Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation Golden Medium 44: Is it worth the hype? Review + Swatches

Say hi to the famous Marc Jacobs foundation. Is it worth it?

Here's a review on Marc Remarcable Foundation in Golden Medium 44

PRICE: P2,500.00+
FROM: Sephora Paris
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available on; local resellers; Make Up Pro, Tupped Boutique


I know a lot of you have been requesting me to share my experience with this foundation; sorry it took a while, but here's everything you need to know about it. ;)

My best friend got me a bottle of this coveted Marc Jacobs foundation called Remarcable as his wedding gift; a lot of vloggers and bloggers have been raving about this thing, claiming it's one of the best full coverage foundations out there. That's a big claim, big enough for me to crave for this thing and just because...FULL COVERAGE!

Marc Jacobs also claimed that with this foundation, it only takes 4 dots all over the face to achieve mega flawless skin. Only one way to find out.

Marc Jacobs is a foundation concentrate that claims to have twice the amount of pigment than a regular full coverage foundation and last for 24 hours. The secret to its highly pigmented formula is that MJ apparently eliminated unnecessary ingredients like water; there are essential oils in it too for a smooth, non- drying matte finish. The lineup consists of 22 shades.


The applicator is a black stick with a small circular tip in the end; pretty much resembles a nail art dotting tool. The dropper tells provides you with exactly the amount you need on each dot.

One issue with the packaging: I have no idea how, but the foundation always finds its way to the neck of the bottle even if I store it standing up. It's really messy.

Golden Medium 44 is medium beige shade; it's lighter than my skin tone now because I got more tan after my Siquijor-Dumaguete trip last December, but before that, shade's a bit okay, although still light. I read that this foundation oxidizes so it's best to get a shade lighter and yes, that's true, but not as bad as the oxidation of Fenty Beauty's foundation. Now that I've tried it, I can say that I can go for Golden Deep next time.

I swatched a black eyeliner and covered a part of it with the foundation to exhibit its full coverage power. Indeed, it has virtually unparalleled pigmentation and a small dot is only needed to get really good coverage.

Texture is powdery with a hint of silicone to give the foundation a good slip; it's vital to the formula since it's very high in pigment powders. It is unscented.

Bare skin

I know MJ only advised to use 4 dots, but I can get away with a few more since I have a couple of blemishes to cover. My observation is girls with really good skin can get away with 3- 4 dots so I say, the amount you put depends on how much you want to cover, but don't flood your face with dots because foundation tends to look a bit cakey if used excessively.

TIP: This foundation is best applied with a dense brush (oval brush, kabuki, dense flat top)

The foundation sets into a virtually no- budge finish so better blend it well before it sets.

Since this foundation is very pigmented, you may no longer need to use a separate concealer or corrector. I don't anymore.

Staying power is great for the normal parts of my face. One thing I like is even if this is full coverage, it feels fairly lightweight on the skin.

TIP: Mist your skin after setting foundation with powder to take out the powdery look.

Now this is the part where I bring down your expectations.

Marc Jacobs said that foundation lasts for 24 hours. On my cheek area, it lasts pretty long. However, on my t-zone, it ends up patchy and blotting will result to removal of the foundation layer. Mmmmm. I've tried everything from using light to heavy moisturizers and my most dependable primers before application, but I always end up dealing with the same problem. My only guess is the tropical weather in here may have altered the formula or it's not that perfect for warmer climates.

Since it tends to look a bit chalky and there's a patchiness issue, I won't recommend it to those with dry skin, so-so for combination skin, not really for oily skin (based on experience with the foundation on my t-zone), but yes for normal skin.

What's rave worthy about this product is the coverage; can't argue with that as I've experienced it myself. But for the quality, not really' I really can't pinpoint the problem so my hypothesis is the formula is not well- suited to our climate and should be reformulated for warm countries such as ours. I like this foundation because of the coverage, but not completely over the moon with it.

Here are some useful tips for smart usage of this foundation:

1. Moisturize beforehand as it can highlight dry areas.
2. Prep with a primer to reduce occurrence of foundation patches on the oily parts.
3. Mist after setting with powder to remove powdery look and to bring back the look of the natural texture of the skin.
4. Get a shade lighter because it oxidizes.

Have you tried this foundation already? What's your experience?


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This looks super duper fancy. Especially with the applicator. It looks like it just got released from the lab or something, in a good way! The coverage is amazing! Your bare face is so flawless! Love your au naturale bauty!!! So sad to hear the this isn't the best one especially with our tropical climate and all. :( ANyway, this is very helpful! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  2. Hindi ko pa Po ito na ta try pero Ang ganda Po NG Coverage nya, dapat talaga pinag save-an pag dating sa Foundation super bet ko Po medyo pricy per maganda, Ang ganda din Po NG Eyeshadow from Morphe 😍😍😍

  3. it's great! bsta sakin tlga ang best foundation is ung nacocover mga dark spots and wrinkles! ung pang matagalan tlgang gamitan po..thanks for sharing your review madam!

  4. I'm hands down to wunder2 coverproof foundation though it is kind of heavy for everyday use.

  5. Wow marc jacobs one of the best foundation ever because of Full coverage and looks so good on your skin and no need concealer.. i need to try this one but need to budget to habe this one😊😊😊

  6. Thank you for your honest review Ms. Martha. Pinag-iipunan ko pa naman pangbili ko nito dahil nga dami nagsasabing maganda. 😒

  7. Hype is real...ops s price nia and s nme mdyo mataas ang expectations! My downside pla xa, the coverage part is good but when you said Ms. Martha n my patches a little bit longer when wearing this, mdyo ngulat aq kc nga hndi ko expected...I agree with you mybe s climate ntin n tropical kya hndi gnun ang ka strong ang power nia. But the good side nman hndi n need ng concealer at lghtweight xa given s statement n full coverage xa, usually gnun ang mga full coverge foundation heavy s skin. But this ok na..for norml skin nga lng not bad at all!

  8. Finally, a detailed review and tips of MJ's foundation. Now am convinced to buy this - after I'm through with my Fenty and Estee Lauder Double Wear!

  9. Packaging looks so classy and the coverage is so good that it will definitely makes you wanna buy it. But for me a student like me, I can't really afford to buy this one. What foundation can you recommend for a student like me? Btw, I have combination skin. Thank you! 😊

  10. I knew it, I think KVD pa rin when it comes to coverage and statying power. Although I love the perfumes of marc jacobs lol. Sana mgsale sa Sephora so I can try it for myself haha

  11. Thank you for your tips and review. <3

  12. Haven't tried this one, number one bec of it's price. Super expensive! But thank you for the review! I will definitely keep this in mind when i have the budget to get these kinds of foundies.

  13. Nah ill pass. Still love ny drugstore Foundies. πŸ’—

  14. Thanks for your feedback Ms Nartha. Thank you for your technical advice regarding using this,especially the type of makeup brush to use, and getting a lighter shade. Love it!


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