We need to talk about Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze: Review + Price + Swatch

I went the extra mile and spent my extra cash for this "awesome" cheek tint by Glossier. Here's what I think about it.

Here's a review on Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze.

PRICE: 18USD (Approximately P900.00)
FROM: Glossier.com
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through local resellers


Like any diligent Beauty Blogger, I give in to reader requests and beauty product hypes all for the love of reporting what's hot and what's not in the world of makeup. Such as the case of the "holy grail" Glossier Cloud Paint. Even if it's mighty expensive for a cheek tint, I bought it anyway because hey, a tropical gal like me can always use cheek tints.

Talk me into it, will 'ya. What's so great about this thing?

Glossier Cloud Paint is dubbed as a gel-cream cheek tint that's designed to be user- friendly, seamless, sheer, and buildable. Formula features Collagen and blurring powder pigments in a hypoallergenic, dermatologist- tested, paraben, fragrance, and cruelty- free formula. It comes in 4 shades.


 Product comes in a box with a transparent packaging.

Haze is one of the popular shades, especially among Filipinas who I know own this product. It's a deep berry shade that is perfect for warm skin like mine. It's like I had a choice between the shades-3 out of 4 look insanely light for my skin tone.

Texture is bouncy and hydrating. It is unscented too. The packaging isn't the best for the formula as I always find myself squirting out more than I intend to get no matter how I control my squeezing.

Another thing to note is it stains the fingers big time and it takes a couple of washes before they come off. Don't worry, they don't last for more than a day.

Let me start with the good side: the product is indeed seamless and easy to apply. Also, it can be used on top of makeup with little fading of the layers. Staying power is okay too.

Now onto the bad side: the photo shows my cheek after I layered the product three times. Literally no coverage, just a faint touch of pink, which my cheaper cheek tints can give.

I've tried using this product many ways: I applied around 5 layers continuously and waited 1 minute in between before applying the succeeding layers. I applied it over makeup. I swiped it across and dabbed it on. But nothing seems to work for me here: the cheek tint still looked faint. It's faint that I prefer applying it over makeup for me to at least see that my 900 pesos didn't go down the drain. I know that the product said it's sheer, but I didn't expect it to be THIS sheer, plus the advertising collaterals showed the product to be pigmented.

I applied it on the lips and it worked okay. Nothing magical about it though.

I think Glossier Cloud Paint is best for those with fair to medium skin tones as I find the tint lacking in pigmentation or anything that makes the pigment adhere to the skin. I sold my tube. At least something good came out of it!

No, I won't recommend this product. Best to check out the other makeup products of Glossier.

Here are other cheek tints that you're better off spending P900.00 on:

1. Etude House Water Color Blusher- P348.00
2. Colourette Colourtint- P229.00
3. Smink Beauty Cheek Tint- P150.00
4. Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint- P478.00
5. Ellana Lip and Cheek Tint- P220.00


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Such an honest and informative review. I love the fact that you really voiced out your opinion on this. You also suggested other alternatives we could spend the 900 PhP on, which is a big help especially for people like me who are always on the lookout for affordable products because of my tight budget as a student. Thank you so much for this, Ms. Martha!

  2. I love tint dahil 2 in 1 na sya Colourette Colourtint Ang meron ako at gusto ko din Po mga Shades nito.

  3. That is saddening for an expensive product.

  4. Ang mahal tapos waley??? Hays hype as usual, buti na lang hindi din ako bumili nugn nakita ko siya sa bazaar hahaha

  5. Hi Ms. Martha. I had the Ellana Lip and Cheek tint and I must say I super loved it. A little goes a long way and it's super pigmented. More hygienic kasi with pump yun tint. More than a year na pero di pa ubos. Super duper worth it ang 220.00 pesos.
    Love reading your blog as always. Straight to the point ang reviews.
    More power and God bless always Ms. Martha!!!��

  6. Mukhng mgnda po sya at pigmented on the cheeks and looks natural on the skin

  7. Wow! Thank you for this honest review. You saved an arm and a leg of those people who are considering getting this. I like that you have suggestions which are more affordable and better as well. Maybe they should consider making one for those for ladies with morena skin

  8. For the price, I was expecting something spectacular, especially since cheek tints are pretty inexpensive. The packaging looks great, tho. Haha :D

  9. For its price i'd rather go with local brands instead. Thank goodness for blogs like this i get to save my hard earned money somewhere else. Thank you as always!

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this product, Ms. Martha. This would really be a great help for those who wanted to try this product. 😊

  11. Wish they release more shade or reformulate this doesn't show on my cheeks too.

  12. Colourette Colourtints are really bomb, highly raved and very cheap! Shades like Thalia and Naomi are mostly out of stock but it's really worth checking out!
    Thanks for sharing other better options Ms. Martha! You really provide honest-to-goodness reviews of stuffs. :)

  13. Mukhng hindi nga po mgnda, s hand swatches lng xa mgnda at una kong naisip agd s lips. Para kcing my kulng xa at hndi ko kita ang gnda s cheeks at un price nia mdyo pricey, I expect n khit gnyn un size nia eh mgnda un product...Ang masasabi ko lng prodct epic fail for that price. Mas nautwa aq s at the end of the post un mga magaganda at affordable n lip and cheek tint, mas naexcite aq n mgtry khit isa dun!

  14. ok it's great pero dun lng ako sa gusto ko hehehe! love ya madam!

  15. I've seen a lot of youtuber go gaga about this Glossier, I was so close to purchasing one but I just can't seem to go for it. I need to make sure that my money will be worth the product not just the hype. So thanks for the review. And i think with cheek tint the Etude house one seems to have a lot of good review. I might purchase that instead of this :)

  16. Thank you for this honest review! This saves us from buying such products that are not worth the price. Will check out your other recommendations instead.


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