday! After my slightly saddening post about the future of social media, let's bring up the mood, shall we through another FMF post; it's my first for the year yay!

Question is from Chisei:

Hi Ms. Martha,
I am one of your constant readers and avid followers! I would just like to ask for your tip/advice for toners. What should we look for when using a toner and should we use it on a daily basis? Also, I am confused on the method of application as there are those who uses cotton pads while others forego it 

Hi Chisei!

Thanks for the question and happy new year!

I used to skip toner-A LOT and that has changed when I started using it continuously; toning has helped give me a better clean and is a good way to quickly bring back moisture after cleansing (if you use the emulsion and essence types).

So what are the five things that you should look for in a toner? Here's what I think:


- There are sellers, mostly online, who sell toners in bulk and also, unbranded ones. Unless it's prescribed by a dermatologist, I would only buy from known brands. Toners can have peeling and exfoliating effects and if formula is not regulated, it can have negative effects so it's always best to know what you're putting on your face.


- I go for toners that say they are great for combination and acne- prone skin because these are my problems. That way, I harness its benefits.


- If my toner has hydrating ingredients such as Aloe and Glycerin, they automatically become my top choice. I don't mind having alcohol in my toner as I read that it's helpful in cleaning the skin and beneficial to those suffering from acne because it prevents bacteria from further multiplying and helps clean lesions; as long as it has hydrating ingredients to balance out the formula, I'm good.

As for your other question, let's discuss that in detail in another post. It's very interesting and I intend to explain it thoroughly. ;)

For now, I hope you found this useful. ;)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like using toner because it removes the dirt and makeup that makeup removers and facial wash leave behind. I like using the ones who makes me feel refreshed and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I have tried a whitening toner that sting, nakakaloka parang sobrang tapang ng formulation.

  2. Wow! This is very timely since I am about to buy a new toner. I would like to try out the purple one from Belo para ma-try ko kung effective against my pimples.
    Aabangan ko din po yung post about the cotton pads etc., since I see from some Korean vids that they just pat the toner on instead of using cotton balls or pads. I'm curious.

  3. All this time, I always look for a toner that doesn't have an alcohol content as I have also an acne-prone skin. Thank you so much for clarifying things about that. Kailangan lang pala may hydrating ingredients. Thank you, Ms. Martha! 😊

  4. For me basta hindi masakit sa mukha ung tipong feeling mo nasusunog mukha mo pag nag totoner hahaha! That is why I skipped toners before un pala wrong toner ang ginagamit ko. I used Pixu Glow Tonic before but dahil sa ang mahal mahal niya I switched to The Ordinary Glycolic Acid sa gabi and sa umaga naman eh ung RiRe Pore kemerat nakalimutan ko basta sa Althea siya. I noticed that my face glowed because of using toners, unlike before na ang dull ng skin ko.

  5. Thank you for the tip ms. Martha now i know how to look for a good toner it shoud have aloe and glycerin mdlas po kasi pgsinabi sa akin na mganda etong brand gmitin cge try ko nman ko sya agd.. ms. Martha pwde po mag ask ilan beses po pwde gmitin ang toner sa isang araw and sa totoo lng po ang ginagmit ko po ngaun na toner is yung bragg apple cider dilute ko po xa sa distilled water equal part po sya.. kya napapnsin ko medyo namumula yung gilid2 ng nose ko.. ok lang po ba ang bragg as toner?

  6. Omo. I am so honored to be chosen for your first FMF of the year! Happy 2018 Ms Martha! Thank you for answering my question ♥ I am hesitant when it comes to alcohol in the ingredients but your explanation about it makes sense!

  7. This is interesting. I am not buying a toner with alcohol content as it might be drying (even though I have a combination type of skin) to me. This one is an eye opener. Thanks you for sharing!

  8. Ako din! ingat na ingat din tlaga ako sa toners...well, mostly sa cleansers nako eh kasi I use toner kapag ngpipimples lng tlga my reason tlga ako while using it.

  9. I'm the one who forgo cotton pads I just use cotton pqds for quick spot mask. WHOLE DIY sheet mask is not effective on me bescause do have combination akin and I need to multi mask

  10. What a lovely simple and straightforward post. I've skipped toners before too! Glad I'm not alone hahaha! I actually prefer it more than the essences, tonic, face oils, etc. Aside from using it as a toner, I use it as a moisturizer and facial spray/mist as well! It's the one of the skin prepping products that makes me feel so fresh! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  11. I used to skip toner as well but when I found out that toner "tones" your skin, wherein it balances the pH level, I added it to my routine! Can I ask what toners you use? Thank you!

  12. I won't mind a little alcohol on my toners because I want my skin to feel refreshed right after, something I dont experience with the alcohol-free ones. Glad that you have a little explanation as to why it's not really bad as a toner ingredient.

  13. I like toners too, they make your skin look and feel cleaner afterwards!

  14. I'm using toner MIYU from Amway dati talaga super tamad ko gumamit NG skin care Lalo na sa face Kaya open talaga pores ko pero after a week mas gumanda face ko at nag close Ang NASA face ko... Kaya Hindi ako ginagamit NG toner dati may nagamit ako na mahapdi San face di ko na matandaan Kung ano Yun Kaya Naman NG na try ko ito naaalis din talaga mga dirt San face ko super love it

  15. Ohh my, sakto nowadays kc ngyn aq ngiinvest s skin ko, klngn magsipag pra s routine kit mdyo late n me. Ngyn ko lng nlmn na at least pede pala s alcohol s toner usually kc lging sinsabi n alcohol is bad to the skin especially s skin care prodcts, now I know what I'm going to look for! Thank you so Ms. Martha for this, what a big help!

  16. This is helpful. I do agree with what you've shared. As for no.3, I go for something that can fight my acne problems is my main concern then the rest of the ingredients may follow for me.

  17. Toner is love! Before i think that the toner only does double cleansing but knowing it does more, im hooked!! I rotate my toner because my addicted lead me to buying multiple toners. Thank you for this Ms. M!!!


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