FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My favorite Facial Wash (Spend VS. Save)

Happy Friday! I'm off to do something that's pretty close to my heart and it's acting. Hint: it's a movie! When I'm finally allowed to do so, I'll share what this movie is with you! :D

Alright! So today's FMF is from Sandra and she asks:

Hi Martha!
Can you share your favorite expensive/affordable facial wash products and why you love them? Thanks! I just discovered your blog and now I'm hooked!

Hello Sandra!

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you're a certified #TBJBeshie.

Ah, facial wash! One of my favorite skin care products. There's something so special about removing your makeup along with grime, dirt, and all the stressful moments of the day that's why a really good facial wash is important to me.

Here are 10 of my favorite facial wash products from P100+ to P1000+!


WHY I LOVE IT: Lightweight, fun and interesting texture, low pH, and made with ingredients used in contact lens solution that's why it's gentle to the skin, but removes makeup thoroughly.

PRICE: P1,000+

WHY I LOVE IT: Beautiful lavender/peppercorn scent, functions as a makeup remover and facial wash, low pH.

PRICE: P300+ (local reseller price range)

WHY I LOVE IT: Super fun whipped texture, removes makeup thoroughly, doesn't dry out my skin. I know it's way up there in the pH scale, but heck, I don't care. :p

PRICE: P700.00+

WHY I LOVE IT: A mild cleanser that's great in combating acne. I use either this or Enzyme Cleansing Gel when breakout strikes.

PRICE: Starts at P200.00+ (small bottle)

WHY I LOVE IT: I don't know anyone who doesn't love this cleanser! I use Cetaphil when my skin is particularly sensitive or if I'm on a skin care transition mode wherein I don't want to use anything that's laden with whatever plant, food, or animal extracts to prepare my skin for a new batch of skin care products.


PRICE: Around P200.00

WHY I LOVE IT: Smells good, functions both as a cleanser and exfoliator, leaves the skin feeling refreshed and real clean, but not squeaky clean.

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PRICE: Around P130.00+

WHY I LOVE IT: Affordable, but works! P.S. The Cleansing Cream counterpart is low pH!

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PRICE: Around P200.00+

WHY I LOVE IT: The Face Shop's version of Etude House's Happy Team Time cleansers. These are basic, foaming cleansers infused with fruit extracts to deliver various benefits. My favorite is Acerola!

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PRICE: Starts at P145.00

WHY I LOVE IT: Light, soothing, great for oily combination oily/normal and oily/dry skin, and cleans thoroughly yet gently.

PRICE: Starts at P15.00 (sachet)

WHY I LOVE IT: I don't know any woman who hasn't used Pond's facial wash as one of her first facial cleansers. This will forever be one of my staple beautifying facial cleansers! My favorite is Oxygenated Gel with Pearl Essence and Acne Care!

That's all, guys! Which of these products are you using? Share your faves with me too!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can't believe na aside sa Pond's, there are other products na less than 500pesos but can deliver good results.

  2. Thank u Ms. martha for sharing this, un ibng facial especially un mga kbeauty gsto ko try, affordble pla xa. Good thing pag-iisipan k n lng kung anu un bgay s skin type ko. Ang dami kcng mga prodcts ngyn at ang hirap mamili at hndi k din alm kng bgy b s akin, mostly nman nkita ko s list un gsto kong subukan.

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's good to know about these facial wash that really works especially the affordable ones. The Face Shop facial wash is only ₱180 in Althea website, to bd I didn't get to try it I gave it as a gift to a friend. Probably next time i'll try thatand the Etude ones too!

  4. I also find Celeteque gentle yet effective. I'm currently using Esfolio foam cleanser and my next target is Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser. I also want to try that Etude House cleansing foam.
    By the way, i saw your IG stories! (I'm @jeylo_eighteen there) Ang bongga ng direktor ah! De-kalibre! Sana makasama mo sa movie yun mga friends mo. Saya siguro nun!

  5. Ooooh, these are very promising brands. I love using Pond's ever since high school. I tried switching it up for other cleansers but my skin broke out for MONTHS. My skin went back to normal after finding the specific Pond's variant I've been using before. Hiyang-hiyang lang talaga. I'm glad my skin's now okay. Still looking forward to try some of these!

  6. Pond's girl over here!I still look up to their products once in a while, very effective yet affordable.
    Would love to try those from Etude House and The Face Shop!

  7. Great list! Thank you for the infor regarding the cream version of etude's hapoy tea time cleanser is low ph. I've been looking for a new low ph cleanser since my fave cosrx good morning cleanser already ran out. :)

  8. pinaka bet ko si Ponds tlga hehe, second si cetaphil naman para sa mild lng sa face skin ko..overall they're all effectively safe and worth to buy!

  9. I'm in panic mode my favorite safeguard derma sense is running out...I'll try EH next.

  10. I want to try Cetaphil hehe and EH really has affordable products that deliver good results too. I've tried their Happy Essential Hyaluronic Acide Cleanser. High pH level but di naman ako nag break out haha. Currently using Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam. Super love it! Will try cleansers with low pH soon!

  11. Whaaaaaaaaaaa all of the I only use Ponds. Pang hiyangan lang Naman at talaga so fr okay sya year ko na gingamit.

  12. I tried the Pixi cleanser, ang mahal mahal pero n break out ako so I decided to give it to my brother. Then I tried using Cleopatras Secret, I saw them on one of the bazaars in BGC, it worked for me, I used it for a year but I decided to stop using them because I feel like that obtaining them in bazaars is not practical I wanted a product that I can avail in groceries/drugstores - though my delivery siya ng products. Then I am using Human Nature products now, so far so good, no break outs whatsoever. And available siya sa supermarkets/drugstores and affordable too. I would love to try Mario Badescu and Cetaphil.


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