Good Beauty Blender Alternatives

The Beauty Blender is a great product; it's what made me go back to using sponge for makeup. But let's face it; it's expensive.

So here are 5 good alternatives to Beauty Blender; some are similar, some are not exactly the same, but they deliver the same good application that BB delivers!

Price: P350.00

- Soft, expands like crazy so you can finish foundation application quickly, and it comes in a variety of shapes and colors. P.S. It's latex- free too!

Price: P400 for a set of two sponges

- The closest dupe for Beauty Blender for me in terms of shape, softness, and durability. Plus it's P400 only for 2 sponges plus a sponge cleanser!

Price: P150.00

- A diamond- shaped sponge that goes into the corners of the face. This sponge is called Hydro because it absorbs water well, stays damp so you can work foundation on your skin properly and evenly, plus it expands like crazy!

PRICE: P399.00

- A sponge that gets better with age. It's just a little stiff in the beginning, but use it frequently and it will soften up. It's also durable!

Price: P165.00

- For budget beauties out there, try out Bobbie's makeup sponge. It's stiffer than BYS, but just like it, use it frequently because it will soften up eventually, plus it feels sturdy as well.

What are your Beauty Blender alternatives? Share it with us!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I got my sponges from BeautyMNL but I forgot the brand already but it's good naman po but would like to try po yang blender pero if I am not mistaken the original brand is so expensive kaya it's good that other brands created one na mas affordable.

  2. I really wanted to try Miss Bella, but then the Beauty Blender was on sale last time soooo, I opted for the Beauty Blender lol! Also I am using the AOA and Real Techniques blenders.

    1. Yes me too, loving the Real Techniques blender! Sooper love it!

  3. I appreciate clios packaging more. Though I can nippon is the best dupe.

  4. I tried the Studio 35 Beauty Contouring Blender Sponge which I bought around 250-280 pesos only. :) It is perfect for both liquid and powder applications. I cannot compare it yet to the Beauty Blender since I haven’t used one due to its price. :)

  5. Hi martha! You should try the Aoa supersoft wonder blender (the baby pink one). Like the name, it's super soft and it expands when wet. It's not the perfect dupe for the beauty blender, but it's very comparable to the real techniques and eco tools sponge. One con is that it's only available thru online resellers. But it's very affordable at ~200 Pesos.

    *i'm a regular reader of this blog and i just really wanted to thank you for posting your content!! ❤❤❤

  6. I've tried the Daiso blenders and they're quite good. I hope to try the BYS ones because I've been eyeing them and the Bobbie Cosmetics one. Thanks for the reco Ms. M!

  7. Thank you for this tips madam. Im using BYS for a months now and its worth the price but I should try this for alternative.

  8. Im still using Daiso's version kasi it was a really cheap alternative at that time. Is Nippon available in Davao Ms. M?

  9. This post is really helpful to us moms on a tight budget. I am planning to ditch my old sponges but i can't think of affordable ones to replace them. Now i have a lot of options. Thanks!

  10. This is a big help, Ms. Martha! I've always been on the lookout for good dupes for the beauty Blender. I also use the traditional puffs when in a rush :( But I'd always prefer a beauty blender dupe. I tried the Fashion 21 beauty blender dupe since a beauty vlogger recommended it on YouTube. Unfortunately, ugh, it was a flop. Super stiff and barely goves me that airbrushed look. I'm now looking forward to Miss Bella and Nippon! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  11. I like the Real Techniques sponge that my sister gave, especially when I am applying BB cream from Holika Holika. I love how it's easy to use.

  12. I also have the Real Techniques blender! :) But with your recommendation, I am now curious with the one from BYS :)


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