MAC Collaborates with Maine Mendoza for a lipstick!

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Another feat for Filipinas! Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub has posted a teaser/announcement of her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics!

According to GMA Network, Maine flew to Canada to begin with the partnership for the brand's Spring 2018 lipstick collection together with 12 other beauty influencers from around the world.

Maine mentioned in the caption that she's one of the first Filipinas to collaborate with MAC for a lipstick line.

But she is not the first Filipina to collaborate with MAC for a beauty product and line.

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In 2011, MAC released the BLOGGERS OBSESSION collection, which is comprised of an eyeshadow and lipglass (not a lipstick, but close). MAC chose 12 of the top beauty Bloggers in the US including Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog and Aileen of Shades of U, two influential US- based Filipina Beauty Bloggers, two of the biggest reasons why I decided to start this blog.

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And then in 2017, MAC partnered with Youtube superstar, a Filipina beauty vlogger and influencer who is based in the US, and released MAC X PATRICK STARR, a full makeup collection...with a lipstick. 

Let me make this clear: this is in no way meant to bring down or discredit Maine; I am proud of this achievement of hers and I'm happy that we have a Filipina representative for this exciting collection by MAC. I'm just giving credit to some of the best Filipina beauty bloggers who have inspired and been inspiring The Beauty Junkee. :)

So what color do you think she'll choose? I think it's a red!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Patrick!!! Such an amazing YouTube Superstar hay. I also think Maine would pick out some shade of red too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Ms. Martha!

  2. I also think she'll choose a red. I remember when she was still Yaya Dub and everyone was asking what is the lipstick that she is wearing and when she said that it was MAC, a lot of girls went to buy the same shade.
    I am not a fan of Maine but i am happy for her and proud that a fellow Filipina will be doing this collab.

  3. Definitely a shade of red. Nakaka-proud naman talaga ito. Hopefully you are next sa beauty bloggers na makikipagcollab with a cosmetic company.

  4. I agree to you that it will be a red! Excited to see her chosen shade! :)

  5. Dark shades really suit Ms. Maine. And thank you for this info TBJ. Maybe you too can collaborate with other cosmetic companies, or even start your own line of make-up :D

  6. Kahit ano paman happy for her, halos Hindi sya kilala dati ngayon kahit Ang MAC maron sya nito

  7. This will be gone before you knew it just like any other collabs. Especially this one with Maine I can't imagine people will go crazy with her collab. I will definitely bet on red, you will never go wrong with red.

  8. Even if it started by other Filipina's..all of them should be applauded for being choosen by MAC to make a collaboration. They are all great in every way. As for Maine's lip color, I think she would choose a red color that would suit the skintone of a Filipina may it be a fair or morena one. It is something we should look forward too!

  9. Very proud pf her! Sna simlar s shdes ng Ruby woo, kc ang gnda ng ruby woo for me un nga lng nka2dry s lips...not because ginmit nia. For me lng un kc un Red shdes n ngustuhn ko at mtgal k ng hnhanp s lhat ng brand s Mac k lng pla mkikita! Well mlkas kc charisma nia s masa, and I heard nging mbnta ata un ginmit nia as Yaya dub un ruby woo lipstick. Ngyn p lng excited n aq!!!

  10. Red, definitely! Been inlove with red lippies because of Maine. I even bought her shade, Loreal Color Riche Matte Reds in Pure Rouge :)

  11. She's just really amazing person! Yaya Dub deserves it! plus she's a twitter sensation eh, wla pa tlgang nakakabreak ng record nya na most retweeted in twitter, isa un sa trophy nya tlga, dun sya pinaka kilala. I love her!

  12. I think Maine was the reason why ruby woo was always out of stock sometime in 2015? (2016?) I'm not sure...but I remember I have follow up for stocks of my HG lippie.


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