DIY Sheet Mask Tutorial!

I have so much skin care lying around and before they expire, I decided to repurpose them through various skin care projects such as DIY sheet mask, which I will share with you today.

Sheet mask can be pretty expensive; the most affordable yet good ones start at P60.00 while the best ones can be as pricey as P4,000.00. Eek!

This tutorial will show you how you can save up on $$$ from sheet masks while still achieving chok chok skin.

I'm using the following for my ANTI AGING DIY SHEET MASK COCKTAIL: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, Banila Co Miss Water and Mr. Oil Toning Essence, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, Miniso travel sheet masks, Miniso DIY Mask mixing bowl set

Here are the components of a DIY sheet mask:

1. Solvent- usually a toner, but personally, I like using essence.
2. Active- I'll be using Ceramides as my actives for this cocktail, which are good anti- aging ingredients. I wouldn't advise you to use raw materials for this one, unless you know how to handle it or you have a background in Chemistry or something similar. You can use a serum because it's a product that contains high concentration of actives.
3. Retainer- Oil is a good moisture retainer to prevent toner/essence from evaporating quickly.
4. Sheet Mask rounds
5. DIY Mask mixing bowl
6. Spatula

Let's begin!

STEP 1: Grab a clean mixing bowl and pour essence/toner into it. Pour a small amount first then just increase volume if needed to prevent wastage.

STEP 3: Put in your actives. For the product I'm using, it's easy to measure the volume I'll be taking because it's in capsule form, but for bottled serums, 2- 3 pumps should be enough.

STEP 4: Put 2-3 drops of oil for moisture- retaining properties. You may increase the volume if you have dry skin.

STEP 5: Pop in a sheet mask round.

STEP 6: Using the spatula, swirl the sheet mask round for a couple of times until the external layer softens up. Leave for about 5 minutes or until the mask has completely softened up.

Voila! Sheet mask in a jiffy!

Some tips in choosing your product mix:

1. Be wary of products and ingredients that go and don't go well together. Do a quick research especially if you're not well- versed in skin care.
2. Stick with the products that you are using and have no known allergies to.
3. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear of essential oils.
4. Essential oils are great to add for an aromatic touch plus more skin benefits to boot, but do not overdo it as it may have side effects if used excessively.
5. Always be guided! Research, research, research!

This tutorial is a great weekend bonding activity with your friends, sister, cousin, or mom, plus a good way to repurpose skin care back ups. The possibilities are endless when doing DIY sheet mask plus, you have the option to switch between skin benefits without spending more!

Let me know your recipe if you try this! ;)

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  1. Usually nababasa ko na sa rose toner siya hinahalo kaya sinubukan ko na sa pond's toner sya ilagay. it was not a good idea kasi medyo mahapdi sya sa mukha haha.

  2. I love the step by step guide and video! Ang lupet talaga hahaha! I'll be saving this for future use, just in case sipagin ako LOL

  3. Exactly what I need to know/learn now coz somebody gifted me a pack of sheet mask rounds which is just sleeping in my closet. Thank you for sharing this!!!! Super timely promise! I have everything you used on the blog so I will try it. :)

  4. Thank you for making an easy step-by-step guideline on DIY sheet masks. I've wanted to try this for so long but I've never encountered an easy way to do it until now. :)

  5. Naku I should learn this as I love mask so much. Hahaha. Kaya lang kakatakot lang na magkamali ng pagsasamahing products. But will definitely give it a try one of this days.

  6. I will definitely try this I'll just have to check what products I have that I could mix together.

  7. I use Muji toner or sometimes celeteque alcohol free toner as my min ingredient in DIY masking.

  8. I'll keep this in mind. I think mas tipid to kaysa sa bibili pa ng actual sheet masks every single time. Very useful esp. for ppl that are on a tight budget! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  9. I love masks and I am using those from Watsons. Might try making my own version but I'll do my further research first!


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